Social Media Coordinator

Job Summary

At Vanilla Video, everyone within the marketing department works to create content for social media posts – the Social Media Coordinator is responsible for ensuring every posts gets to the right channel on time. Also keen with social media analytics, the Social Media Coordinator is able to offer expertise and insight on a variety of different posts and how they perform within a marketing campaign.

Guru of all things social – the Social Media Coordinator knows exactly what type of post is necessary to reach a particular target market. Extremely organized and detail oriented, the Social Media Coordinator keeps a close detailed content calendar – they are always aware of what needs to be posted where, and when. Managing deadlines is a huge part of their job, and they always know how to get a piece of content in time for a social post deadline.

The Social Media Coordinator works with a variety of roles, they understand everyone’s strengths and weaknesses and are able to fill in whenever necessary. They are the ones that come up with chilling captions and trending hashtags. When an Instagram trend pops up overnight, they determine whether following along or running away fast is the right move for the Vanilla Video brand. While ensuring posts get up on social media is a large part of the job, the Social Media Coordinator is required to be creative, diligent, and organized at all times.

Social Media Coordinator

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Key Qualifications

  • Expert level understanding of Vanilla Video approach to video production during 2-3 years of experience as a Junior Videographer

  • Extremely capable of managing a social media marketing campaign while managing deliverables from a variety of creatives and departments

  • Willingness to mentor and lead others, informs the team on trends and other important things to consider when creating social media content

  • Ability to come up with social posts on the fly when necessary

  • Deadline driven – always knows when something is due and who it is coming from, able to inform a variety of team members on project statuses

  • High level understanding of business operations and metrics, constantly analyzing social performance and contemplating how to improve reach

  • Understands various distinctions of each social media channels and how users interact differently with brands in each channel

  • Extremely familiar with the most popular social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn

  • Willing to explore and learn about other online communities and directories, able to explain to upper managers within Marketing whether they are valuable or not

  • Resourceful, ability to create compelling social media posts when time and resources are short

  • Proficient computer and smart phone skills, well versed in Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Office Suite

  • Up to date on industry trends in a variety of topics including, social media, weddings, event planning, business, economy, video production, content marketing, music videos, video editing, and sports videography

  • Cooperative and organized, excellent project management skills

  • Takes direction while being able to make necessary decisions to complete deliverables to marketing managers


The Social Media Coordinator directly reports to the Social Marketing Manager, who mentors them on every project they lead. The Social Media Coordinator is a role where a Vanilla Video employee can learn everything there is to know about social media content management. Alongside other members of the marketing department, they learn what it takes to carry out the social media aspect of a marketing campaign.

While creativity and knowledge in social media are important, what makes the Social Media Coordinator successful are their organization, project management, and communication skills. Though every member of the marketing department is responsible for managing their own workload and projects, the Social Media Coordinator ensures everyone completes various components of a social post on time. They are the ultimate managers of the social media posting calendar, and work hard to ensure everything makes it online on time.

Working closely with just about everyone in the Marketing Department, the Social Media Coordinator always knows what someone is working on. As soon as they perceive an upcoming deadline about to be missed, they come up with a plan to ensure something ends up on social media at the allocated time. Maintaining active social media accounts is important for any business, and the Social Media Coordinator is never at a loss for words or content when it comes to a last minute post.

Everyone in the Marketing Department is expected to understand marketing and business metrics, however the Social Media Coordinator is extremely dedicated to analyzing the numbers. If a post seems to perform underwhelmingly, the Social Media Coordinator helps inform upper management if a change in the campaign needs to be made. The Social Media Coordinator is also responsible for posting events, sharing and connecting with vendor partners, and responding to comments and messages appropriately.

Responsibilities & Duties

The main responsibility trusted with the Social Media Coordinator is the maintenance of the social content posting calendar. A dynamic and ever changing tool, the Social Media Coordinator uses the marketing campaign calendar in order to keep track of deadlines and ensure posts make it to the right channel on time. As the staff can become incredibly overwhelmed at times, the Social Media Coordinator jumps in whenever possible to help keep projects moving.

As a coordinator, the Social Media Coordinator is responsible for keeping track of projects, scheduling meetings, gathering information and research as well as working with the Studio Manager and Content Studio Artist for any social content marketing shoots. Less involved social posts typically involve some work with the Screener for finding videos for posts, and the content writers for captions and hashtags. Social media is an easy way for Vanilla Video to connect and show off our partner relationships. Every year we film hundreds of weddings – we know just about anyone and everyone in the business. The video we gather at weddings serves multiple purposes, especially when it comes to social media. We love tagging our friends whenever we can – not only do we make positive relationships, but we help brides in their wedding decision making process.

Managing the social media posting schedule is an involved job, it is not enough to merely keep up with project status reports received from team members. The Social Media Coordinator must be an active participant in projects, lending a helping hand as often as possible and suggesting necessary branding revisions. Vanilla Video is serious about the way our brand appears in all aspects, social media being one of the biggest. The Social Media Coordinator helps everyone on staff ensure the right message is always being projected by our brand’s presence on every social media outlet.

Additional Requirements

  • Self-reliant, able to make decisions autonomously without panic even in stressful situations

  • Leadership skills, knows how to take the lead when a project is falling behind or even failing

  • Dedicated to representing Vanilla Video in a positive manner online

  • Ability to strictly manage the Vanilla Video brand, regardless of how many people work on a project whatever we post online has Vanilla Video written all over it

  • Creative approach to social media, only posts what is engaging with the audience

  • Working understanding of social media KPIs, results driven, analytical and always looking to improve

  • Extremely organized, able to provide insight to Senior Web Developer in creation of a content management program specifically for video production

  • Inventive, not reliant on outside software for content management, able to figure out a system that works

  • Interpersonal skills, understands how to manage the dynamic group of people that work at Vanilla Video

  • Enjoys trying new things and working with new people, willing to take the unconventional approach to solving a problem or performing a task

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