Vice-President of Video Production

Job Summary

Vanilla Video currently delivers over 500 different videos a year. Though Vanilla Video trains videographers to follow a specific procedure and format when filming, every project is different. Whether it’s a 10-hour wedding, or a 3-hour shoot for a brand film – Vanilla Video can be there to capture it on video.

The VP of Video Production at Vanilla Video manages every aspect of pre-production to ensure a shoot runs smoothly. This role involves constantly looking for ways to improve Vanilla Video’s process, including optimizing and becoming more efficient as a company. The VP of Video Production analyzes the performance of every Vanilla Video location, and assists in solving issues related to any activity necessary to begin a successful shoot.

Vice-President of Video Production

  • Experience: 10+ Years

  • Education: Bachelor’s / MBA

  • Type: Corporate-Level Position

  • Pay: Not Available

    Performance Based Salary.

    C-Level Benefits

Key Qualifications

  • In-depth understanding of Vanilla Video production operations

  • Ability to analyze performance and financial information and formulate solutions should problems exist or arise

  • Strategic thinker evaluates outcomes and collaborates with upper management to make decisions

  • Previous experience at Vanilla Video as a senior videographer, creative director or operations manager

  • Excellent leadership and communication skills especially in a fast-paced role

  • Understanding of deadline oriented business

  • Ability to think creatively to solve problems


The VP of Video Production position involves making Vanilla Video a better place for videographers to work. To be qualified for this role, a senior videographer must have not only experience as a creative director or operations manager, but also drive to make Vanilla Video larger, and more successful.

Vanilla Video performs a variety of work, however the key to every shoot is being prepared to capture every moment. Not only does this involve coming with the right equipment, but also working with clients to design a project that will work for their needs. Creative directors work with teams at each location to build projects for various customers. This means, once videographers arrive at a shoot – everyone should be prepared and ready to go.

Vanilla Video is consistently working to grow and improve current processes that are in place. Though there are definite structures in place that should not, and cannot be changed – the VP of Video Production takes a step back to analyze the big picture of video production at Vanilla Video. This role is encouraged to carefully experiment and try new things carefully to refine the recipe that makes every video produced at Vanilla Video a successful one.

Responsibilities & Duties

The primary function of the VP of Video Production is to monitor and improve current video production practices at Vanilla Video. The VP of Video Production oversees regional managers and works with information they provide to gain understanding of each region’s strengths and weaknesses. When working with these high-level managers, the VP of Video Production takes every opportunity to make minor tweaks or even complete changes to improve video production at Vanilla Video.

Upon founding Vanilla Video, a strict process was designed to ensure every shoot went smoothly. On their way out the door, every videographer at Vanilla Video is equipped to shoot anything. This also allows for videos delivered to come with a style, unique to Vanilla Video. The VP of Video Production will have to keep these ideals in mind when making changes to the current procedure. They will also be responsible for ensuring that every location adheres to these standards.

Many customers searching for video products understand that they need a video, however they have a difficult time describing why, or do not always know what they want. Vanilla Video works with these customers to assist them in building a product that will suit their needs, not blow their budget. The VP of Video Production evaluates every aspect of pre-production throughout each Vanilla Video location. Though unable to watch and analyze each video, the VP of Video Production works with staff on the regional level to gain an understanding of current strengths and weaknesses in stage of the pre-production process.

A successful VP of Video Production brings results to the table, not only in terms of company growth and financial gain, but in the overall quality of work produced by videographers. Making the job easier for creatives and videographers alike not only allows for work to be completed faster, but lends to better work being delivered to customers. The VP of Video Production can be a game changer in video production, with Vanilla Video to stand behind them.

Aside from working closely with regional managers, the VP of Video Production collaborates closely with other members of upper management. This think tank works together to make Vanilla Video better, faster, and stronger. With their knowledge, creativity, and analytical skills – they work together to continue bringing Vanilla Video beyond the Chicagoland area.

Additional Requirements

  • Team oriented, enjoys interacting with a diverse group of people

  • Clear communication skills, follows up on matters often, understands strategic messaging

  • Leadership experience in video production or retail

  • Understanding of business terminology, ability to interpret information and report findings to upper management team

  • Passionate about building Vanilla Video

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