Shipping & Receiving Manager

Job Summary

Even in the digital age, Vanilla Video still handles a great deal of business in the mail. Many customers mail us their assets via physical media – video files are still large and cumbersome to transfer electronically. While Vanilla Video is the leader in compressing and rendering raw footage, many video producers still use physical media to deliver their raw footage. Since Vanilla Video does offer editing only services alongside video production services, we must accommodate all of our customers, regardless of how they render their media.

The Shipping & Receiving Manager is a highly organized and efficient member of the team. Responsible for shipping out equipment for repairs as well as client assets, the S&R Manager always knows when important packages are due to arrive. In addition to keeping track of various shipments, the Shipping & Receiving Manager sorts all of the mail received and delivers it to the correct department. The S&R Manager creates and enforces adherence to company mail, office supply, and apparel ordering policies to ensure resources are effectively managed at Vanilla Video.

Whenever necessary, the Shipping & Receiving Manager also orders, picks-up and returns rental equipment. For orders involving multiple videographers and gear, the Shipping & Receiving Manager arranges for transportation and vehicles necessary to get the production team and their equipment to the shoot on time. A master logistician, the Shipping & Receiving Manager conserves resources while maximizing the team’s efficiency.

Shipping & Receiving Manager

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Key Qualifications

  • Interest and excitement regarding the video production industry, especially Vanilla Video

  • Highly organized and diligent, always knows the status of a shipment and is prepared to find out the cause for delays

  • Expert understanding of shipping and receiving packages via UPS and FedEx

  • Uses packaging material resourcefully, minds the environment and contents when creating a package

  • Communicates well with others, provides status updates whenever necessary

  • Helpful in every manner possible, does not require a lot of information from staff when a package needs to go out

  • Able to completely manage the shipping of physical media to customers

  • Pays close attention to detail, always double checks address, contents, order information etc. to ensure project is completed quickly and effectively

  • Understanding of logistics, capable of using a trucking service to ship large loads nationwide

  • Ability to keep track of and maintain office supply inventory, beverage fridge, and employee apparel

  • Stays calm and collected even when others find themselves in stressful situations

  • Ability to lift up to 80 lbs. and walk up to a mile at a time

  • Knowledge and adherence to OSHA safety policies

  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office and excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Demonstrates professionalism and positive demeanor at all times


The Shipping & Receiving Manager at Vanilla Video is a highly organized and helpful individual tasked with managing logistics within headquarters. Shipping and receiving packages is just a small part of the job, requiring basic experience in using online mailing sites and keeping track of necessary documents.

Handling all things logistics related, the S&R Manager is expected to have experience in LTL shipping as well as in procuring vehicles for short term use. As Vanilla Video continues to grow, the S&R Manager can help advise and make a decision regarding purchasing a larger van or bus to use for high-level video production shoots.

While everyone in the office does their part to help keep things tidy and organized, the S&R Manager keeps inventory of all office supplies and apparel. When things look a little low or when employees submit requests, the S&R Manager places an order and notifies the team of an upcoming shipment. Always mindful of using resources properly, the S&R Manager strives to only order necessities for running Vanilla Video efficiently.

The S&R Manager maintains inventory and replenishes offices supplies via online ordering and subscription services. Conducting regular inventory checks and maintaining order in storage of office supplies, cleaning products, apparel, tools, and everybody’s favorite – the drink fridge, the S&R Manager ensures everyone can do their job easily by having all the necessary tools on hand.

Responsibilities & Duties

Outside of handling the mail, the Shipping & Receiving Manager handles transportation for larger productions or events where the videographer may need a ride. The S&R Manager is able to drive a small van or truck in order to transport gear and production staff to a high-level production event. The Shipping & Receiving Manager also serves as a chauffeur when videographers cover a multi-location shoot and drive inside of client vehicles to gather raw footage on the road. This is commonly requested for a variety of special event videography, the S&R Manager allows videographers to get from one place to another safely and quickly.

A majority of Vanilla Video outbound mail includes physical media containing raw footage and edited videos purchased by clients and returns to clients of hard copy photos and hard drives containing raw footage to edit. These packages are important to customers who anxiously await their arrival. The S&R Manager ensures things are shipped quickly and efficiently and provides status updates for customers waiting for their Vanilla Video packages to arrive.

Handy and friendly, the S&R Manager follows all OSHA safety rules while working at all times and encourages fellow employees to do the same. When things get particularly hectic, the S&H ensures everyone is informed about their projects’ status at all times so nothing falls through the cracks. Through diligence and organization skills, the Shipping and Receiving Manager makes life easier for everyone at Vanilla Video.

Additional Requirements

  • Previous experience and understanding in ordering LTL freight trucks

  • Understanding of equipment repair process at Vanilla Video

  • Knowledge in logistics, inventory management, as well as commercial vehicle use

  • Excellent customer service skills, able to calm down anxious customers easily

  • Knowledge of handy / odd-jobs including floor installation, painting and making minor repairs

  • Helpful and friendly at all times, always ready to help a team member carry something heavy or make a repair quickly

  • Extremely personable, knows who everybody is and delivers packages to the correct people in a timely manner

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