Second Shooter / Assistant Photographer

Job Summary

Vanilla Video offers photography alongside videography services to supplement client projects, as well as assist in the editing room. Our customers get excited when they learn we offer photography and videography all in one package. Assistant Photographers make this a possibility while assisting Junior and Senior Photographers during a shoot.

This job is perfect for anyone who wants to begin their photography career. Though a hobby for many, photography is an exciting and ever growing field. Opportunities with Vanilla Video are endless – in photography, videography, as well as sales, marketing, and other business related roles. As an Assistant Photographer, you learn everything there is to know about becoming a successful photographer, as well as what makes Vanilla Video special.

While you spend most your time behind the camera on shooting days, you take direction from Senior Videographers, as well as Junior and Senior Photographers. An entry level role perfect for college students that love photography, you will truly get out what you put in. Any additional time spent at the office offers you learning opportunities in editing, creative planning, and business operations at Vanilla Video.

Second Shooter / Assistant Photographer

  • Experience: 5+ Years

  • Education: Bachelor's Preferred

  • Type: Mid-Level Position

  • Class: Auxiliary

  • Pay: $14.00 - 19.00 / hour

    Approx. $29.1k - 39.5k Yearly.

    Standard Benefits

Key Qualifications

  • Familiar with DSLR cameras preferred

  • Excited to be part of a team in a fast-paced environment

  • Enthusiastic to learn everything there is about photography, videography, and Vanilla Video

  • Prior experience in photo editing and graphic design, especially using Adobe Creative Suite a plus

  • Punctual and reliable – show up when expected, with every piece of gear, and stay until the job is done

  • Team player, willing to work with others and take direction from senior members of the team

  • Persistent when learning new things, able to apply learned concepts to real life situations

  • Analytical and strategic, digests a situation prior to diving in and taking action

  • Friendly and easy going even during high stress situations

  • Previous work experience in a team oriented environment a plus

  • Organized – able to work with a flexible schedule and irregular hours

  • Creative approach to photography, as well as problem solving

  • Strong desire to work and learn more about the videography/photography industry

  • Understanding of various angles, techniques, technology, and equipment in photography a plus, ability to learn more on the job


Second shooters at Vanilla Video are dynamic members of the team. Serving as assistants to Junior and Senior Photographers while on-shoot, they make ideas become realities. As you learn, you will become a better photographer, team member, and stand-in customer service specialist. You will become an expert on Vanilla Video, our services, and our team. Your skillset will strengthen with every project and you will serve as a vital asset to the Vanilla Video staff.

With training and experience, you will become a flexible right hand to the Junior and Senior Photographers while on shoot. You will help set the scene with proper lighting, props, and other equipment as necessary. While manning the second camera, you will be able to capture all the images the primary shooter might miss. Not only will you make the shoot more efficient by making it possible to capture two angles at once, you will capture shots that might not otherwise happen.

Your love for photography, team work, and self-improvement will grow while on staff at Vanilla Video. Your time alongside teammates will teach you more about yourself and your craft. Every second you put in at Vanilla Video will pay off in strengthened relationships, a stronger network, and better photography and photo editing skills. Your assistance will allow us to deliver better products to our customers, while sharpening our entire team.

Responsibilities & Duties

In this entry-level role at Vanilla Video, Second Shooters / Assistant Photographers perform tasks as directed by their superiors. Prior to starting any work, you will get trained by senior level staff on location. Someone will be there to answer your initial questions and show you the ropes of working at Vanilla Video. You will learn everything there is to know about being a successful Second Shooter. During training, you will get acquainted with our equipment, processes, and software. You will probably learn more than what you can immediately use, however it is important that you understand every element of the Vanilla Video process. Shooting a project is a customer facing activity and you may be put in a situation where they ask you a question. Knowing the answer when a customer asks you something is always a huge plus – for you, and for us.

After receiving sufficient training, you will be assigned to your first shoot. By this time, you will have met everyone on staff and they will provide extra guidance and thorough explanations at your first shoot. As the second shooter, you will be able to work with a variety of advanced photographers and will learn something different from each one of them. With every project, you will learn more about your team and how to better assist everyone. You will get exposed to a variety of subject matter and locations – making you a better photographer.

During a project shoot, you will take direction from a Junior or Senior Photographer. They will provide a list of shots needed, however you should be taking as many photos as possible throughout the shoot. Shooting alongside another photographer at a project shoot allows for multiple angles of the same photo. Beyond becoming a better photographer behind the camera, you will also learn everything there is to know about staging photos. You will learn about directing people into poses and making use of available light. In a studio setting, you will be responsible for assisting in setting up backdrops and lights. Throughout the course of a shoot you will touch base with the primary photographer to go over your shots and get some feedback before proceeding through the rest of the shoot.

When a shoot is over, you return your gear to the office and load your shots to be prepared for editing. Here is where your duties typically end, though any time you spend in the office is valuable. Shadowing during the editing process will not only teach you about editing photographs, but it will make you a better photographer. You will be able to see your shots up close, and a Junior or Senior Photographer can point out ways you can become better. Applying these lessons to future shoots will allow you to keep learning and improving your skills.

Additional Requirements

  • Willing to spend extra time and effort to improve and learn more

  • Excited to be part of a fast-paced startup team in the creative industry

  • Familiar with trends in social media, able to seek out opportunities to take shots specifically for sharing on social media

  • Creative approach to life – always looking for new ways to solve common problems

  • Helpful and observant – always ready to provide a helping hand, aware of a situation no matter how fast-paced or busy

  • Humble and selfless – this is a supporting position where you assist senior positions

  • Adventurous in trying new things, discovering new places, and interacting with new people

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