Senior Photographer

Job Summary

Every Vanilla Video location includes a photography team, typically made of Junior and Senior Photographers under the direction of branch management staff including a Creative Director , Branch Operations Manager , and Post Production Supervisor . Photographers are an auxiliary to the videographers out on jobs. We offer photography as an add-on to video packages, however photographers’ shots are typically worked in during the editing process to assist videographers. The sweet candids and occasional posed shots are a little something extra we like to provide our customers.

Senior Photographers are leaders on the project staff at Vanilla Video. Not only are they experts on the Vanilla Video process of shooting and editing photos, they have demonstrated skills in customer service, creativity, and teamwork. They supervise and guide Junior Photographers at every stage possible and take on higher level project work.

Earning Senior Level is the goal of every staff member – your professional growth reflects well on Vanilla Video staff, training, and opportunities offered. When you are assigned to projects, customers know they are getting the best of the best. Your experience is valuable to Vanilla Video as you have gained institutional knowledge in your time as a Junior Photographer. Your work as a Senior Photographer serves as an example for Junior Photographers to follow – in everything you do. While you work towards higher positions within Vanilla Video, your time in the Senior Level of Project Staff will provide opportunities to learn and grow, both for yourself and your junior team members.

Senior Photographer

  • Experience: 3+ Years

  • Education: Not Required

  • Type: Mid-Level Position

  • Class: Auxiliary Staff

  • Pay: $17.00 - 23.00 / hour

    Approx. $35.4k - 47.8k Yearly.

    Standard Benefits

Key Qualifications

  • Every existing qualification, requirement, and duty necessary in being a Junior Photographer

  • At least 12-24 months of experience as a Junior Photographer at Vanilla Video

  • Proven skills in photography, especially for Vanilla Video projects

  • Ability to setup and man any video camera in the Vanilla Video equipment room

  • Excellent leadership skills, enthusiasm in your everyday work as well as in growing Vanilla Video

  • Devoted to promoting company culture, collaboration, and increased team work

  • Open to receiving feedback and demonstrated efforts to continue improving

  • Provide creative feedback, as well as updated approaches and techniques in photography and photo editing to Creative Directors

  • Received 98% positive feedback in your time as a Junior Photographer

  • Current with equipment, technology, and best practices in Photography, especially in Social Media Marketing, Web Content Creation, Digital Marketing, and for Print Content

  • You are looking to earn a management level position at Vanilla Video as Creative Director or Branch Operations Manager

  • Previous experience directing Second Shooters / Assistant Photographers


As a Senior Photographer – you will be out on higher level production shoots with other members of project staff, including Senior Videographers, Second Shooters, Production Assistants as well as any external talent. Working in a large team requires acute attention and diligence from everyone involved – on top of expertise. Though you are primarily responsible for photography, a Senior Photographer must be able to set up and man any camera used by Vanilla Video. When things get hectic, you may be required to step behind a video camera to help the Senior Videographer get a shot.

The shoots you will be a part of will require pre-production work with the Creative Director and other team members assigned to the project. Your ideas and expertise during planning sessions will enhance the deliverables to the client. Gaining insight from the Account Manager working directly with the customer, you will create a shot list of photos the client will be able to use anywhere. You will also ensure you grab photos that will help videographers during the editing process.

Collaboration and team work are both huge components of this role. As a leader – these should come naturally to you. Vanilla Video operates best when everyone works together. Your time spent in the office is split among editing, guiding Junior Photographers in their edits, as well as in team meetings. Engaging in creative planning ensures shoots go smoothly, no matter how involved they can be. Thinking on your feet goes a long way – you will come across learning situations that will inform how you should operate in the future. This knowledge proves invaluable to our team, as we are always equipped to handle whatever comes our way.

Responsibilities & Duties

A supplemental service offered by Vanilla Video, photography enhances our videography packages by providing the customer with a breadth of material they can use in marketing, professional development, and for personal reasons. Working alongside videographers, in-house photographers ensure we never reach out to freelancers. Our photographers also employ an aesthetic style uniform with our videographers, ensuring we can deliver everything #nofilter .

As a Senior Photographer, you are responsible for accompanying videographers for advanced video projects. Customers requesting this type of work from Vanilla Video typically spend a great deal of time planning and making decisions with Account Executives and Creative Directors. When you get assigned to a production, you ensure we provide the best photography possible, and that the photos you take suit the needs of the customer.

While you collaborate with the team during the planning process, you assist in developing the shot list. We expect all our photographers to plan and adhere to a list of shots for every shoot. This ensures clients receive what they expected from us when they placed their order. Being able to grab candid or additional artistic/special shots will set you apart from other commercial photographers. In this planning stage, you inspire creativity – keeping an open mind and working with everyone’s ideas ensures Vanilla Video delivers ample material the customer can use for current and future needs.

The planning process is also a time where you assist in determining the feasibility of a customer’s request. Your expertise enables you to chime in and confirm if a shot is doable or mention if any videography takes would interfere with your ability to take a photo. These planning sessions allow Vanilla Video to iron out all the details and go back to the customer with proper solutions when necessary.

During shoots, you serve as an assistant director to the Senior Videographer assigned to the same project. Together you ensure all lights, sound, and equipment is set up as discussed. You help stage any talent and supplementary staff. Getting everyone into place for a pose or a longer shot is one of your specialties – your dynamic personality and voice motivates everyone to put their best foot forward while on shoot. Quick on your feet and able to recognize when someone needs an extra hand, you observe and step in whenever and wherever needed. This means you are capable of filming on every camera we use, and can set up light and sound when necessary.

Before ending a shoot, you and the Senior Videographer ensure every shot on the list was captured. You only begin tearing down once you know that the workday is truly done. You assist in every way you can making sure everyone gets to go home as soon as possible – from client staff to the Vanilla Video team on location. You are not afraid to get dirty and do some heavy lifting – it is often part of the job.

After a shoot you take direction from the Creative Director and work alongside the Post Production Supervisor. Though you are responsible for doing of the editing work, you use these opportunities to teach Junior Photographers new skills and techniques. As they shadow you, they grow in their ability as editors, and Vanilla Video grows in our capacity to offer cutting edge photography services.

Additional Requirements

  • Excited to be a part of Senior Level Vanilla Video staff

  • Motivating and inspiring mentor to team members

  • Fundamental understanding of both video production as well as photography

  • Cultivates passion for teamwork and maintains culture

  • Builds up Junior Level members through editing lessons and photography tutorials on and off shoot

  • Celebrates team achievements

  • High level knowledge of setting up lights and how they affect both photos and videos

  • Business savvy – ability to grasp various business concepts while they are being discussed and presented during team meetings, able to provide suggestions or creative solutions when applicable

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