Second Shooter / Assistant Videographer

Job Summary

The role of Second Shooter / Assistant Videographer is an excellent opportunity for someone ready to begin a career in video production. Second Shooters at Vanilla Video are present at a variety of projects from – weddings to rock concerts. This position is perfect for someone that wants to gain exposure to videography, learn techniques and fundamentals of filming, as well as become an expert on carrying out a successful shoot.

At Vanilla Video, we’ll teach you all the aspects of filming, as well as setting up a shoot. As the Second Shooter / Assistant Videographer you’ll work alongside our team of experienced Junior or Senior Videographers. They’ll show you everything you need to know and provide directions during a shoot.

It’s easy to be successful in this fun role at Vanilla Video – we ask that you show up on time and bring your passion for video with you for every job. You’ll serve as the primary videographer’s sidekick and assist in ensuring all the footage is captured at an event. This means all the highlight moments, as well as grabbing B-roll footage of the location, details such as décor, and fun candid shots such as people dancing or mingling.

As the Second Shooter you gain valuable experience in assisting the primary videographer with sound and lighting as well. The role offers a tremendous amount of help to the primary shooter, and serves as a learning opportunity for anyone who is passionate about being a videographer.

Second Shooter / Assistant Videographer

  • Experience: 2+ Years

  • Education: Not Required

  • Type: Entry-Level Position

  • Class: Video Production

  • Pay: $15.00 - 20.00 / hour

    Approx. $31.2k - 41.6k Yearly.

    Standard Benefits

Key Qualifications

  • Eager to learn more about videography, filming, video production, sound set up and lighting

  • Team player that follows directions and offers input when possible

  • Applies prior knowledge and expertise to new situations

  • Excellent people skills and good manners extremely important when interacting with anyone during a shoot

  • Quick and analytical thinker, able to examine a situation and act without always consulting for help

  • Versatile and available, willing to experience new things and travel to unfamiliar places with an adventurous spirit

  • Creative problem solver, applies imagination whenever possible to capture footage that the primary videographer misses

  • Diligent and prepared, known for meticulousness, punctuality, and having everything you need (or might need) for a successful shoot

  • Able to stand for extended periods of time and lift up to 50 pounds

  • Fast learner – ability to understand new concepts and begin to apply them immediately

  • Confident and collected, even in high-pressure situations

  • Extremely organized – always knows their work schedule and will never miss or arrive late to a shoot; always has tools on hand and is ready to get to work

  • Motivated and patient while improving over time, not easily frustrated or self-deprecating

  • Familiar with current videography trends and terminology, ready to learn everything there is to know

  • Intrinsically driven, self-starter – holds themselves accountable for their own personal and professional growth

  • Responsible – prioritizes work duties, doesn’t lose sight of their individual and team goals

  • Attentive – good listening skills combined with close attention to detail necessary to anticipate needs before the primary videographer voices them

  • Extremely receptive to constructive criticism – this is a learning based opportunity, mistakes and corrections will occur

  • Prior experience in a fast-paced, team oriented, customer-facing setting a plus

  • Demonstrated professionalism when carrying out tasks under pressure


As a Second Shooter, you will learn the ins and outs of filming in the field. You’ll serve as an auxiliary to the Primary Shooter and help in every way possible, while taking direction. As you learn and grow from our team of experienced Junior and Senior Videographers, you’ll have the knowledge and experience to start making decisions on your own at a shoot.

In addition to learning the fundamentals of filming Vanilla Video style, you’ll also learn the more technically involved aspects such as lighting and sound. You’ll be participating in all aspects of a video shoot, from set-up, to filming, to tear down – all while under the careful supervision and direction of a Junior and Senior Videographer.

This position is perfect for those looking to begin their career in videography. You’ll learn everything there is to know, while gaining exposure to a variety of clients, environments, and techniques in film, sound, and lighting.

Responsibilities & Duties

As a second shooter / videographer you will be responsible to following the primary shooter’s direction at a shoot. You’ll be a necessary resource for them, not only in setting up and tearing down for a shoot, but also helping to gather footage – from B-roll, to detail shots, to grabbing a second angle of something as important as a couple’s first kiss. As a Second Shooter you’ll need to be attentive and extremely reliable. Losing coverage due to lateness or absence is unforgivable.

The main aspect of this role is serving the Primary Videographers. Second Shooters must be extremely attentive and have good listening and communication skills. Both shooters work together throughout the entirety of the event, being on the same page is imperative to your success as a team.

Vanilla Video offers a great deal of learning opportunities to every member of the team. Since every shoot is different, both Second Shooters and Primary Videographers are exposed to a great deal of locations, subject matter, and situations. Every shoot provides an opportunity to learn and continue improving.

A successful Second Shooter is someone who celebrates learning and is self-motivated to make progress as a skilled videographer. They soak up new information like a sponge, and apply it at the first chance they get. When receiving direction, they follow without question. With more experience, a Second Shooter provides creative insight and assists the Primary Videographer beyond serving as an extra set of hands and eyes.

Additional Requirements

  • Willing to spend additional time in the office to learn more about Vanilla Video and our videography process and video production style

  • Enthusiastic about being part of a dynamic team of videographers, ready to learn as much as possible from each Junior and Senior Videographer

  • Passionate about videography, film, video production, editing, startups, business etc.

  • Strong verbal and interpersonal communication skills, ability to read body language, both when interacting with Videographers and customers

  • Prior experience using video, sound, lighting equipment a plus

  • Energetic, even during long shifts

  • Excited to be a part of a growing video production

  • Understanding of branding and marketing and what it takes to uphold a brand’s story

  • Responsible – shows up when expected, with every piece of gear, and stays until the job is done

  • Familiar with the Chicagoland area, ability to make travel arrangements to get to a location on time

  • Diligent and observant, able to verify schedule and update correct personnel with sufficient notice to find a replacement if necessary

  • Available to work on the weekends (up to 20+ hours, heavily throughout May-November)

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