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Question about Event Videography?

Do you film my event?

Yes — we can film anything. Weddings, parties, graduations, sport games, speeches and much more. We can film any event for you.

How far in advance should I book?

Please see our availability page for more information. We generally recommend booking once you have all your final details ready, e.g., Time, Date, Duration.

What if I have multiple events on different days that I want to film?

We can film as much or as little as you want. For events spanning multiple days, you may create new orders for each day. Alternatively you can contact customer support for assistance with ordering over multiple days.

What happens if my event runs later than expected?

You can always ask our videographer to stay later, in half hour increments. We do encourage you to determine duration prior to filming, as we may not always be available to stay later than originally planned.

Can guests speak into the microphone / camera?

Yes. We can do best wishes from guests (sometimes referred to as "confessionals" to the camera), and provide a handheld microphone for guests to say something.