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Video Project Description

This is a 16 second clip of a touchdown made with a pass from a 40 yard lane. The opposing team struggles to steal the ball away to prevent the touchdown, however the blue team prevails to the end zone. The crowd cheers as the referee yells “Touchdown!”

Video of a sports game allows players, their family and friends, as well as their coaches to watch exciting moments in their sports career. Coaches and players can use video and slow-motion playbacks to review their performance and make a plan to improve. Coaches can drill players on what not to do and what they need to remember in various situations.

This clip starts right at the beginning of a play and follows through to the very last second. With Vanilla Video, you always get every second of raw footage. Editing is optional and can always be done later on – this is useful for athletes collecting footage for a recruitment video.

Recording sports games is also a good way to watch a child grow and improve over the years. Playing sports is a big part of many kids lives, from young childhood all the way to the end of their college days. Being able to watch someone change and grow in their performance as an athlete is special, and something only videography can capture. We love working with sports teams, coaches, and parents in order to film one game or the entire season.

When Vanilla Video shows up to film a sports game, our team uses professional equipment so even the most intense sports look great on screen. We film anything from t-ball to college football and we always film in High-Definition 60p. Our team can take direction or operate with very little direction. We are prepared to capture any situation and will work to ensure your sports videography looks great.

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