Vice-President of Business Dev

Job Summary

The Vice President of Business Development is responsible for developing new customer acquisition channels, increasing the efficiency of current sales and sales methodologies, and seeking to establish strategic partnerships or relationships with key people or businesses. At Vanilla Video, the sales team relies heavily on the website – plus, word-of-mouth referrals or references from other business professionals and wedding experts. The VP of Business Dev at Vanilla Video widens the net used to win both customers and partners.

With the website in mind, the VP of Business Development at Vanilla Video approaches other channels of networking, branding and advertising to increase the reach and presence of the company. The goal is to introduce Vanilla Video as a brand to more potential customers from small to big, including personal users of video production and business users requiring video.

A natural people person, the VP of Business Development builds genuine relationships with other businesses while educating them on the importance of video. The VP of Business Dev may also spend time informing potential customers and partners on interfacing with Vanilla Video, or more specifically: how to work within the Vanilla Video ecosystem of services.

Consistently analyzing the customers Vanilla Video attracts through various channels, the VP of Business Development implements strategies to retain clients over the long term as well. While it is important to attract new users and customers, the VP of Business Development may spend significant amounts of time curating existing relationships for continued success with existing customers and partners. Educating the marketplace on the versatility of Vanilla Video enables the VP of Business Development to win clients that might not understand the internet, social media, or advertising beyond television, radio and outdoor – as Vanilla Video already attracts most customers online through the website. The VP of Business Development is particularly focused on acquisition channels which complement existing Vanilla Video sales methods.

Vice-President of Business Development

  • Experience: 10+ Years

  • Education: Bachelor’s / MBA

  • Type: Corporate-Level Position

  • Pay: Not Available

    Performance Based Salary.

    C-Level Benefits

Key Qualifications

  • Works well with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to meet expansion goals.

  • Keen understanding of business and video production operations at Vanilla Video

  • Strategic thinker, analyzes current situations to formulate a plan to improve

  • Team player, working closely with upper management to determine strengths and weaknesses while collaborating for solutions

  • Up to date on marketing trends, best practices and new customer acquisition channels.

  • Aware of strengths and weaknesses in competing businesses, able to assess market advantages Vanilla Video may hold

  • Entrepreneurial spirit, with a willingness to (smartly / cautiously) explore and attempt new sales methodologies

  • Extremely business savvy with a strong understanding of financial reports and interpretting data or mixed data sets

  • The ability to draw inferences from large data sets, and get along with data scientists working at Vanilla Video

  • Able to ask important questions that may impact the future of the business or direction of the business

  • Professional representative of the company, culture within the company, with a friendly demeanor and attitude


The VP of Business Development at Vanilla Video works together with Marketing and Sales departments to increase sales directly and indirectly. While most customers reach the website via organic searches or positive word of mouth referrals, there are more customers who never go online and have no connection with our existing customer base. Vanilla Video cannot reach certain customers with the website alone. There are customers that require more interaction, education, and time spent in front of Vanilla Video and the VP of Business Dev is responsible for attracting or interfacing with those harder to reach customer segments. As a Vice President of Business Development at Vanilla Video, you will define these accounts and determines how to approach them to make them customers of Vanilla Video or at least introduce our brand.

Vanilla Video is a no-nonsense company, looking to grow in the same no-nonsense fashion it was built. Building meaningless relationships that waste the customer’s time or the business developer’s time are not in the best interest of Vanilla Video and our customers. Instead, the VP of Business Development works to establish genuine relationships that provide value beyond the video received by the customer. Not all relationships result in direct profit, but it is Vanilla Video’s intent to be friendly, helpful and informative or cordial with all persons, businesses or other organizations. It is necessary to remain professionally composed in both personal life and professional life, as with today’s social media – people may look into personal details. The Vice President of Business Development should be willing to connect on a more personal level with business prospects, and ready to befriend others in order to represent Vanilla Video positively.

Beyond defining these strategic relationships, the VP of Business Development finds various opportunities for Vanilla Video to be present off-line. Nationwide, these opportunities present themselves in a variety of ways. The VP of Business Development assists in these opportunities to build relationships with potential customers and partners.

Responsibilities & Duties

Directly responsible for increasing Vanilla Video’s presence both on and offline, the VP of Business Development at Vanilla Video serves as a creative people person. Previous experience in business development allows for an understanding of how sales, marketing, as well as product or service development come together to create a comprehensive user experience for the customer. The VP of Business Development at Vanilla Video defines clear goals for Sales, Marketing, as well as Business Developers at the regional level to learn how to win customers on and offline.

Approaching customers that do not understand video has posed one of the biggest challenges for Vanilla Video today. Though Vanilla Video receives inquiries from uncertain video shoppers daily, their interactions make it easy to close the sale. Since inception, Vanilla Video lost focus on approaching these unconventional customers after expanding the website. The VP of Business Development works with upper management, departmental staffs, as well as Business Developers at the regional level to work on these opportunities and convert them into well-educated video customers.

Means for approaching customers in a variety of ways includes presenting and attending trade shows, community involvement, and performing work in exchange for exposure or services. At a high level, the VP of Business Development analyzes Vanilla Video’s performance, investment, and gain from these activities. Presenting findings to upper management as well as business developers allows for enhanced efforts in winning business beyond referrals and web content.

Building and maintaining vendor relationships is another aspect of the business development team’s efforts at Vanilla Video. While the VP heads these efforts, they are carried out on the regional level. Directly reporting successes and failures to the VP of Business Development, Vanilla Video business developers spend a great deal of time simply reaching out and keeping up with vendors and businesses each branch previously interacted with.

As a member of upper management, the VP of Business Development collaborates on creative ways to approach winning customers at Vanilla Video. These efforts to increase profitability rely on growing customer base as well as return customers. Working closely with Sales and Marketing staffs ensures that Vanilla Video strategically approaches the right customers at the right time.

Additional Requirements

  • Passionate about growing Vanilla Video

  • Passionate about Vanilla Video products and services

  • Team player, interested in building a cross-functional collaboration network

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Creative thinker, not afraid to speak of an idea no matter how crazy - and able to clearly relay those ideas to others

  • Interested in cultivating and mentoring talented business developers, sales people, and marketing professionals

  • Research prospects and identify potential opportunities in a target market.

  • Socially adept, good speaking skills, high charisma, and generally friendly towards others

  • Great collaborator with other Vanilla Video team members, especially marking and advertising teams

  • Proficient in Business Intelligence tools, and Microsoft Office tools, and other reporting tools or analytics dashboards

  • Strong problem-solving skillset, with the ability to develop new processes from scratch to solve workflow problems

  • Working overtime, weekends or longer hours when necessary to meet project deadlines and sales quotas.

  • Sound thinker under immense pressure, with an appreciation for the decisions being made as they may impact other team members - general prudence and diligence.

  • Can identify trends, or generate ideas based on industry research: reading events, media, announcements, etc.

  • Enhance Vanilla Video's reputation amongst community, businesses and governemnt or indviduls within store radius

  • Motivational skills and ability to close sales, train team members, territory management and market knowledge

  • Negotiate with customers who may have chosen a competitor and winning back their business

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