Wardrobe Designer

Job Summary

Fashion Junkie. Master tailor. Friend-dresser. Vogue Inhaler.

The Wardrobe Designer at Vanilla Video understands fashion’s role in our culture and how it impacts a character’s personality onscreen. Your role involves making sure characters in Vanilla Video Productions get dressed – whether they are corporate spokespeople or characters from a galaxy far, far away. Not only are you savvy in current fashion trends present across the United States today, you understand how clothing choices affect the overall message of an image.

Your knowledge of fashion enhances every Vanilla Video Production. Working alongside the Creative Planning team you help dress the characters for every shoot. You are creative and crafty – though your expertise with a needle and thread may come in handy, we believe your time is better spent using existing clothing. You can create an ensemble out of a pile of hand-me-downs and you know how to get the biggest bang for your buck when shopping for wardrobe elements.

While fashion is your first love, you are passionate about everything there is to do with video production, specifically at Vanilla Video. We only promote from within, meaning this role requires 2-3 years’ experience as a Junior Videographer at Vanilla Video prior to being qualified for this role. Your time on shoots behind the camera will lend to your success on the Creative Planning team for production-level shoots. Your career as a videographer at Vanilla Video teaches you the ins and outs of video production while preparing you to work on a dynamic team powered by creativity and collaboration.

Wardrobe Designer

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  • Pay: $18.00 - 25.00 / hour

    Approx. $37.4k - 52k Yearly.

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Key Qualifications

  • 2-3 years’ experience as a Junior Videographer at Vanilla Video

  • Complete understanding of video production, specifically the processes in place at Vanilla Video

  • Undying love for everything fashion

  • Knowledgeable in current trends as well as fashion history, specifically major trends as they occurred in the last 20 years

  • Frugal and economical – able to procure clothing while spending the absolute minimum. This means you are familiar at shopping at thrift stores and flea markets, are not afraid to haggle whenever possible, and can recycle items for use in a variety of projects.

  • Capable of making minor repairs, alterations, and mends – especially in emergency situations

  • Organized and detail oriented – you ensure everything is just right from the clothing to the hair styles and makeup

  • Able to work in a fast-paced environment while working on multiple projects at once

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, enthusiastic to write customer facing content about wardrobe decisions for their project as well as composing social media and web content pieces on occasion

  • Versatile and willing to step in to help with whatever is necessary from scene set-up, manning cameras, tear-down, writing web content, and fielding customer questions

  • Thrives in a collaborative environment while keeping customer goals and needs in mind

  • Effective planning skills with ability to solve problems quickly and creatively when necessary

  • Enthusiastic to conduct research and work closely with Creative Director and Character Artist when designing a character’s wardrobe

  • Prior experience and passion for sewing, drafting, and designing a plus – however your knowledge in fashion and passion for clothing will prove valuable on their own

  • Awareness of wardrobe and costume trends within the film industry

  • Attentive especially when it comes to management of items within the wardrobe department – able to manage use, return, and cleaning of all items

  • Meticulous approach to detail and design

  • Motivated by challenging opportunities, able to think quickly and develop ideas and solutions that bring value to a Vanilla Video Production

  • Excited about sharing your knowledge and ideas regarding fashion trends, changes in the industry, as well as their role in video production to the team

  • Synergic member of the Vanilla Video team, fits in well and maintains company culture

  • Artistic capacity to present ideas in a visual way, proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite a plus

  • Business savviness, able to understand content in team meetings and apply it to current role, constantly aware of budget and able to make conscientious effort to operate below or within budget

  • Familiar with assessing clothing fits on individuals of varying body types and complexions

  • Industrious resource management skills especially with time and budgetary constraints

  • Basic understanding of branding, storytelling, and marketing for business purposes


Beyond commanding your established personal style – you pay more attention to clothes than most people. You understand the power of an outfit and an appearance effects a first-impression. Your duty as the Wardrobe Designer is to ensure that costumes achieve the correct effect within Vanilla Video productions. Whether the character is a sales person wearing khaki pants and a red polo or a fantasy queen from a distant era – your work ensures they dress the part.

Your fashion sense does not out-perform your business sense, meaning you understand the importance of customer service and budgeting. Your work adheres to guidelines set by customers, the Character Artist and the Creative Director. While following expectations set by others, you are not afraid to bring in your own knowledge to inform possible adjustments or enhancements. While working on the Creative Planning Team at Vanilla Video is a highly collaborative experience work typically involves planning and reconvening. Upon assignment to a project, your initial meeting with the team involves becoming acquainted with the customer and their needs. You keep this information in mind while conducting research and working on presenting wardrobe options to the first planning meeting.

The Wardrobe Designer at Vanilla Video is a creative role in a fast-paced environment. While there is room for artistic exploration, diligence and organization skills are a must. Typically working on multiple projects at once, you must have keen project management skills and communication skills to keep the team and customer informed. When there is down time, you are expected to use your passion for clothing trends to create written content to be used for the website, blog, and social media channels. Everyone at Vanilla Video is responsible for the growth of the company, web content plays a huge role in lead generation.

A combination of fashion and business sense combined makes for a successful Wardrobe Designer at Vanilla Video. Prior experience working on staff alongside other videographers ensures you understand the process and mission of Vanilla Video. Your service to maintaining the company culture and collaborative environment makes Vanilla Video a better place to work, where the team is able to learn and grow as a video production machine.

Responsibilities & Duties

While directly working alongside the Character Artist, the Wardrobe Designer reports to the Creative Director. Typically receiving direction from both the Creative Director and Account Manager(s) – the Wardrobe Director works on production-level shoots by dressing any on-screen personalities involved.

Upon being assigned to a project, you are introduced to the needs and expectations of the customer. While keeping this information in mind, you set out to conduct research and present options for the wardrobe of any characters involved in the production. After closer work with the Character Artist you are able to provide visual models of what the character will be wearing throughout the shoot. The entire pre-production process may involve changing wardrobe options and decision – so it is important that you are organized, versatile, and prepared. You consider the fact that while the customer expected a female to play the role, our Talent Scout found a male better suited. Being able to think creatively and problem solve on the fly comes naturally to you, especially after years of work at Vanilla Video.

While sourcing costumes for characters, you work well under time and budgetary constraints. You work with the customer-facing team members such as the Creative Director and Account Manager in order to communicate what the customer should expect of the wardrobe options presented. The Wardrobe Designer uses their imagination in order to meet customer expectations while remaining within budget and ensuring the costumes provide the correct effect within a production.

It is possible that certain production may require additional research. Resourcefulness is important in all aspects throughout the role, however you will oftentimes be the only one on the team to get the costume aspect of a job done. Your ability to research as well as use prior knowledge and expertise in fashion to design character’s wardrobe will be paramount in delivering a Vanilla Video Production that fits a customer’s needs perfectly.

You are responsible for managing the organization and maintenance of all wardrobe elements. You ensure that everything is returned to its proper place after being used and that it is properly cleaned and ironed for the next time it is needed. Periodically you make repairs or alterations on any wardrobe elements as necessary. Should you be unable to make a repair yourself, you decide whether the time should be replaced or repaired via third party. Though sewing skills are not required in order to make full costumes, they will be useful in this role, especially for making minor repairs in last minute situations.

Overall, you ensure characters in production level projects are dressed properly. This involves working closely with the Creative Planning Team as well as relying on your own expertise and passion for style. You play a crucial role in the success of every project you touch, as the clothes the characters wear make a difference in the effects of a video. Cooperative yet independent – your expertise in fashion brings value to Vanilla Video production projects.

Additional Requirements

  • Motivated by growth opportunities for Vanilla Video as well as professional development

  • Willing to mentor others and delegate tasks accordingly in order to allow the team to accomplish end goal

  • Able to work while focusing on the larger picture without being halted by minor details

  • Excited about learning new skills as well as working with new people

  • Dedicated to self-improvement as well as the growth of Vanilla Video

  • Willing to learn additional skills, even if they are unfamiliar

  • Conscious of current trends in business and web marketing practices

  • Comfortable working on-set in a fast-paced and high-stress environment

  • Familiar with shopping at thrift stores, estate sales, and garage sales

  • Able to represent Vanilla Video fashionably at all times

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