Goal Scoring Youth Hockey Video

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Video Project Description

Professional videography for a youth hockey game. Vanilla Video captures footage leading up to a goal followed immediately by a slow motion replay. A professional sports videographer in the bleachers follows all the action in high defition,60p – eliminating blur. We always film with cameras capable of a 10x zoom, making it easy to see every player as they skate across the rink. We get all the action, ready to watch again and again. Use raw footage captured at sporting events to improve technique, look back on past performance, and collect a lifetime of sports memories.

This video shows a missed pass at the red line providing an advantage to the other side, allowing them to make a goal. The players scramble to regain possession of the puck, however the opposing side hustles just a bit faster to get it to the goal. The goalie attempts to block the puck, but it slips in over his head, giving the navy team another point. The scoring player and his teammate celebrate after the goal is made. Even the crowd goes wild.

Young players at any level benefit a great deal from seeing the team’s performance on video. While the coach may feel like he tells them the same concepts over and over, many young athletes do not understand what he means until they see it on video. Coaches can use video to point out missed opportunities on the ice, as well as find those repeat offenders that need to sharpen up their technique in passing and skating on the ice. While training a group of young kids to be really good at a sport is not easy, this work is always rewarding for the coach and the team alike. Together they work together to become better as individuals, and as a team.

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