Limited Availability.

How waitlisting works at Vanilla Video.

  • Very Popular. Wow.

    Each of our videographer films hundreds of times per year. We aim to give our video production personnel consistent 40-hour work weeks. Year round. Plus benefits.

  • Much Growth.

    We are training and hiring videographers as fast as we can to meet demand. Because we are still growing to meet demand, we have implemented a waitlist policy.

Potential Waitlisting.

Friday & Saturday evenings are highly saught after. Busy dates will be waitlisted:

  • 2015 Orders below $729

    Now through Feb 28, 2016

  • 2016 Orders below $859

    March 1, 2016 and Future

Official Waitlist Policy

If your order is below the threshold (2015 Orders: $729 — 2016 Orders: $859) or and falls on a known busy day, we may waitlist your order. We use past data, website usage, customer inquiries and other analysis to predict which days and hours are in high demand. Saturdays and Fridays are usually subject to waitlisting, along with very popular holidays like Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends.

We strive to accept every order we receive. However, we are limited by resources and personnel. During wedding season we regularly receive over 3x the number of orders that we can actually fulfill. Vanilla Video is popular! And we are doing our best to expand our capacity by hiring and training new video production personnel.

Please don't send our team angry messages.

  • Supply & Demand. We can't control when everyone wants to get married. Fridays & Saturdays are extremely popular due to weddings. That's just the way it is.

  • Small Orders. We love accepting short orders. We believe customers should be able to "film anything", at a reasonable price. We service small orders on Fridays and Saturdays whenever availability allows it!

  • Growing. Vanilla is committed to keeping our prices affordable, while maintaining a high level of service. We are growing as fast as we reasonably can.

We have a responsibility to our employees.

We aim to give our videographers full-time, 40-hour work weeks.

  • Full employment.

    Our video personnel have real long-term careers at Vanilla Video. By ordering more coverage, we can guarantee them a full working week of 40 hours.

  • Great benefits.

    Our employees receive great benefits. We really care about our team, their families and continued success! Please visit our Careers Section for more information.

Our stakeholders, vendors, and friends.

Rejecting larger orders is just really dumb.

  • Let's be honest.

    Vanilla Video is a business, and while we may personally believe that every order is worth fulfilling — we are obligated to choose the most profitable orders. If we can fulfill small orders, we absolutely will.

  • We're a business.

    Vanilla spends a lot of money with a variety of third-party businesses. We maximize our revenues for their sake too, so we can keep paying for their services. Vanilla Video is a business, and it costs money to operate!

Most importantly, to our customers.

We hate rejecting small orders. We are hiring to fix it.

  • Better coverage.

    When we film longer, you end up with better coverage of the day. In almost all cases, it is better to get more coverage. In fact, some of the best and most fun parts happen during the "downtime" in-between the major events.

  • Working on it.

    If you submit an order for less than the threshold (2015 Orders: $729 — 2016 Orders: $859) on a Friday or Saturday we will do our best to accomodate. We may be able to train, hire, or reschedule non-event shoots.

Your Options.

We apologize for our limited availability.

  • Join the waitlist.

    We only waitlist orders when we do not have enough videographers to fulfill the demand for that date. We generally prioritize orders that give our employees the most number of hours.

  • Get more coverage.

    Order a little more coverage and we can push your order through. In most cases, you will be happy ordering more coverage anyways. It's a win-win!