Storyboard Artist

Job Summary

Storyboard Artists at Vanilla Video are an integral part of the Video Pre-Production Team, they work closely with Staff Writers, Color Key Artists, and Ideation Experts while taking direction from the Creative Director. This trio of creatives get assigned to projects where customers have creative requirements for their videos. This includes creating characters, scripts, and even designing animation schemes for their project. The story board artist is responsible for bringing every component of the video together – merging the script, screenplay, and animation together into a cohesive presentation for customers to approve and videographers and editors to use as a guide in production and post-production.

The storyboard artist must be a visionary that enjoys leading a team. They help carry out the customers vision for a video by helping the staff writers, animators, videographers, and editors onto the same page creatively. Typically, a team sits down with a Creative Director to brain storm and collaborate ideas. As each piece slowly becomes more solidified, the Storyboard Artist begins to piece everything together for customer approval. Once a storyboard is approved, the video production staff follows it to bring the team’s concept to life.

Vanilla Video is a highly collaborative environment that relies on constant teamwork among all members of the team. The storyboard artists may sometimes be asked to plan an entire storyboard on their own, while getting suggestions from the staff writer and final drawings from the animators. This role requires a highly creative, yet highly organized individual able to command multiple projects at once and meet deadlines.

Staff Writer

  • Experience: 2+ Years

  • Education: Not Required

  • Type: Entry-Level Position

  • Class: Video Pre-Production

  • Pay: $16.00 - 24.00 / hour

    Approx. $33.3k - 49.9k Yearly.

    Standard Benefits

Key Qualifications

  • Capable of dealing with rejection

  • Flexible with changing your ideas to best fit the needs of the client

  • Able to effectively communicate with clients and with videographers to bring the production to film

  • In-depth knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite

  • Good art skills

  • Ability to tell a good story

  • Highly film literate, with a good understanding of layout, composition, sequential drawing and editing

  • have excellent drawing skills and the ability to adapt to a wide range of styles

  • be able to work either independently or as part of a team

  • be able to take direction, and be prepared to make changes to your work in response to constructive feedback

  • be able to follow established designs and produce consistent work, drawn on model

  • have good communication and presentation skills

  • have good computer literacy

  • be familiar with relevant storyboard, graphics and editing software

  • be conscious of any relevant technical or budgetary restrictions

  • be able to work calmly and efficiently to tight deadlines

  • 2-3 years’ prior experience at Vanilla Video as a junior videographer

  • Developed creative skills not only in writing, but basic computer illustration or animation

  • Ability to closely follow Vanilla Video procedures especially in following company policy in video production

  • Stimulating storytelling ability, able to present customer messages in a clear and interesting manner

  • Strong capacity to work on multiple projects while under pressure

  • Expert knowledge of design and video editing software including Photoshop, PremierPro, and Storyboard Pro

  • Excellent Leadership skills to manage teammates while working on a project, maintains strong vision alongside the Creative Director

  • Willingness to provide criticism to team members to make revisions necessary to complete a project

  • Motivated to take things into their own hands when necessary, yet willingness to delegate and work with others

  • Advanced communication skills, able to work well with customers, vendors, and fellow coworkers

  • Compelling staging and composition skills

  • Drawing and creative writing experience necessary to create attractive customer-facing storyboards

  • Understanding of literary conventions and strong ability to develop unique characters necessary to convey customer messaging

  • Analytical skills necessary for reviewing written scripts and animation prototypes prior to creating a story board

  • Ability to take direction from Creative Director and Account Executives and communicate customer needs to teammates

  • Prior experience in video production necessary to advise various shooting angles and transitions to videographers

  • Advanced organization, project management, and time management skills necessary to create compelling storyboards that in turn allow for successful, videos

  • Experienced in wielding comedy, action, emotion, and characters to tell a story

  • Close attention to detail, dedicated to presenting only acceptable work that meets customer expectations

  • Welcoming to constructive criticism, constantly looking to improve and develop skills both professionally and personally


The Storyboard Artist works closely with the Video Pre-Production staff to create storyboards or outlines for live action or animated videos. This close-knit team involves a great deal of collaboration between the Staff Writer, Color Key Artist, and Ideation Expert. While taking direction from Account Executives and the Creative Director, this team works together to build a successful outline for a compelling customer video.

Everything we do at Vanilla Video requires teamwork. The Storyboard Artist typically serves as the team leader when it comes to pre-production work on any project. While each member is responsible for bringing forth their creative deliverables, the Storyboard Artist makes final decisions before presenting a storyboard to Creative Directors and Account Executives. Once Creative Directors and Account Executives give their final approval to a storyboard, it is used as a plan for the videographers assigned to the project.

Collaboration is huge, especially when it comes to planning for a production. Though the pre-production staff need to work together very closely, they cooperate with a variety of team members in order to produce their necessary components. They work with other videographers, editors, and animators in order to develop their ideas and discover unique storytelling approaches.

We do expect all of our members on the Pre-Production staff to be previous employees of Vanilla Video, specifically Junior Videographers for at least two years. In this time frame, an employee learns everything there is to know about video production, especially following Vanilla Video policy and procedures. These employees can be trusted with upholding company culture and branding. Every teammate at Vanilla Video is expected to carry their weight on the team, which requires extreme organization, developed communication skills, and diligence to their work.

Responsibilities & Duties

The Storyboard Artist takes a sliver of an idea and helps videographers bring it to life by creating detailed storyboards with the collaboration of the entire Pre-Production team. The team works together to ensure the final storyboard presented to videographers adheres to guidelines set by the customer, Account Executive and Creative Director. The storyboard artist takes every creative component developed in pre-production and complies them into a clear visual plan to be used by videographers, animators, and editors in the final stages of a project.

The Storyboard Artist must remain vigilant in upholding a vision for a project, and maintaining that every team member adheres to customer expectations for a video. While not required to develop scripts, characters, and scenery themselves – the storyboard artist brings everything together. This means oftentimes circling back to one team member for revisions in order to create a solidified plan.

Storyboard Artists are expected to know everything there is about Video Production at Vanilla Video, which they learned while being Junior Videographers on staff. Their experience allows them to dictate shots and determine camera angles and include detailed instructions for every scene in the storyboard. Prior experience at Vanilla Video means they are excellent team players and leaders that work well under pressure while managing a multiple projects at once. The storyboard artist should be able to produce visually appealing illustrations with a keen ability to tell a story creatively through dialogue, action, drama, and character development. Their artistic expertise allows them to create engaging storyboards that inform successful productions.

Additional Requirements

  • Writing and drawing up rough sketches to show to clients

  • Develop ideas and story concepts for clients

  • Work with clients

  • Coordinate with videographers

  • Passion for growing within Vanilla Video, plans to become a Creative Director in the future

  • Willing to work hard to maintain company culture as well as growing the business of Vanilla Video

  • Excited to work with others and serve as a leader, mentor, and example to junior members of the team

  • Inclined to wear many hats without letting main responsibilities fall behind

  • Ability to work well in a fast paced, customer facing environment with tight deadlines

  • Dedicated to maintain company branding and representing Vanilla Video in a positive manner that adheres to our brand personality

  • Knowledge of marketing trends, conventions, and terminology especially in respects to video production for businesses, events, sports, and musicians

  • Expert at branding and telling a brand story for customers

  • Mastery of digital illustration skills with dedication to learn new styles and techniques

  • Ability to appropriately prioritize tasks and change direction on short notice without requiring huge efforts

  • Always willing to learn new things, work with different people, and go back to the drawing board whenever necessary

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