Video Products

Raw Footage / Vanilla Video

When you order from us, you will always receive everything we film — we call this the Vanilla Video. If your event or video has multiple sources of audio, we'll perform some basic sound editing to make the raw footage enjoyable to watch.

Video Montage

We can do all sorts of edited video productions; however, for events we recommend a video montage. A montage is a summary of the day / event using footage from your Vanilla Video set to music. Learn more about montage videos here →

Camera Source Files

Do you need to exact original files straight from the camera? We can do that too. For an extra charge, we will mail you a copy of the original camera source files on a data disc, thumb drive, or external hard drive depending on the amount of video.

If you urgently need the camera source files, we can offload the data after or during filming using a computer (you provide) and a card reader. Please let us know before hand so we can bring a USB card reader to your event / production.