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Vanilla Video: Milwaukee Videographers / Videography in Milwaukee

The city with a small-town feel – we hear your voice and have the production solution for you

Milwaukee Video Production

Effortless video production for all Milwaukee businesses – big or small

High Quality Video Production, Without the Fuss

Our team is equipped with the best in gear, technique, and software. We work with you to create a pre-production plan, and show up ready to go. We work with you to plan your entire project, whether you need B-Roll footage of your business for telelvision, a brand film for your website, or an entire commercial. We deliver only the best, and make it easy the whole way through.

Video Production Milwaukee

If your business needs a video for your brand film, product demo, or training video – Vanilla Video is ready to go. We will help you plan your video from start to finish no matter how complex. We can take care of everything your video needs from script writing, story blocking, and editing in the post production phase. We know everything there is to know about video production and we’ve filmed hundreds of videos – we get the job done, so you can get back to work.

Perfect for Video Content Web Marketing, Online and Beyond

Every business needs video web content for marketing purposes. Vanilla Video allows you to get professional video footage that lasts and can be used anywhere online. We specialize in videography for businesses. Not sure where to start? Our customer service team is here to help guide you through every step of the way. Contact us to get started today.

Videos for Facebook

Keep your Facebook page fresh with videos – start with raw footage and edit out small clips

  • Explainer Videos
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Event Montage
  • Multi-Camera Interview
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Motion Graphics
  • Product Demos
  • Promo Videos
  • Tutorials & How-To
  • Stop Motion
  • Time Lapse
  • Real Estate Showcase

Videos for your Website

Videos on your website increase SEO and keep your customers on your site longer

  • Explainer Videos
  • Landing Page Videos
  • Focus Groups
  • Corporate Events
  • Conferences
  • Speeches & Presenters

Videos for Instagram

We can create 10 second clips from any Vanilla Video – perfect for use on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter – in your feed, your story, and your ads

Videos for YouTube and Vimeo

Once a Vanilla Video is delivered to you, it’s yours forever – to use wherever you like!

Internal Videos

Our process works great for creating internal video content – no matter how simple

  • On-boarding videos
  • Training Videos
  • Video Memos
  • Event Videos
  • Holiday Party Videos
  • Holiday Greeting Videos
  • Sales Videos
  • Product Launch Videos

Our Business Video Production Recommendations

Get as Much Raw Footage as Possible

Vanilla Video raw footage is an asset for your company to use for years. We can film for as short as 30 minutes, and up to 10 hours. Ordering a longer block of time allows Vanilla Video to capture footage you can edit as many ways as you like – ensuring you always have new video content to use for your marketing and internal purposes.

Plan a Shotlist – we will stick to it

Ordering Vanilla Video for a Company Event is a great way to capture b-roll, employee interviews, brand film material, and even testimonials. If you come to us with specific needs and ideas in mind for your marketing needs, we can help create a shot-list to get all the footage you will need. We always encourage customers to allow us to capture as much footage as possible – editing can always be taken care of later.

We care about what’s best for you

We work with you to determine what works best for your business and your budget – taking the time to compile raw footage first and editing for a variety of videos later is the surest way to get the best value for your investment in videography. You can always look through our samples for ideas. We are here to answer any questions you or your team may have. We love working with marketing departments to help brainstorm and come up with ideas for different types of videos necessary for web marketing content today.

When? How Fast? How Much?

Available 7 days a week Next Day Turnaround Videography from $99

Call, e-mail, or even text us from 8AM – 11PM and we’ll respond within hours. Whether you’re in a rush or not – we will get your video to you the fastest. Our super fast videography process means you’ll have your video in 24 hours.* We keep overhead costs low by filming every single day. We work, and you save.

What are you waiting for? Getting started is easy.

Longer projects may require an additional 1-2 days.

Videography Milwaukee

Milwaukee Videography for your Wedding

Our Milwaukee Wedding Videographers are ready to capture every memorable moment on your wedding day. Your friends, family, and the love of your life will be there – it’s a special day you do not want to forget. We use documentary style videography to make sure we capture even the tiniest details. Life is not a movie; your wedding video should not look like one either.

Video for your special day

Getting married? Congratulations! We love working with couples who want footage of their special day. Don’t regret skipping the wedding video. At Vanilla Video – we think everyone should film their wedding. We provide Milwaukee wedding videography for as little as $99. From several coverage options, you can choose what works best for you and your budget. Our videography crew is prepared to provide Milwaukee with the best in wedding videography.

What’s in your Wedding Vanilla Video?

No charge – Raw Footage

You get everything we film available in a Digital Download format. All footage comes in high definition for you to download, watch, and keep forever.

Shareable Highlight Clips

You won’t need to scrub through all your raw footage to watch your favorite special moments again. We do the work for you and section out clips of your vows, your first kiss, the speeches, or anything you’d like. This makes it easy to share on social media and e-mail for all of your family and friends to see.

Watch it the very next day

Our modern videography software allows us to deliver your wedding video in as little as 24 hours, available for you and your guests to watch.

Pro Audio

We always make sure we record audio from two sources and mix them in editing for sound that everyone can hear and understand. Our videographers come equipped with everything they need to ensure your video will sound flawless, from lavalier mics for clear sounding vows, to larger mics for everything else.

Whenever possible, we will stream audio wirelessly right from your DJ to our camera(s) for the reception.

Get it all on video

By default, we opt for Vanilla style documentary filming. We tend to avoid stylized artsy shots and focus on the truth. We want you to watch your special day over and over again, with your family, your friends, and your future children. That’s why we the picture we show is the most authentic – we capture the entire day as it happens. Vanilla Video is always honest and genuine.

Most wedding videography allows for 33-50% of the Coverage Time as raw footage. For example, when you order 8 hours of coverage you will likely receive 3-4 hours of raw footage.

Why Go with the Raw?

A poorly shot video cannot be fixed. The Vanilla Video documentary-style approach to capturing as much footage as possible is the ideal solution for couples looking for a reasonably priced wedding video. We promise our raw-footage shots are clear and easy to watch.

"Too much video" is a foreign concept to us, especially when it comes to your wedding day. The most delightful moments are caught on accident, and you’ll watch them again and again. Later in life, you won’t regret having hours of footage to reminisce with your spouse and family.

Editing is Optional, and Available Later

If editing is not in your budget right now, you can always reach out to us later and request edits. With digital files, it’s easy to skip right to the moments you want to see. Having additional raw footage works perfect for editing in the future.

Wedding Videographer Samples Milwaukee Wedding Locations

We have filmed wedding videos at over X# of venues in Milwaukee. Check out our samples to see where we have been, and get inspired for your wedding. Horizontal list of venues we have filmed at. Including churches. Thumbnails to videos.

Milwaukee Sports Videographer

For College Recruitment / High School Memories

Recording a sports game, practice, or sports demo/tutorial has never been easier. Our Sports Videographers are ready to go with the best equipment and training to capture all the action in any sport. Vanilla Video films everything from Toddler T-Ball to Pro-Wrestling – that’s any sport in High-Definition 60p.

You’ll look like a pro

Our full-time team of videographers only uses professional equipment. We do not use freelancers to perform our work. We film all sports at 60 frames-per-second, in High Definition, for exceptional quality.

Let us get your sports on Video

Basketball, hockey, lacrosse, gymnastics, football, soccer, and more – full speed or Slow-Mo.

Vanilla Video makes it easy to get video of any sport, no matter how intense. Our team is trained to capture professional video of any sport, indoors or outdoors. You’ll receive footage in 60p HD so you’ll look professional no matter who is watching.

Sports and College Recruiting Videos

Vanilla Video is great for recruiting videography, whether you are trying to land a spot on the University of Wisconsin-Madison football team or a soccer scholarship to the Milwaukee School of Engineering – our videos will make the cut. Our professional team is trained in capturing your best plays, fastest sprints, and zooming in on your ball handling skills. Every order comes with the Vanilla Video, making it easy to build a package of footage for recruiters and something your mom can still watch while you’re away.

Milwaukee Music Video Production

From live gigs to music videos – the answer is yes we can

Vanilla Video is equipped with the best in video production from trained videographers, equipment, audio and delivery software. Whether you want us to record your first live concert, some fun footage of your garage band practicing, your work in a recording studio, or a full-fledged music video – we can handle it from start to finish.

Milwaukee Video Production for Any Musician

We make music video production easy and affordable.

Live Concerts

We’ll film your next gig. Whether you’re at The Rave or The Cactus Club - we can shoot your performance. We only deliver the best in High Definition video with professional sound. You can use this footage for music videos, promos, demos, without worrying about sound quality. Trust us, it’ll sound great.

Music Video Production

Bring your concept to life. Our team of creative videographers love working with customers to bring ideas into reality. Beyond videography - our services range from consulting to storyboarding. We can provide you with the best solution for your budget.

Multi-Cam Footage

Compelling video of your performance. Using two or more cameras to film your live performance gives your video that extra flair. We will sift through all the footage to create an awesome video with only the coolest shots.

Professional Equipment

You won’t have to worry about a thing. As a musician, sounding good is your number one priority. We can use studio recordings or directly connect into a mixer for a genuine live sound.

Song Clips

Our videographers are also expert editors. They can do all the work in sifting through your Vanilla Video and separate each song into single clips. All you have to do is add Clips to your order for Milwuakee Music Video Production made easy.

Use your own tracks

If you have professionally mastered tracks we can set them into any footage, as long as you own the copy right.

A promo tool.

Filming and cutting a montage of your performances or even your band hanging out off-stage is easy and it works great for creating a promotional video. Use it to advertise your next gig or album release. Title Text & Graphics Vanilla Video can edit in your logo, lyrics, credits, and album info over any raw footage. Adding on basic editing includes most easy edits.

Advanced Editing

Always yes. If you have higher-level editing needs, such as special effects or motion graphics we can do it. Contact us before you order so we can get a plan in motion.

Recommendations for Your Milwaukee Music Video Production

All musicians need video You’re an artist – but you need to think like a marketer. In this digital age, your fans listen to your music via video instead of audio files. When you share fresh, high-quality music videos with your fans not only do they listen – they share your videos with their network. Music videos have always existed for promotional purposes, don’t fade away without one.

Seeing you live isn’t enough

Your shows are a great way to expose new people to your music for the first time. What happens if they want to hear your music again? They’re going to search online for your music. Even if you have a killer website and social presence – your fans want to see a video. It’s easy to post and share with their friends both online and in-person.

More videos = more shares

Videos allow you and your fans to share your work. The more people that see your videos the better – as this will grow your audiences at shows and overall fanbase. Videos are easily discovered especially through social media and your website.

Multi-cam = better videos

Live performances just look better when they are filmed by 2-3 videographers. We recommend you order us for a longer set, and make sure that we will be able to connect to the mixer for audio.

More footage, more clips, less work for you

Having 2+ videographers film your live performance means we will capture a variety of shots, making for great material for clips and sharing with your fans. Our team works with you – always arriving 30 minutes ahead of schedule to setup. Multi-cam shoots involve a lot of communication between videographers to ensure they aren’t getting duplicate footage.

Keep it real

A highly-involved production for a music video means considerable time spent in pre and post production. Filming live gigs means little direction or planning on your end. We just show up and do the work.

Still working on getting gigs? $99 gets you a 30-minute videography session with Vanilla Video. Tell us where you need us, and we will show up half an hour early to set up. You don’t need a Hollywood budget to make shareable videos of your music, we are here to make it easy and low-key.

Mix in B-roll. Getting footage of a rehearsal, your home town, your first venue allows for awesome cut-ins. We can put your recorded music behind any footage if you own the copyright.

Video is a tool. Use it. You’re an artist, use your creativity and our modern approach to music video production for your promotional needs. As long as you have the footage, you can create a video out of anything – ready for sharing with your fans and potential venues. Video frequency?

Vanilla Video recommends that musicians film 1 out of every 10 live sets. This is a general rule most musicians follow to remain prominent in the News Feed.

Shoot for at least 2x a year.

Having a set filmed every 6 to 12 months means getting several clips to share on social media for the following year. These clips can be shared a few weeks apart allowing for fresh content to share with your fans. $500 a year is sufficient to record an entire set and that’s with all the clips of your best songs. Vanilla Video makes Milwaukee Music Video Production easy.

Milwaukee Event Videographers

Proud to service the “City of Festivals” – Vanilla Video is ready to film any event in Milwuakee and surrounding suburbs. From corporate events to quinceañeras, bar mitzvahs to hot air balloon shows – we can film it.

Life moves fast – record it, remember it

Capturing video of special family events, big and small means you’ll have proof for a lifetime. Vanilla Video always provides all the raw footage of your event, making it easy to view, rewind, and share for years to come.

Keep it simple, we do things Vanilla Style

We don’t believe in making life look like a movie. This is why we stick by our documentary style videography for anything we film. Starting at $99 for 30 minutes, Vanilla Video captures every detail without fabrication.

Reliable, available, and on time

Our team of full time videographers has filmed thousands of events. Whether your event is large or small, in English or in Spanish, Vanilla Video can capture it on video. Every order comes with every minute of raw footage, and can always be edited at a later date. Our videographers always arrive 30 minutes prior to start time to ensure they are set up and ready to go. Vanilla Video is here to make Milwaukee Event Videography as easy as possible, get started today.

Milwaukee Videographers — Ready to Go

Where We’ve Been

Vanilla Video is equipped with Milwaukee Videographers, we are familiar with the Milwaukee area, including Wauwatosa and New Berlin. We love the small town feel and getting the chance to film among the local businesses that make Milwaukee special.

We come to you, on time

We know our way around the big city of little neighborhoods – once your event is scheduled, we assign a Milwaukee videographer to your project who will show up early to set up, prepared for anything coming their way, and excited to do their work. We’ll film in any space, at any time – in a brewery or on a baseball field

We bring passion to video production

We work with anyone who needs video – and we think that’s everyone. Whether you want to capture special moments at your wedding or need to create a training video for your sales force, we are happy to work with you. Our process is simple, and it works.