Stylist Choice Awards – Label.M Brand Presentation Video

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Video Project Description

At the Stylist Choice Awards hosted by Behind the Chair at the Chicago Theatre, Label.M was given the honor to do a brand presentation in the middle of the awards ceremony. Vanilla Video filmed the event, and focused their attention on the Label.M Brand Presentation. We interviewed members of the Label.M staff and grabbed footage of them prepping their models for their portion of the awards show. Finally we filmed the models walking down the runway to present their looks.

In editing, we cut together b-roll of the Stylist Choice Awards, as well as footage of the Label.M creative and styling teams. We added name keys to the interview footage to introduce the Label.M professionals and added text and motion graphics to brand the video with Label.M and Behind the Chair’s logos and website information. We added electronic music to the background of the video giving it an edgey vibe.

This video is a great sharing piece for Label.M’s social media. They can show their fans the latest in the world of Label.M, and their participation and brand presentation in the US based award’s show proves to customers around the world that they are respected in the global aesthetic/fashion community. When Label.M shares this video – not only do they show that they have expertise in fashion and hair styles, they also showcase what their products can do. While they presented Editorial and Avante Garde fashion looks featuring edgy and eclectic hair styles, these looks display the strength of the hair products as well as the vibrancy of the hair dyes that Label.M carries.

Whenever brands interact together it is a good idea to create material to share on social media. Whether it be a mix of photography and video – it’s a good idea to capture brands as they interact with one another. When Vanilla Video captures raw footage, we can always edit it in a variety of ways – in this case we actually created a sizzle reel for Behind the Chair as well as a promotional video for Label.M. When brands work together within their professional network raw footage can be used in a variety of ways, making more opportunities for sharing video online for everyone involved.

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