Vice-President of Post Production

Job Summary

Though Vanilla Video prides itself on a unique shooting style that only requires minor editing in post, Post Production remains an important aspect of every project. Each videographer at Vanilla Video performs standard edits to create videos that suit the needs of various clients.

The VP of Post Production at Vanilla Video analyzes and improves the current post production process. This role involves working directly with regional operations managers and post production managers. Rather than creating a divide between pre- and post- production, the VP of Post Production smooths things over, making the job easier for everyone involved, and the product delivered to the customer – better.

The VP of Post Production will also work closely with other members of upper management to analyze the performance of Vanilla Video. Charged with ensuring each region stays within their editing budgets and that customers get billed correctly, the VP of Post Production assists in managing cash flow and expenses at each Vanilla Video location.

Vice-President of Post Production

  • Experience: 10+ Years

  • Education: Bachelor’s / MBA

  • Type: Corporate-Level Position

  • Pay: Not Available

    Performance Based Salary.

    C-Level Benefits

Key Qualifications

  • In-depth understanding of Vanilla Video production operations, especially everything involved in post-production

  • Ability to work with diverse group of people to gain information and insight regarding post-production work and performance at Vanilla Video

  • Analytical and strategic – analyzes information and adapts accordingly, allowing operations to run smoothly and efficiently

  • Up to date on trends in the market, especially in post-production from design elements, tools, customer preferences, competitive analysis

  • Vast experience in post-production

  • Understanding of Adobe Premier, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Audition, Speed Grade, as well as Microsoft PowerPoint

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills


Alongside the VP of Video Production, the VP of Post Production at Vanilla Video watches over operations at a regional level. Working with regional managers, the VP of Post Production steps in when necessary to make improvements and changes. The final goal of both the VP’s of Video and Post Production is to make Vanilla Video a better place to work for videographers and editors. Making Vanilla Video the place for video work in turn makes it the first place customers think of when they need a video.

The VP of Post Production monitors speeds at which projects are delivered, analyzing what allows certain projects to take longer than others. With this information, the VP of Post Production can work with other members of upper management to develop new products, procedures, and systems to ensure customers are getting billed correctly and projects are delivered in a timely fashion.

An expert in post-production at Vanilla Video, the VP of Post Production understands how and why certain projects end up getting backlogged or run behind. Though Vanilla Video always keeps customers’ needs in mind and delivers video as fast as possible, the editing stage can slow things down. The VP of Post Production discovers issues which cause bottle necks and works to build procedures to make post-production more efficient at Vanilla Video.

Responsibilities & Duties

The VP of Post Production at Vanilla Video gathers and analyzes data regarding how long projects spend in the editing stage. Using this information, the VP of Post Production makes changes at the regional level. The goal of the VP of Post Production is to make projects leave Vanilla Video’s editing process faster, as well as in a manner that is easier for the editors.

The VP of Post Production assists in building editing budgets for each region. Ensuring each branch adheres to editing budgets allows Vanilla Video to maximize profitability without straining individual videographers and editors. Constant communication with regional managers keep everyone involved with Vanilla Video informed and on the same page.

Beyond analyzing facts and figures regarding post-production performance, the VP of Post Production works closely with the VP of Video Production at Vanilla Video. Together this duo understands what it is like to work for Vanilla Video as a videographer, creative, and editor. Beyond their efforts in profitability, they focus on making Vanilla Video a better place to work. VP’s of Production are constantly thinking about making the job easier, without completely changing the nature of the job.

Other members of upper management also work closely with the VP of Post Production. In addition to keeping everyone informed on progress and changes in post-production, the VP of Post Production collaborates with other officials whenever necessary. The upper management team of Vanilla Video works together to solve problems, leaning on each other’s specific expertise whenever necessary.

Additional Requirements

  • Good listener – understands when a team needs help with workload or solving complex problems

  • Passionate about continuing to expand a start-up, online-based Video Production Company, the first of its kind in the marketplace

  • Goal oriented leadership style that motivates and inspires peers, as well as direct and indirect reports

  • Interested in ever-changing evolution of post-production in video

  • Motivated by making a positive effect in the daily lives of others

  • Excited to work closely with on an upper management team to build Vanilla Video’s business

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