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Everything starts with your Vanilla Video.

  • Availability.

    We are almost always available, and we do our best to have stand-by videographers for last-minute orders. Check Availability →

  • Pricing.

    We're affordable, so you can build your collection faster. How many life events do you wish you had video of? Pricing →

  • Ordering.

    We only need a few details, and very little direction. Tell us when and where you want us to be — it really is that easy. Order →

  • Delivery.

    Your videos are available about 24-hours later in your Vanilla Video account. Then you can watch, download, and share.

What is a Vanilla Video?

It's a hi-definition, ready to watch, master copy of everything we film on your behalf. It's everything we film as a digital file, delivered online next-day, at no extra cost.

  • It's all the Raw Footage

    Vanilla Video is literally everything we film, with no missing moments. We design Clips as a complimentary product.

  • Filmed Per Your Notes

    We require very little direction from you to capture amazing video. However, if you do want us to film a certain way, just let us know prior to filming.

  • Delivered Online, in Days

    Our video render farm allows us to speedily edit and deliver videos to you. Our backend cloud infrastructure allows you to manage your videos through our website. Download and enjoy them on any device, at any time.

  • That's free to Copy / Share

    You own the copyrights, and can distribute, copy, and share your videos freely. We will never restrict the way you use your videos.

  • Using High-end Equipment

    Every videographer is outfitted with nearly $8,000 worth of equipment. That doesn't include our back-end server infrastructure.

  • With Professional Sound

    Our videography outfits are resilient to dynamic needs / situations. We have wireless audio kits, along with several backup microphones.

Watchable in Days

Our videographers use a form of in-camera editing, carefully selecting & preparing shots before pressing record. Then we perform additional sound editing prior to delivery to make it an enjoyable video — complete and awesome for any purpose.

Vanilla Video is professional videography, without cheesy effects, editing or music. Our videographers record what actually happens, without an artistic angle, in a universally accepted videography style. Our service is designed to help you build a professionally made home video collection.

How is a Vanilla Video made?

You should know that all of our videographers are in-house employees who receive great pay and benefits — each of us really cares about your video and awesome customer service.

Vanilla videographers undergo rigorous training, receive constant internal feedback / review, and are some of the most talented and experienced professionals in the industry.

Part of the reason we produce consistently amazing video is because our videographers film so frequently — this allows our team to improve and refine skills day after day. Our quality controls are comprehensive, strict and thorough to boot.

Professional Videography

Vanilla Video is a "show up and film" service. Our video professionals will adjust and compensate for any situation to capture the event / production to the best of their abilities.

Vanilla Video is designed to achieve the highest possible quality with the least amount of planning. It's perfect for business, home / personal, musicians, events, and almost any situation you want to take video. We don't add logos, graphics, or effects by default — it's "vanilla" videography.

Vanilla Video for anything?

Yes — Part of the magic behind Vanilla Video is that it's just good videography. If you want to film and remember an event, the best way to capture it is Vanilla Video + Clips.

If you want to do more with your Vanilla Video, you can always have us create a Montage, or even a specially edited video.

What about Video Editing?

For events, you can easily order editing afterwards, or even send the Vanilla Video (everything we film) to someone else.

However, if you would like us to film a scripted video, movie-like video, or a planned production (e.g., cinematography, particular shots, specific equipment, specific settings) you'll need to let us know prior to filming. We have an exceptional team that can handle just about anything.

Editing is either a (Fixed-rate) for production templates showcased on our website, or (Time-Based) for custom projects in half-day video editing increments.

For example, a Video Montage can be made from your event's Vanilla Video any time after filming. We can also create Clips from your Vanilla Video any time afterwards.

Custom editing can be ordered in half-day increments — this requires us to quote your project prior to editing. You should also consult with one of our experts prior to ordering a Vanilla Video if you plan to use custom editing.

How does ordering a Vanilla Video work?

A step-by-step process from now to delivery.

Step 1.   Give Us the Details

You'll need to provide this information before we can give you pricing / availability.

Once you've got the details, you can order videography service online, by phone, or by emailing customer support.

Regardless of how you order, we'll always need these few details before moving forward.

Start by getting your details.

  1. What are we filming?

  2. Date / time of service.

  3. How long should we film?

  4. Where is this taking place?

  5. Email for delivering the video.

Placing an order  

Step 2.   Place an Order

After the basic information, you can optionally add notes or specific instructions. Just choose your favorite order method:

Please note:

All online orders require manual review.

Once we have verified the order information, we'll send a payment link to pay via credit card. Review may take a few hours — up to 24 hours.

Reserve it by paying  

Step 3.   Pay to Reserve

All orders are treated as a 24-hour temporary reservation, and are not guaranteed until paid.

Full payment is required to reserve.

Once paid, your order is automatically confirmed, and our availability is reserved for you.

Don't worry — we have stand-by videographers in case one of our team members is unable to make it. We always show up.

Payment policies:

  • Credit & debit cards only.

  • Orders are 50% non-refundable.

  • No refunds after filming / service.

  • We do not accept cash, checks, or PayPal — and please, no tips.

Get excited, we're filming!  

Step 4.   Filming the Video

Our videographer will be ready, and have all the notes you specified earlier when ordering.

Every Vanilla videographer is an in-house employee. You always get one of our team members — never a random freelancer. Our team is friendly, professional, and fun to work with.

We really care about customer service, and your complete satisfaction.

  • We arrive at least 30 minutes early.

  • We check in with you upon arrival, to go over any last-minute details / changes.

  • You can direct us / the video production at anytime — we are there for you!

A few days later  

Step 5.   Getting the Video

Sometimes, on very busy days, delivery may take longer than 24-hours. We have a render queue that processes videos for archival & delivery.

Vanilla Video has dedicated servers for quick rendering / delivery. Our experts are consistently improving render capacity, helping to keep things moving fast as we grow.

Build a videography package  

Privately delivered online through our website, so you can decide what to do next.

  • You can watch / stream / enjoy your videos to your favorite devices.

  • You can download your Hi-Def videos through our website at any time.

  • You can share your videos with others, or just keep them to yourself.

  • You can manage your videos, order editing, make DVDs and more.