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Video Project Description

If you are an up and coming musician serious about promoting your music – you need professional audio and professional video. Do it all at once by having us shoot your recording sessions. In this video, Vanilla Video showed up to film at a professional recording studio. We filmed this project using multiple cameras, and since the artist recorded his own back-up audio, we created a multi-panel video featuring the artist singing three different parts at once. This is a fun effect many musicians use on YouTube today. Vanilla Video makes creating a music promo film easy, so artists can focus on what they do best – making music.

Promoting yourself as a musician can be hard work – you have to think about your fans, as well as your ultimate customers – the venues that hire you for gigs, or potential managers at record labels. While you can typically take as much creative license as you like when creating a music video, it is important to uphold professional look and sound. When we film live music performances, we always aim for using two sources of audio. We can also incorporate your professionally recorded track into a music video, making it easier to give your video a professional sound.

In this case – ensuring that professional sound was super easy. As many times as a musician may practice a particular song, their performance might not always line up with their recording. It takes a little bit of extra time in the editing process, but it is usually an easy fix. Since we filmed this artist during his recording session – it was really easy to match up the sound with the video since they occurred at exactly the same time. Creating a music video can get time consuming and expensive, especially for musicians with a day job. With a little bit of creativity and multitasking, Vanilla Video can create an effective music promotion video for any type of musician. We recommend having us come to film live performances or recording sessions, which gives plenty of footage to share in small clips for social media, while also being able to create a music video.

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