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Question about Music Video Production?

How much does a typical music video cost?

A high-end production music video like those on MTV, VH1, BET, or Vevo will start at 3.9k and quickly go upwards depending on complexity.

Do you travel to the city?

Yes. We service Chicago, Wisconsin, Northwest Indiana and all cities and suburbs in-between. We can travel within 100 or so miles of Willowbrook, IL.

How do you get sound for my musical performance?

We have a few options. First, we'll always take live sound with a professional stereo mic. Next, we'll either plug into your mixer or the venue's audio system. We can mix the two audio channels in editing, cut one or the other, or layover your professionally recorded studio track if you have one (and have permission to do so).

Can I use my studio recorded track in the video?

Yes. As long as you have the proper licensing to do so. Purchasing a song from iTunes, Beatport, or another music seller is NOT sufficient. You must be the original copyright owner for us to use a professionally recorded track in your music video.