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Job Summary

Staff writers at Vanilla Video help customers ensure their videos present a clear message with verbal and written communication. Many customers come to Vanilla Video without a clear understanding of what they need their video to do, they simply know that video is necessary. They want to express their business mission, talk about the products and services, as well as introduce their business to customers online. Our staff writer helps customers develop scripts and messaging for videos in order to ensure their video communicates clearly while also maintaining their brand.

Staff writers work right alongside the Creative Directors during the pre-production phase. After receiving clear direction from the Account Manager in charge of a customer’s project, the staff writer works to create a script for a video project. Preliminary phases of every involved production are typically highly collaborative, where every team member advises in their own area of expertise. Together the team creates a plan for the video. The staff writer brings their creativity, marketing and branding knowledge, as well as their way with words to the table every day to create videos that do more than just look good online. Staff Writers create drafts and script prototypes. The team works together to finalize all details before getting final approval from a customer.

Though typically not highly involved in the post-production stage of a project, staff writers may sometimes be called to help with scripts for motion graphics or animations. Their creative way with words allows them to help in creating captions, slogans, and written themes for a variety of videos. Though a large portion of videos the staff writers are called to work on are for customer’s business marketing purposes, staff writers work on a variety of projects throughout the year. Vanilla Video will film just about anything and sometimes customers need a little help figuring out what to say. We hire staff writers to ensure there is always someone to help come up with a compelling script and any other necessary verbiage necessary to enhance a video’s effectiveness.

Staff Writer

  • Experience: 2+ Years

  • Education: Not Required

  • Type: Entry-Level Position

  • Class: Video Pre-Production

  • Pay: $14.00 - 26.00 / hour

    Approx. $29.1k - 54.1k Yearly.

    Standard Benefits

Key Qualifications

  • Ability to write strong and concise copy

  • Have some experience working as a writer in some creative capacity

  • Willing to face rejection and work through several edits of writing

  • Able to help generate ideas for clients and Vanilla Video

  • Creativity

  • Communication skills

  • Collaborative skills

  • Professional social media presence (more than your Facebook or Twitter account; show us something you’ve grown a market for or posted for)

  • Video production expertise gained from previous experience as a Junior Videographer at Vanilla Video (min. 2-3 years)

  • Dedication to upholding company culture and branding

  • Highly skilled at creating effective, clear, and compelling scripts and screenplays

  • Possession of a creative and light hearted way with words that can be used to enhance videos in both pre- and post- production phases

  • Enjoyment in working with in a collaborative environment as an integral member of the project team

  • Excitement to learn new things and work with a variety of people

  • Curiosity and willingness to do necessary research to write a well-informed script

  • Strong communication skills, both verbal and written

  • Unafraid of constructive criticism or creative disagreement, works together with the team to create effective scripts and screen plays, does not take suggestions personally

  • Knowledgeable in the business of video production, understanding of why Vanilla Video operates in the manner that it does

  • Willing to help in any manner possible, does not allow their work and duties to be defined by their job title

  • Previous experience writing in a creative capacity, enjoys storytelling

  • Voracious approach to reading, constantly keeping up with current trends in writing, storytelling, script writing, and screenplay writing – interested in their place within video production industry

  • Understanding of content writing and copywriting, sometimes requested to assist internal marketing department with composing copy for a variety of purposes

  • Capable of communicating effectively with vendors and customers, not afraid to conduct business on behalf of Vanilla Video

  • Strong understanding of integrated marketing communication especially when it comes to online marketing

  • Ability to grasp new concepts quickly, asks the right questions and conducts research when tasked with writing about unfamiliar topics

  • Capable of gathering basic information about a customer to determine their branding strategy and create messaging that strengthens their brand

  • Clear understanding of marketing tactics used on websites and social media

  • Familiar with branding and understanding of how crucial it is to maintain a brand’s personality across multiple online channels


Vanilla Video creates videos covering a wide variety of topics – we can film anything. While many customers come to us knowing that they want a video, several of them do not know exactly what to include in their video. Staff writers help the production staff develop a story that the customer tells with their video. From writing dialogue, to helping create a storyboard, the staff writers work with the production team to develop a video from start to finish.

Vanilla Video requires all members of the team to have a strong command of video production and videography skills. This is why everyone is required to spend at least 2-3 years as a junior videographer. In this time, employees gain an expert grasp of Vanilla Video and the way we operate. From our culture, to our filming procedure, to our policies – our employees need to be experts on all things Vanilla. Our unique approach was carefully planned and designed by our founding members, while we continue to expand our mission continues to remain the same, which is to nurture love and nostalgia in communities by making video abundant and a part of everyday life.

Expert videographers make for great staff writers, they understand what it is like to get to a shoot and work with customers that have a difficult time deciding what to say or how they would like their video to go. While we employ the use of interview questions and voice-overs to help customers that do not always know what they want to say, staff writers make delivering a video to indecisive customers easier for everyone involved. Staff writers work closely with a Creative Director and Account Executive to get a better sense of the customer’s needs and the message they would like to convey with their video. They collaborate with the production team during brain storming sessions and also work on different elements of the script individually. Prior to the day of the shoot, the staff writer has delivered a script that will help the customer tell their story with video.

Responsibilities & Duties

Staff writers are responsible for handling the verbal portion of scripts or screen plays. Occasionally their creative assistance is borrowed in post-production when creating motion graphics. Regardless of which phase of a project they assist with, staff writers help the production team deliver videos with compelling messages.

Creative Directors inform production staff of customer needs and expectations. They describe what the customer is looking to achieve and inform the project team on what needs to get done. Everyone collaborates and works together to develop concepts or preliminary prototypes for the customer. Staff writers oftentimes work independently to create dialogue, develop characters, and even a plot for the video. Writers are responsible for conducting and sharing research with the staff about the subject matter of the video and how it fits in with the customer’s messaging strategy. Though some individual effort is required to create the script, the final prototype delivered to the client is a product of highly involved teamwork and collaboration.

Staff writers take care of any necessary writing necessary for creating an effective video. This position is a huge creative opportunity for anyone that loves to write. Writers come up with dialogue, voice over scripts, slogans, hashtags, character development, and even verbiage necessary for motion graphics in the post-production phase. Our writers are enthusiastic about providing input on video projects and enjoy working with customers to help them develop their messages.

Every customer is different. Staff writers may be required to work directly with customers to create a script or storyboard. They are responsible for helping the customer develop a messaging strategy for a video or series and assist the rest of the project team in carrying out this message. Other times, the staff writer may simply look over a written script and help videographers plan their shoot in order to get the shot necessary to convey a message. Regardless of customer needs, the staff writer understands how to determine a compelling message for the customer’s video.

The customers that need the most help from staff writers include small businesses that have never created a video before. Though small business owners may have an expert level understanding of the goods and services they provide, they do have a difficult time marketing themselves online. They may have all of the necessary components necessary to create an online presence, but need video to reach their audience. They already know that every business needs videos online, but they do not know where to start. Working with staff writers makes it easier for them to determine what they want their videos to convey. Staff writers ask the right questions to better understand what the customer expects their video to say and then creates a script that works to deliver their message.

Staff writers do not touch every single project that Vanilla Video works on, most customers come to Vanilla Video ready to go with a script in hand. Staff writers and videographers review scripts for customers and ensure the video’s message will be clear and effective. Writing every element of a script is not always necessary for every customer, sometimes they just need dialogue, or voice over verbiage. Other times, script writers must work closely with the Creative Director and Senior Videographer assigned to a project and write a detailed screenplay for a production shoot.

Regardless of the need, staff writers are ready to use their love of language to help create effective videos for any client. While developing scripts and screenplays is largely a team effort, the staff writers are excellent story tellers with an expert level understanding of video production Vanilla Video style.

Additional Requirements

  • Writing for clients’ videos

  • Generating and developing focal messages for clients and Vanilla Video

  • Write for social media

  • Write for our official company blog

  • Work in tandem with and answer to the Creative Director

  • Work with the Social Marketing Manager to create content

  • Enthusiasm to promote Vanilla Video and assist in growing the company

  • Excitement to work in a collaborative, team oriented environment

  • Dedicated to upholding company culture and remaining professional at all times

  • Always learning more about trends in video production across a variety of industries

  • Enjoys working on a team to complete a creative project

  • Willing to work individually to create compelling dialogues and verbiage for customer projects

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