Television Production Specialist

Job Summary

The Television Production Specialist at Vanilla Video focuses on directing teams working on projects made for TV. A great deal of the work Vanilla Video creates ends up on the internet, however there are some steps necessary before a video can end up on television. The Television Production Specialist takes TV projects from start to finish ensuring the project delivered is TV ready, right on time.

Though a large portion of video is consumed online, Americans still watch hours of television each week. Vanilla Video can produce, film, and deliver any project meant for television viewing, especially in a shorter time frame than other studios or production companies. The TV Production Specialist makes this possible. Leading all TV projects, the TV Production Specialist at Vanilla Video works with everyone involved in making commercials, spots, series and interviews ready for viewing on the small screen.

Television Production Specialist

  • Experience: 5+ Years

  • Education: Bachelor's Preferred

  • Type: Mid-Level Position

  • Class: Auxiliary

  • Pay: $20.00 - 30.00 / hour

    Approx. $41.6k - 62.4k Yearly.

    Standard Benefits

Key Qualifications

  • 3+ years’ previous experience as a Vanilla Video Senior Videographer

  • Prior experience operating videography for television production at Vanilla Video required

  • Understanding of recording video and audio for television broadcast, able to direct videography staff on set

  • Familiar with various videography formats and elements used in made for television productions such as news broadcasts, interviews, television shows, talk shows, etc.

  • Ability to set up light and sound elements in-studio, on-location, or outdoors to ensure quality of visual and audio recordings

  • Follows Vanilla Video procedures in filming, customer service, editing, and delivery

  • Cooperative – thrives in leading a group of people to achieve a common goal

  • Mentorship and leadership skills – directs videographers, second shooters, production assistants, talent and customers during shooting

  • Creative and willing to provide input during planning sessions working alongside Creative Director, Branch Operations Manager, as well as Post Production Supervisor

  • Clear understanding of using cinematic cameras and able to work Cinematographer to carry out customer vision for project

  • Acquainted with working on sets, as well as able to provide input in set design

  • Well versed in common trends and motifs in television production, up to date on the latest trends and technology

  • Knowledge in television broadcasting techniques and technology, capable of shooting, directing, and delivering a live broadcast

  • Effective communication skills especially while directing groups of people

  • Proactive problem solver, applies creativity and always makes use of available resources

  • Interpersonal skills required to build and maintain relationships with customers and their creative/marketing teams in addition to all members of Vanilla Video staff


The Television Production Specialist works with customers, their creative/marketing teams, and a variety of staff members at Vanilla Video to produce and deliver video meant for viewing over television. Knowledgeable in all aspects of producing, shooting, editing, and delivering video to customers with Vanilla Video methods, the TV Production Specialist is an expert when it comes to video. A growing product offering that Vanilla Video is currently working on developing further, the role involves growing alongside the product over time. This includes adapting to inevitable changes in the television industry, technology, as well as the position of Vanilla Video among videography and television broadcast companies.

Prior to beginning a shoot, the Television Production Specialist works alongside the Account Executives, Branch Operations Manager, and Creative Director. Together they direct the customer to designing a television video package that works for them. Following the vision and needs of the customer, the TV Production Specialist and Creative Director lead a brainstorming and planning session to develop scripts, sets, and characters. If necessary, the Creative Director leads in hiring outside talent in acting, makeup, music, and set design/building. Every element is planned and approved prior to the first day of shooting, however this doesn’t mean there won’t be surprises along the way. The TV Production Specialist is ready for whatever may come their way, and uses creativity and diligence in solving problems should they arise.

On set, the Television Production Specialist provides direction to everyone involved. Though not responsible for filming, the TV Production Specialist inspects every angle and directs Cinematographers, Senior Videographers, and Second Shooters. In addition to guiding videography, the TV Production Specialist ensures everyone on set performs their roles appropriately. This includes any outside talent, makeup artist, set engineers/operators, customer team members as well as Vanilla Video Production Assistants and Techs. The Creative Director may also be present during shoots to ensure the project goes as planned and all creative elements fall into place.

Previous experience with Vanilla Video as a Senior Videographer allows the TV Production Specialist to be prepared for anything that may come their way. With training and ample exposure to shooting a variety of events, subject matter, formats, and environments - The TV Production Specialist understands every detail of a shoot. A leader on and off shoot, the TV Production Specialist is armed with strong relationships with Vanilla Video staff as well as repeat customers they have gotten to know over the years.

Responsibilities & Duties

From concept to television screen, the TV Production Specialist’s video expertise, creativity, and teamwork make an idea a reality. Up to date on the latest technology and trends in television production, you love creating for the small screen. Your prior work at Vanilla Video has prepared you to be a leader in the office and on set. An active role for quick-thinking problem solvers, the TV Production Specialist is ready for anything coming their way.

After observing and stepping in on customer calls over the years, the TV Production knows what it takes to help a customer build a videography package that suits their needs. While working with the Account Manager or Branch Operations Manager to close the sale, the TV Production steps in with insight, knowledge as well as creative ideas to help the customer envision what their finished project might look like.

Once a sale is made, the TV Production Specialist applies their creativity as well as the customer’s needs to begin planning a project. You will work with the Creative Director as well as other creative members on staff, including the Staff Writer, Storyboard Artist, and Talent Scout in the project planning process. Together you collaborate and create a project that will fulfill the customer’s needs and delight audiences alike. The planning process is an important component of every project, it can also be the most fun. Being part of a creative team and imagining every piece of the puzzle requires more than inspiration, as an experienced member of Vanilla Video staff you bring expertise to the table. You determine whether an idea is feasible, if possible you come up with solutions or alternatives. It is important you work well with the Creative Director as together you will guide the conversation in the planning process.

Being on shoot for a television production is hectic. The shoots require many people, including Vanilla Video team members, customer staff, as well as any outsourced talent and operations crews – your job is to make sure everything is orderly and the team captures several takes of all necessary. It is extremely important you stay calm on shoot days, even if the unexpected arises. Your ability to think quickly and use your resources to solve problems will help make these long days a success. As a dedicated leader, you motivate the team to work together and work hard.

Television productions require long hours of editing sessions. While continuing to take direction from the Creative Director, in this stage you will also be working with the Post Production Supervisor. In the editing room, you will assist in editing, as well as guide videographers that might not have been part of the project in earlier stages. Clear communication and observation is key at this point in the process. You will help videographers make judgement calls on various shots and types of edits. At this point, you will also step in to ensure that music and sound works flawlessly with footage. These projects offer major learning opportunities to everyone involved, you take the lead in helping everyone do their best work, while learning something new along the way.

Additional Requirements

  • Passionate about growing Vanilla Video as a business, as well as the product offerings in television including commercials, broadcasts, television shows, and more

  • Previous experience in Vanilla Video a must

  • Enthusiastic about teaching others, providing guidance and mentorship, and learning new skills

  • Open minded – not afraid to experiment and take creative risks

  • Business sense required in making decisions that affect budget, spending, revenues etc.

  • Ability to understand business jargon, charts, analysis, especially during sales and planning meetings

  • Gets along well with existing team members, possesses strong relationships with the team as well as any outside vendors, existing customers. Continues growing relationships and building new ones with customers, vendors, team mates, and new hires.

  • Willing to train, motivate, encourage, and teach in every possible moment

  • Creative and imaginative in problem solving and project planning

  • Diligent and organized, with close attention to detail – strives to achieve perfection whenever possible, while understanding it is difficult/impossible to attain

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