Vice-President of Finance

Job Summary

Vanilla Video is a growing video production startup bringing change to the world of event video and video production. With our full-bodied website, easy online ordering system, unique style of shooting and specialized procedures – Vanilla Video operates differently than most video production studios or freelance videographers. The VP of Finance at Vanilla Video ensures operations are running smoothly from an accounting and cash flow perspective; not only the company as whole, but also branches, corporate divisions and projects within tight budget requirements. Sometimes the VP of Finance may need to make changes or suggest actions to be taken by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to affect pricing and company spending. It is crucial that the Vice President of Finance gets along with and coordinates closely with the CEO in budgetary matters – usually creating courses of actions or options for the CEO to act on.

The VP of Finance constantly analyzes Vanilla Video’s financial performance. When things go well, the VP of Finance knows which gears to turn to make things better. Stringent cost analysis allows the VP of Finance to determine when pricing changes are necessary. The VP of Finance uses information gathered from reports and sales analysis to advise the rest of the team on performance as well as areas of improvement. With help from the VP of Finance – Vanilla Video operates according to a tight budget, maintains positive cash flow, and can come out on top during slow work periods. Overseeing finance, accounting and budgeting is only half the job however, as the VP of Finance need to be an effective communicator and multi-tasker.

Additionally, the VP of Finance is responsible for the development of financial management strategies and creating different operating budgets dependent upon forecasts and direction by the CEO or shareholders. This includes controlling expenses and implementing varied reporting processes or requirements across all supported divisions, projects or persons. This role requires the ability to calculate tax implications, complex computation of numbers and timely payment of all require tax reports, including federal, state and local filings, and may include leasing or other contractual obligations. The VP of Finance directly supervises all accounting functions including: Accounts Receivable, General Accounting, Accounts Payable, Payroll, etc. Therefore, this role requires moderate cooperation between other Vice Presidents: especially the VP of Sales whom may share overlapping duties or work very closely in an ongoing manner.

As a key member of the corporate executive team at Vanilla Video, the VP of Finance plays a huge role in recommending actions for the CEO and reporting to shareholders. This includes creating forecasts, event/client settlements, financial analysis, and a strong understanding of accounting principles. This position requires 10+ years of experience in financial management, with an MBA, ideally working within a growing company or a startup / startup-like setting.

Vice-President of Finance

  • Experience: 10+ Years

  • Education: Bachelor’s / MBA

  • Type: Corporate-Level Position

  • Pay: Not Available

    Performance Based Salary.

    C-Level Benefits

Key Qualifications

  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA) required, plus a Master of Business Administration (MBA), plus 10+ years of financial management experience in a multi-location, multi-national, and / or startup-like (fast growing) corporate setting.

  • Demonstrated breadth of financial knowledge – experience in a financial analysis, public account experience highly preferred.

  • Advanced degree or professional certification, preferably with a financial emphasis.

  • Understanding of Vanilla Video’s operations, culture, procedures and able to work with the CEO / executive management team.

  • Interest and passion for fitting pieces of a business together to build pricing strategy that generates as much revenue as possible

  • Keen business and entrepreneurial skills, previous entrepreneurial experience a plus

  • Expertise in capital investments, ability to advise regarding sources of passive income

  • Breadth of economic wisdom, healthy / calculated risk taker with a clear understanding of risk versus reward

  • Knowledge in management, accounting, and GAAP: past experience in a publicly traded company preferred


The VP of Finance is the cash flow watchman of Vanilla Video. This role involves constantly analyzing and looking for ways to improve cash flow, increase capital, while minimizing expenses. Vanilla Video has run without a dedicated finance role since its inception, leaving most financial decisions to the CEO and most product pricing decisions to the VP of Sales.

A growing start-up, Vanilla Video’s main goal is to expand beyond the Chicagoland area. Currently Vanilla Video travels via flight to any major city in the US, as well as drive to surrounding metropolitan areas (including Rockford, Milwaukee, and NW Indiana-South Bend). With help from a creative financial guru, Vanilla Video needs to gain capital beyond current offerings to continue growth geographically.

Additionally, the VP of Finance at Vanilla Video maintains the budget and cash flow. Constantly analyzing the financial health of the company, the VP of Finance steps in to make changes when necessary and stands behind their decisions while providing transparency in their thought process. A clear communicator and leader – this role involves making difficult yet necessary choices, a successful VP of Finance justifies making a difficult decision without negatively affecting company culture and employee morale.

Responsibilities & Duties

At Vanilla Video, the VP of Finance plays a crucial role for the company. First and foremost, this position involves staying on top of the numbers. Understanding cash flow and health of the company on a day to day basis is extremely important. The VP of Finance will report their findings to upper management, as well as collaborate with the team to make decisions for the benefit and growth of Vanilla Video.

Beyond running reports and starting at charts and graphs, the VP of Finance needs to bring previous knowledge and experience to the table. Vanilla Video is ready to begin making decisions regarding capital investments. With the help of a financial expert proper investments can lead to invaluable resources to further the growth of the company.

Though primarily a “numbers” oriented role, the VP of Finance should bring creativity to the table. Vanilla Video operates creatively whenever possible, making it such a special service provider as well as unique place to work. An imaginative VP of Finance will assist not only in maintaining current budget, but will also seek opportunities for Vanilla Video to grow capital assets.

In addition to understanding Vanilla Video’s finances, the VP of Finance should be constantly analyzing economic trends in the market place. A master economist, the VP of Finance spots the rises and falls of the market and understands when and how to move in the best interest of Vanilla Video and team. Of course, uncertainty or pitfalls in the market place occur in every business. Though difficult, the VP of Finance would assist upper management in making difficult decisions necessary to the financial help of Vanilla Video. Here is where strategic communication skills would be necessary, as the VP of Finance would have to assist in justifying tough choices.

The VP of Finance at Vanilla Video is required to constantly evaluate data while comparing it to past performance. Working with Financial Analysts, the VP of Finance analyzes fluctuations in the budget and assisting in making changes where necessary. Thorough evaluation of current and historical data allows the VP of Finance to assist in making important decisions for the future of the company.

Additional Requirements

  • Forward minded, excited about growing a young business in a fast-paced market

  • Interest and basic understanding of video production, especially Vanilla Video’s unique operating procedures

  • Passionate about numbers, finance, economy willing to take calculated risks

  • Team oriented mentality, excited to collaborate with others

  • Monitor financial analyst(s) reports for accuracy, provide insight and mentorship

  • Overseeing banking activities of Vanilla Video monitoring cash flow daily, with operational plans for budgeting

  • Able to review contracts for renegotiating maximum efficiency and optimizing resource use

  • Financial investment oversight: including 401k management and savings management of corporate assets

  • Understanding FOREX and international trade operations between different country-level operations

  • Knowledge in all aspects of accounting in accordance with U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, program regulations and compliance requirements and appropriate Code of Federal Regulations sections.

  • Oversees and manages the coordination and activities of independent auditors ensuring all audit issues are resolved.

  • Ensures Vanilla Video develops and maintains systems of internal controls to safeguard financial assets and oversees governmental (federal, state, county) awards and programs.

  • Financial oversight of all technology including leases, and purchases; plus financial oversight of all logistical and property issues including building leases and purchases.

  • Recommend benchmarks for measuring financial and operating performance. Monitor and analyze monthly operating results against budget. Manage the preparation of all financial reports, outlooks, and forecasts.

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