Job Summary

An eye for good video, the screener at Vanilla Video watches every video delivered to customers. They look for clips to use for samples, categorize and catalog various clips for future reference, and provide insight for improvements.

The Screener understands our client base and what they look for in a video. Many times customers come to us asking for a particular video and we can say, “We have done something like that before.” Having easy to send clips and samples allows our customers to get an understanding of our work and gather ideas of what they would like their video to look, sound, and feel like.

In cataloging the best clips from all of our samples, the Screener creates a valuable tool for the entire staff and for customers as well. Not only an expert videographer, the screener must have a very clear understanding of our customers and what they expect from a video. The screener should be well versed in video creation for web marketing platforms, trends on personal social media sites especially Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Playing an integral role in the hiring process, the screener also views every job application video and presents promising candidates to upper management. A true lover of all things video, the Screener constantly educates Vanilla Video staff on the latest and greatest, while showing off our very best work.


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Key Qualifications

  • At least 2 years of experience as a Senior Videographer at Vanilla Video

  • Expertise in video editing, and video editing software especially Premier Pro

  • Knowledge of basics in motion graphics, special effects, CGI, and animation

  • Understanding of what a variety of audiences find visually appealing

  • Ability to recall useful samples quickly, always has a sample suggestion ready for whoever asks

  • Public speaking and educator skills, presents new samples at weekly team meetings, congratulates videographers and editors for a job well done, teaches others about the trends in video production especially related to online marketing

  • Inspirational, encourages others to do their best work by motivating friendly competition

  • Friendly and helpful, even if we do not have a sample for something a customer is asking for, is able to come up with the closest similar video to show them

  • Familiarity with Vanilla Video hiring practices and the type of videographer we are looking to hire, in order to watch and submit application videos

  • Willingness to wear multiple hats, when not creating clips for samples is able to help around the office in a variety of ways

  • Social media savviness, knows how to find appealing clips to turn into social media posts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter


The Screener at Vanilla Video makes life easier for videographers, account executives, and our customers. An expert on all of the videos that we have shot, the Screener is able to point to clips whenever a customer asks “Can you do…?” The answer is always yes, we can. The Screener allows us to have living proof at the ready for every customer who calls.

Largely an independent worker, a typical day for the Screener is spent behind the computer, analyzing videos delivered to customers. When the Screener sees a moment or a video future customers might find useful, they create a sample to be put up on our website and into our internal catalog for our sales force to use while working with customers.

The Screener receives direction from a variety of people, typically those involved in sales and marketing. There are always new requests of videos to show to customers, as well as on the website and social media channels. The Screener also helps content managers write informative articles about trends in the video production industry. Truly an expert in video production, the Screener informs others on staff about new samples, techniques to try, as well as how to create the best social media videos.

Responsibilities & Duties

The Screener is responsible for keeping our sample catalog fresh and useful to the sales force, marketing department, and customers. Cataloging samples can be a daunting task, however the Screener is responsible for being the leader of all sample cataloging efforts. They work with videographers and editors to create samples, and advise content writers what to include in descriptions. The Screener knows our customers and what they look for in a video, he pulls out the best moments out of actual delivered projects, making us prepared for any type of request.

Outside of cataloging samples, the Screener works with the marketing department, finding clips to use for content on our website and in social media. A knack for creating mesmerizing 10-second loops, the Screener has an eye for spotting a good shot for social media posts, e-mails, and blog posts. With an abundance of video production knowledge, the Screener helps the marketing department by holding both formal and informal info sessions, teaching them about why a particular sample is so stellar or the latest in social media videos.

The Screener also works closely with Videographers and Editors, informing them of ways to make their videos better. While taking direction from the Post-Production Supervisor, the Screener hosts editing workshops to help our videographers get better at what they do every single day. For larger video production projects, the Screener is also expected to join in during collaborative brain storming sessions and provide input on any post-production details.

Additional Requirements

  • Dedicated to maintaining Vanilla Video company culture and growing the business

  • Original and creative, loves coming up with new ways to show off our video production skills online

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, works well with others and enjoys lending a helping hand wherever possible

  • Highly analytical and detail oriented, knows to only show our best work no matter what

  • Constant consideration of end user in mind, chooses samples that work the best for customer purposes

  • Up to date on current trends in video production, gear, and online marketing

  • Voracious approach to learning, always looking for more information and sharing it with others

  • Excited to be part of a growing start-up atmosphere, does everything possible to help Vanilla Video grow

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