Search Marketing Manager

Job Summary

Vanilla Video is a video production company which acquires a significant number of customers through online search marketing, search engine optimization and website retargeting. This is a position for a skilled SEO expert, with strong search engine marketing knowledge. The ability to think critically, and assess the current website, plus the future website and transitional phases in-between is a key component of being a Search Marketing Manager at Vanilla Video. As the website undergoes content creation, reorganization or further website development this role is tasked with the ongoing redevelopment of SEM campaigns on Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and other search engines. This role has a close working relationship with the VP of Marketing, but also various other personnel and positions: e.g., Display Marketing Manager.

Bootstrapped by a Senior Videographer, a Creative Director and a Senior Web Developer, the Vanilla Video brand is closely intertwined with web technologies. Our website is optimizes for search engines and customers alike, and our team has an enormous focus on automation of various sales processes, internal workflows, etc. Vanilla Video understand customers want videography services on-demand, and to be able to shop for services 24/7. The role of a Search Marketing Manager is to assist customers in discovering our brand particularly through video production related search terms: e.g., Video Production Chicago, Chicago Videographers.

Our team at Vanilla Video is able to make videography affordable by optimizing for efficiency and automating processes wherever possible. We leverage technology to handle grunt tasks, or repetitive workflows. The Search Marketing Manager is responsible for turning our website into a 24/7 salesman, working 365 days a year to bring the team more video production sales. Our team is built around extreme efficiency, and this role requires a similar care for budgeting and optimal spending of resources. This role involves more than optimizing advertising campaigns and extends into the management of website content in order to boost or augment sales.

This position is responsible for ensuring that Vanilla Video appears on the first page of a search engine whenever (any time of day, time of year, etc.), wherever (geographic locations: Chicago, Milwaukee, etc.) and however (mobile, tablet, desktop) consumers search for video. Since our inception, Vanilla Video has been using paid search advertising, other web advertising, as well as social media advertising to find the highest ROI. Optimizing Vanilla Video’s web presence to appear organically in search engines is a key part of this role, but this position does explicitly call for both paid search marketing knowledge and organic search marketing knowledge.

Search Marketing Manager

  • Experience: 2+ Years

  • Education: Not Required

  • Type: Mid-Level Position

  • Class: Marketing

  • Pay: $18.00 - 28.00 / hour

    Approx. $37.4k - 58.2k Yearly.

    Standard Benefits

Key Qualifications

  • Demonstrated successful execution of SEO / SEM campaigns in previous role.

  • An ideal candidate being a web developer or understanding the basics of HTML, CSS and JS

  • Developing internal search marketing campaigns to increase organic traffic to Vanilla Video’s website – and discovering search opportunities for the team to capture.

  • Collaborate with existing marketing campaigns including social media, press releases, networking, and display marketing advertising campaigns. This position requires an up to date person watching for related activities within Vanilla Video.

  • Research top competitors / trends in video production industry, videography industry and wedding videography industry; capturing new opportunities in search results

  • Create and / or plan and / or rewrite content for search engines that simultaneously engages customers as they interact with our website.

  • Strong writing, organizational, leadership skills – you will be working with several members of Vanilla Video beyond the marketing department

  • On top of trends in SEO / SEM industry updates and best practices, especially as they evolve over time; this position should regularly read newsletters and blogs related to the SEO and SEM fields, but also: video, production, and video marketing.

  • Proficient in Google Analytics, ability to use this tool to measure success and opportunities for growth. Proficient in Google Console / Google Webmaster to help develop a big picture understanding for how customers find Vanilla Video’s website.

  • Up to date on search marketing tactics / tools, continue to develop knowledge by attending networking / educational events, reading blogs, listening to podcasts etc.

  • Excitement to collaborate with others on the team including creative directors, videographers, editors, staff writers, etc.


Vanilla Video runs regular, ongoing experiments in paid search. Our team exercises diligence while managing campaigns, but also in creating content to attract customers to the website organically. Measurements and findings from prior experiments are rolled into new and existing campaigns to determine optimal spending and ideal customer acquisition patterns.

The end-goal of the Search Marketing Manager is to be spending zero on search advertising and be sufficiently ranking for the appropriate search terms organically. This job will receive a bonus inversely related to how much ad spend, while factoring in revenue growth and new customer acquisition. Seeing that it is a complex task to determine the best search engine advertising keywords and cost structure, this role requires a yearly commitment. All aspects of this role center on long-term goals and short-term goals or targets should be almost always ignored.

As a Search Marketing Manager at Vanilla Video, your role requires the cooperation of other team members, even beyond the Marketing Team. In addition to a strong understanding and creativity in search marketing, the Search Marketing Manager knows who to task, and how to reliably delegate sub-project goals. This role allows access to our video production studio and content writers, but also every member on the Vanilla Video team including executives. The Search Marketing Manager is treated as a vital revenue producing team member, assisting or augmenting our entire sales teams. Delegating, organizing and working with other teams to produce, direct and publish content across the website is a crucial aspect of this job; and, this role directly manages the Copywriters on staff and well as Content Associates.

While winning customers is important to Vanilla Video, brand recognition is also a major facet of growing Vanilla Video beyond the Chicagoland market. Optimizing content to appear in a variety of search terms puts Vanilla Video at the front of the video production market.

Responsibilities & Duties

As the Search Marketing Manager you are responsible for publishing engaging content that brings customers to Vanilla Video’s website through the search engine. In addition to implementing paid search campaigns when necessary, the Search Marketing Manager’s primary goal is to grow traffic to the website – paying customers or not.

With an entire creative production crew at your disposal, the sky is the limit with content creation. Working with other marketing professionals such as social media and display marketing managers, you will assist in implementing a content strategy that brings as many people as possible to Vanilla’s Website. These three managers report directly to the VP of Marketing, and work closely with other members of upper management to ensure efforts are focused and efficient.

Throughout implementation of a search campaign, the Search Marketing Manager is responsible for evaluating success and adjusting content and ad spend when necessary. As an experienced search marketing professional, you understand how google interacts with a website and can forecast effects of a search marketing plan. Analyzing and reporting results often is key to a successful Search Marketing Manager at Vanilla Video. Keeping everyone informed of successes as well as opportunities to expand and grow in terms of search marketing, allows for collaboration, team brain storming, and additional chances to try new and creative ideas.

Though primarily responsible for optimizing Vanilla Video’s position in search engine results, the main goal of the Search Marketing Manager is to get as many unique views to the website as possible. Strategic implementation of advertising beyond the initial click is also important when attracting customers. The Search Marketing Manager must be able to consider all aspects of a marketing plan and integrate SEO to this plan. Though not directly responsible with coming up with branding and messaging, the Search Marketing Manager thinks creatively to attract a variety of people to Vanilla Video’s website, primarily through organic searches.

The Search Marketing Manager should feel comfortable working with various members of the team, beyond the marketing department and creative professionals. This role is concerned with building site traffic and winning customers and successes must be tracked and measured carefully. Along with the VP of Finance and Financial Analysts, the Search Marketing Manager presents, discusses, and evaluates KPI’s of their efforts and works with upper management, marketing, and creatives to amplify strategies when necessary.

This role is for a goal oriented, results motivated, creative leader that is excited to bring something from concept to fruition. Able to imagine various ways to bring a diverse group of people to the website, the Search Marketing Manager works with the strengths of Vanilla Video team members to bring content ideas to life.

Additional Requirements

  • Passionate about bringing more web visitors to the Vanilla Video website

  • Creative thinker, with the ability to bring imaginative strategies to the table when coming up with a marketing plan, search marketing terms and new concepts

  • Strategic team player – works with strengths of the team to produce content that converts and optimizes in search engines

  • Cultivator – interested and willing to mentor and educate others about search engine optimization and why their efforts on your projects are important

  • Driven by results – curious to check on progress and report findings often

  • Proven experience and success in using SEO / SEM to build business

  • Analytical – interested in crunching numbers and looking at financial/sales reports

  • Enthusiastic about being part of a growing start-up in bringing video production to a digital, fast-paced, on-demand world

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