Video Technician

Job Summary

The Video Technician at Vanilla Video ensures all video files and equipment are sound and ready to go for shooting, editing, and ultimate delivery to customers. A gear-head that knows their stuff, they can fix anything and know which products will work the best for our purposes.

Outside of tinkering with gear, the Video Tech repairs corrupt files, and solves problems related to compressing, storing, and repairing footage. Constantly monitoring equipment ensuring that all footage is compressing and getting stored correctly, the Video Tech makes sure Vanilla Video runs smoothly.

An integral member of the team, the Video Tech works well with others, and helps them understand problems they experience with equipment and video technology. Assisting and teaching team members about their gear and the technology they use everyday enhances the team’s knowledge – making everyone involved a better videographer and editor.

Video Technician

  • Experience: 3+ Years

  • Education: Not Required

  • Type: Entry-Level Position

  • Class: Auxiliary

  • Pay: $15.00 - 20.00 / hour

    Approx. $31.2k - 41.6k Yearly.

    Standard Benefits

Key Qualifications

  • Strong understanding of video and information technology systems

  • Experience working with and using compression and storage systems

  • Able to repair corrupt files and footage

  • Interested in performing research and development of various video and technology gear

  • Steadfast problem solver – works until the job is done

  • Previous work as an Information Technology Specialist or Manager a plus

  • Previous experience working in a server room a plus

  • Friendly and helpful, works with team members to help solve problems and teach them more about the equipment and systems they use every day

  • Excited about trying new gear and educating the team on the technical aspects of videography

  • Proactive attitude, solves problems as soon as they arise rather than waiting for direction

  • Fast learner – able to apply prior programming knowledge to Vanilla Video’s homemade systems


Everything we do at Vanilla Video relies on the use of technology. Delays in production result even when a small component in our pipeline needs repair. The Video Technician plays a large role in making sure everything runs smoothly and projects are delivered on time. This role involves working with gear and systems, constantly running checks and double checking that everything operates as it should.

The Video Technician keeps Vanilla Video up to speed in all aspects of the gear and technology we use every day. You enjoy researching and making recommendations for improving our fleet of technology. Your efforts will keep Vanilla Video cutting edge.

Serving as the Video Technician is currently a solo role. While you will interact with a variety of people, ranging from videographers to branch management to upper management – you are primarily responsible for yourself. In this role, you respond to requests from team members, and maintain all technological framework at Vanilla Video. This position is for someone who is autonomous, and doesn’t need constant supervision while completing tasks.

In this technical role, you are responsible for having a vast array of knowledge not only in computers and programs, but in videography as well. This role is best suited for a former Vanilla Video videographer. At Vanilla Video, we value the culture among our team members as well as the industry knowledge they’ve picked up along the way. For these reasons, we prefer to promote from within.

Responsibilities & Duties

As the Video Technician, you are responsible for maintaining systems, programs, and equipment at Vanilla Video. You ensure everything is running smoothly. If you or someone else catches a bug, you fix it as soon as possible. This role involves quick, yet strategic thinking. Your approach to problem solving is important, as your actions will have direct results.

A general member of the team without direct reports or an assigned supervisor, you are kind, friendly, and helpful to everyone. When you work with others on solving a problem, you ensure they keep up with the technical jargon and stop to explain whenever you can. Your expertise in video technology and computer programming means you have a wealth of knowledge to share with others. Serving as a teacher or mentor you inspire our team to learn more and become aware of how our systems at Vanilla Video work.

Since you operate as a one-man show, you need to be able to work on your own without supervision. Should you get stuck on making a fix, use the time and resources available to learn more about the problem. Coming in to the position as an expert is a must – you will be the tech leader at Vanilla Video.

When not making tweaks and bug fixes to our systems, programs, and applications – the Video Technician is doing homework on improving equipment at Vanilla Video. Though we can’t make updates and upgrades all at once, we like to be ready to make improvements when the time is right. That means all the research is done and all there is left to do is pay. A gear-head approach is best for this role – we love working with people who are excited about the equipment they use. At Vanilla Video, we strive to use the best for getting the job done – the Video Tech makes this possible.

The Video Tech at Vanilla Video is constantly aware of the status of all equipment and programs. Running diagnostic tests and learning more about current framework will allow you to make improvements whenever possible. Everyone on the team is responsible for growth – for the company and for themselves. The Video Tech applies diligence to their role, and knows the status of their work. They ensure everything is running smoothly so everyone on staff can do their jobs easier.

Additional Requirements

  • Creative problem solving skills, uses resources available whenever possible

  • Self-motivated – able to conduct research on their own to learn more about a problem

  • Previous experience at Vanilla Video a must

  • Expertise in computers, information technology, and videography

  • Friendly interpersonal skills, able to educate others

  • Can-do attitude, willing to do what it takes to make something right

  • Passionate about technology and videography – up-to-date on the latest trends as well as the next best thing out there

  • Enthusiastic about being part of a growing start up in videography

  • Outgoing – willing to try new things and work with variety of people

  • Team player that enjoys helping others, working with them to help them solve a problem

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