Vice-President of Marketing

Job Summary

The VP of Marketing at Vanilla Video is responsible for developing and searching out new market segments and then following through to reach those market segments. Vanilla Video is a video production company making video accessible to anyone and everyone. With our unique online ordering system and expansive website – it’s possible to hire a videographer on demand for nearly any sort of video production (event, business, wedding, etc.) Currently, Vanilla Video gets customers through the website and word-of-mouth referrals; however, the Vice President of Marketing is responsible for attracting customers beyond normal sales channels and making an effort to introduce the brand to new potential customers.

The VP of Marketing at Vanilla Video is concerned with increasing Vanilla Video’s growth and winning customers efficiently. Current challenge areas include networking with vendors within existing customer base, working with small businesses and nonprofits to educate them on the importance of video, as well as producing various content for social media. The Vice President of Marketing works closely with the Vice President of Business Development, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and other internal teams; e.g., our Marketing and Advertising departments at Vanilla Video. This role is intertwined with managing several advertising campaigns and diligently seeking new ways to win, keep and grow Vanilla Video’s existing market share and customer base.

Expected to play the role of the “brand police,” the VP of Marketing maintains Vanilla Video’s vision and mission throughout all interactions with the public. This means the Vice President of Marketing works closely with Press, or Content Writers, Advertising Consultants, etc. Although creative license is freely given within most positions at Vanilla Video, the VP of Marketing must be careful to avoid painting Vanilla Video incorrectly and maintain brand awareness at all times.

Vice-President of Marketing

  • Experience: 10+ Years

  • Education: Bachelor’s / MBA

  • Type: Corporate-Level Position

  • Pay: Not Available

    Performance Based Salary.

    C-Level Benefits

Key Qualifications

  • Familiar with cohesive marketing strategies, or multi-funnel attribution metrics/analysis

  • Demonstrated experience running or growing within a successful marketing department

  • Strong understanding of video and its importance in today’s marketplace, especially using Vanilla Video’s core competency in video production to produce video for itself

  • Team oriented leadership skills that motivate and inspire passion in all members

  • Ability to analyze various metrics to determine ROI and success of marketing plan

  • Capable of building integrated marketing plan that win customers, designing and reviewing the marketing department’s budget, etc.

  • Interest in a continuing to build a startup in the exciting world of video production

  • Prior knowledge and experience in any of the following areas a plus: weddings, event planning, small business branding, sales, product development, merchandising, sports, nonprofits, music, and entertainment.

  • Managing third-party relationships with advertising channels and distributors of ads or marketing materials and opportunities.

  • Ensure proper amount of advertising coverage is purchased for raising awareness while also maintaining budget standards, branding controls and delivery timeframes.

  • Conduct market research: determine risks / marketability of products / services within a market segment and / or market geography.

  • Strategic thinking with strong business acumen and leadership characteristics preferred


The VP of Marketing works with upper management to determine Vanilla Video’s needs in marketing efforts. Using high level analytical skills, the VP of Marketing provides ideas and strategies to bring Vanilla Video in front of more customers. While past marketing efforts have been focused on the website as well as word-of-mouth, there are several opportunities for enhancing Vanilla Video’s presence on and offline.

Responsible for working with the other members of the marketing team to carry-out a marketing plan, the VP of Marketing is a thoughtful leader that inspires passion and creativity in their team members. Vanilla Video values creativity and honesty and expects that the marketing team exudes these values in all communication and collateral they produce for the company.

However creative a plan may be, the VP of Marketing needs to be able to step back and analyze the results of their team’s work. A successful VP of Marketing understands key metrics and adapts quickly to reduce strain on ROI.

The VP of Marketing is not afraid to shout out their ideas, however they are expected to have a clear and strong understanding of business sense and practices. Increasing sales will always be at the forefront of Vanilla Video’s goals, however it is the marketing team’s responsibility to bring in more sales via social media, events, public relations, guerilla marketing tactics, etc.

Responsibilities & Duties

The VP of Marketing determines Vanilla Video’s needs and carries out a successful marketing plan. Currently Vanilla Video faces challenges marketing themselves outside of their website and previous satisfied customers. Though these are excellent marketing tools, Vanilla Video is ready to pursue additional channels to win customers.

In addition to being creative, the VP of Marketing should be analytical and strategic when implementing various pieces of a thoughtful marketing plan. Every piece should be analyzed and revised until it works, or works even better. The VP of Marketing understands business analysis and uses facts and figures to determine what should happen next. As a leader, they educate their team about the steps they take which expands the team’s knowledge and leads to bigger and better ideas to come.

A fully staffed marketing team at Vanilla Video includes personnel responsible for social marketing, search marketing, display marketing and graphic design. Ideally this team is a close-knit bunch that works together to enhance Vanilla Video’s presence both on and offline. An effective VP of Marketing leads in a careful manner. This means ensuring their team stays on top of deadlines and has all the information and tools necessary to carry out their tasks.

Though several programs and applications exist to make marketing easier – Vanilla Video encourages working together to build applications that serve video production specifically. With web developers on staff, Vanilla Video to find a solution to technical problems and integrate programs into an existing interface that involves project management, operations, and client relations. The VP of Marketing would not be responsible for building such a program, but instead would work with the web developers on staff to build a program to build efficiency in marketing efforts going forward.

The VP of Marketing also works closely with other members of upper management to develop strategies to grow the business. Together this team of highly motivated leaders carry out Vanilla Video’s mission, making video accessible to anyone.

Additional Requirements

  • Passionate about marketing, adveristing, teamwork, and video production — and a basic understanding of video production and editing

  • Goal-oriented leader that enjoys building projects from scratch and getting to know a team / various teams

  • Creative yet analytical – knows when something isn’t working

  • With exception to the CEO, service as the chief marketing officer of Vanilla Video, while providing support to Marketing and Advertising personnel / management

  • Develop multiple marketing plans and strategies, especially annual budgets or multi-year long campaigns, tactics, etc. to reach goals and grow Vanilla Video.

  • Provide leadership and/or support the implementation of new product and services based on marketing materials, or what customers may find appealing according to market research.

  • Oversee the product-to-market process and providing direction to employees / teams

  • Full competitive analysis and monitoring of Vanilla Video competitors and the general competitive landscape in video production, wedding videography, etc.

  • Direct market research for discovering new patterns, behaviors, etc.

  • Create company-wide marketing reporting functions that can track, measure and analyze the performance of advertising / marketing campaigns. Along with educating employees regarding what ad campaigns may do to their day-to-day operations.

  • Coordinate all marketing communications, including press releases and speaking on behalf of the company in certain circumstances.

  • Supporting the them by clearly defining marketing plans, goals and objectives, while maintaining and effective expenditure of company resources.

  • Give feedback and input and support to Vanilla Video’s executive management team, especially as it pertains to new ventures, joint ventures, affiliations with other vendors or other general partnership and advertising arrangements.

  • Coordinate marketing efforts with partners, franchisees, white-label providers and other resellers of Vanilla Video services and products.

  • Generally: provide marketing skills / expertise to Vanilla Video by cultivating and managing a marketing team capable of carrying out various marketing strategies.

  • Communicate and provide presentations (keynotes) to employees, management, shareholders and partners regarding Vanilla Video’s current and future strategies.

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