Vice-President of Technology

Job Summary

Much of Vanilla Video’s success can be attributed to the website, systems, and programs specifically designed to bring efficiency to a video production company. Without online ordering and delivery, Vanilla Video’s operations would fall behind customer’s needs.

Harnessing technology creatively allows Vanilla Video to be the videography company of the future. Delivering products in a fraction of the time it takes traditional videographers, Vanilla Video’s use of technology gives us an edge ahead of the competition.

The VP of Technology programs, codes, and designs both internal and external programs, applications, and software that allow Vanilla Video to deliver video better and faster. This role involves analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of Vanilla Video as an organization and stepping in with solutions to make things more efficient. Vanilla Video’s goal is to completely minimize use of external programs and operate autonomously whenever possible.

Vice-President of Technology

  • Experience: 10+ Years

  • Education: Bachelor’s / MBA

  • Type: Corporate-Level Position

  • Pay: Not Available

    Performance Based Salary.

    C-Level Benefits

Key Qualifications

  • Prior experience in building applications, programs, software in a fast-paced or startup setting

  • Understanding of data analysis, budgeting, and business operations – ability to come in and understand what Vanilla Video needs and provide a reasonable solution

  • Works well and understands the vision of CEO and mission at Vanilla Video – applies this knowledge to every project

  • Knowledge in process improvement and strategic planning when developing or modifying technology for the benefit of team members and customers

  • Fits in with Vanilla Video culture, feels comfortable presenting ideas to upper management and working well with all members of the team

  • Comfortable using best judgement when implementing programs, being able to justify reasoning and progress to team

  • Interpersonal skills to understand company-wide problems, enthusiasm to work with a team to solve issues while building the business

  • Knowledge of IT systems and infrastructure

  • Possess analytical and problem-solving skills without hindering ability to build and maintain positive relationships

  • Results-focused mentality, resourceful when it comes to shifting priorities, managing multiple projects, and meeting deadlines while paying close attention to detail

  • Able to interact professionally with culturally diverse staff and customers

  • Technical competence in managing complex information systems’ environments including deployment of multi-tier technology platforms

  • Customer orientation, able to stay calm when working with customers to reach a solution

  • Excellent presentation and writing skills as well as interpersonal and verbal communication skills

  • Skilled at building and maintaining relationships at all levels within the organization as well as vendors, current and potential partners/vendors


Vanilla Video’s primary focus is to deliver video faster, better, and more affordably than any other videographer in the country. Without harnessing the power of technology, Vanilla Video would not be the company it is today. Vanilla Video’s early success stems from bootstrapping systems to make the job easy for videographers and the user experience for customers simple.

The early days of Vanilla Video have passed, and now the videography startup runs completely on homemade programs, applications, and systems. The VP of Technology works with members of upper management to identify and tackle opportunities for growth. Business sense allows the VP of Technology to stay up to speed during meetings and offer valuable insight for Vanilla Video to continue using technology to its advantage.

Results-driven, the VP of Technology is not satisfied unless things are running smoothly for employees and customers. In addition to improving systems that customers and videographers use on a day to day basis, the VP of Technology also steps in to assist customers with complex projects. Creatively approaching issues with a toolbox full of technological knowledge allows the VP of Technology to enhance Vanilla Video’s engine, propelling the company forward in the marketplace of video production.

Responsibilities & Duties

The VP of Technology at Vanilla Video primarily focuses on improving the technological experience for employees and customers alike. Building systems and dashboard to track Vanilla Video’s growth, budget, and performance in every aspect of the business including marketing, finance, and beyond – the VP of Technology allows everyone on the team to stay informed to the minute. Introducing these programs ensures Vanilla Video tackles problems and takes opportunities as soon as they arise, while being able to plan for and analyze risks.

Tracking and dashboard systems are important to Vanilla Video, however making videography easier is also an important goal for the VP of Technology. Consistently improving employee facing systems such as the timeclock, reimbursement system, project tracker, and delivery system increases efficiency in every project delivered. The VP of Technology is excited and passionate to work closely with the mechanisms that make Vanilla Video tick, and willing to listen to feedback from every team member. Eager to mentor and educate, the VP of Technology explains why certain systems run the way they do – and helps employees understand why the various programming enhances the experience for customers as well.

Faced with larger projects several times a year; the VP of Technology helps Vanilla Video work with customers with specialized needs. Stepping in during consultations, hopping on phone calls, and answering questions the VP of Technology eases customers throughout the process from purchase to delivery. Whenever possible, the VP of Technology makes tweaks to existing programs to enhance the user experience for customers and employees alike.

Technology plays a major role at Vanilla Video – the VP of Technology absolutely needs to be aware of the status of all tools, software, applications, and programs. Ensuring everything runs at full capacity, the VP of Technology provides fixes for issues as they arise while providing temporary solutions to ensure Vanilla Video never comes to a complete halt in production. From keeping upper management informed with a variety of tools and dashboards, delivering products on-time to customers, and ensuring employees can perform their jobs smoothly – the role of the VP of Technology can be all-encompassing at Vanilla Video. Success in this role requires excellent communication skills, as well as the ability to manage shifting priorities. Decisive actions are required to keep Vanilla Video running quickly and efficiently – the VP of Technology helps make this possible.

Additional Requirements

  • Enthusiastic about leading technology initiatives for a startup in video production

  • Passionate about promoting company culture and cultivating members of the Vanilla Video team

  • Willing to work with various members of upper management, including founding members and CEO to carry out the original vision and mission of Vanilla Video

  • Ability to creatively approach problems to ensure an outcome that enhances Vanilla Video’s customer and employee user experiences

  • Loyalty and understanding to sensitive information – absolutely required to keep Vanilla Video’s operation systems information internal and secret

  • High understanding of video production, especially at Vanilla Video

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