Multi-Camera Exchanging of Vows Wedding Video

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Video Project Description

Vanilla Clips like this one make watching your wedding video over and over again easy. Rather than sifting through all of the raw footage, you can skip to the best parts to watch and share. This video shows what a multi-camera wedding ceremony typically looks like on screen. We edit together the best shots from each angle, capturing the look on everyone’s faces throughout the ceremony. Using more than one camera means you can see what the bride and groom looked like while exchanging their vows. Clear audio is also an important feature when shopping for a wedding video, all the sound in this video was captured by a small microphone worn on the groom’s lapel.

Vanilla Video captured this moment using three cameras. Regardless of the number of cameras, multiple-camera videography means for variety of shots when watching a wedding video in the future. In this sample, the bride and groom each had a camera focus on them while a third videographer captured the scene at a wider angle. This allows viewers to see everyone’s reactions throughout the exchanging of vows.

We always recommend multiple cameras to film any wedding or special event. A good rule of thumb is to have one camera for every 125 guests, however multi-camera videography works great for smaller, intimate gatherings as well. At the end of the event, we deliver a larger amount of footage full of details and special candid moments. We are able to capture a wider range of shots allowing for a better viewer experience for years to come.

At Vanilla Video we truly believe every single wedding is worth filming, whether it’s an elopement, a court wedding, or a big party – capturing it on video means you can always look back and remember the biggest day of your life. Regardless of your budget or the size of your wedding, there are videography options for everyone.

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