Regional Post Production Manager

Job Summary

While Vanilla Video focuses primarily on solid videography, editing is still part of our process in delivering video to our customers online. Whether this means cleaning up shots or matching up sound clips – the editing room is a necessary stage in many of the projects we shoot. Time videographers spend in the editing room affects profitability, and the Regional Post Production Manager focuses on these two things alone – profitability and editing.

Previous experience at Vanilla Video is a must for this position as anyone who has worked on a project with us before understands our philosophy and approach to editing. Every videographer loves getting fancy shots and then spending time in the editing room creating a masterpiece – not only are these videos expensive, they do not always make sense for the customer.

The Regional Post Production Manager ensures the correct amount of time is spent in the editing room. Not only are they carefully tracking data from their allocated region, they constantly work to implement programs and systems to enhance the editing experience to keep the videographers in the field. Highly analytical and creative in problem solving, the Regional Post Production Manager brings their expertise in editing to the conference room in helping Vanilla Video continue to expand nationwide.

Regional Video Post Production Manager

  • Experience: 2+ Years

  • Education: Not Required

  • Type: Entry-Level Position

  • Class: Operations

  • Pay: $30.00 - 40.00 / hour

    Approx. $62.4k - 83.2k Yearly.

    Standard Benefits

Key Qualifications

  • 2-3 years of experience as a Branch Operations Manager

  • Geographic expertise of assigned area and understanding of various geographic demographics

  • Highly experienced in video editing, especially Vanilla Video editing procedures and philosophy

  • Understands the editing room dynamic, proficient in editing techniques and skills including motion graphics, graphic design, typography and animation

  • Leadership ability, able to lead a region through Branch Post Production Managers

  • Strategic and analytical, able to digest data and provide insight or solutions

  • Developed business/entrepreneurial skills, understands profitability factors and other metrics to determine health of a business

  • Dedicated to increasing profitability and growing Vanilla Video nationwide

  • Passionate about our approach to editing and utmost care for our employees

  • Willing to work in a high-stress environment with a great deal of pressure at times

  • Healthy approach to risks, ability to mitigate risks while understanding when it is the right move to take a risk

  • Ability to mentor and advise several Branch Operations Managers at once, understands the strengths and weaknesses of each branch location

  • Proficient in video editing software especially After Effects, Premier Pro, Photoshop, & Illustrator


Results driven yet understanding and humane, the Regional Post Production Manager focuses strictly on efforts concentrated in the editing rooms across their assigned geographic region. With the goal of increased profitability in mind, the Regional Post Production Manager leads Branch Post Production Managers charged with directing Post Production Supervisors and Vanilla Video Videographers and Photographers at all levels.

The Regional Post Production Managers focus on the numbers without forgetting the bodies behind the work and effort. Previous experience in the editing room as a Branch Post Production Manager, the Regional Position holder understands the chaos that can occur when the project tracker is full. While always looking for ways to improve operations and profitability, it is easy for the Regional Post Production Manager to make decisions regarding hiring full-time or part-time employees at various times in the year.

As Vanilla Video expands nationwide, the Regional Post Production Manager helps project profitability at new locations. The Regional Post Production Manager understands the Vanilla Video business model and operations plan. Additionally, they are experts in Vanilla Video brand personality and how our operations and pricing affect this brand. Working diligently to uphold years of work, the Regional Post Production Manager makes careful decisions to improve growth without putting a hindrance on the team members below them.

Responsibilities & Duties

While primarily responsible for increasing profitability on the post-production end of Vanilla Video, the Regional Post Production Manager works with local Branch Operations Managers to ensure things are running smoothly at every location at their assigned region. Whenever necessary, the Regional Post Production Manager coordinates branch wide training sessions where videographers and photographers can brush up on their skills and learn something new, especially as higher level editing skills grow in demand. Cultivating and investing in the post-production team increases Vanilla Video staff industry knowledge, making us more valuable to future customers.

While our post-production teams grow in experience, Vanilla Video locations learn how to run more profitably by following proper estimating guidelines for every project. The Regional Post Production Managers measure the accuracy of quotes via averages across several branch locations. Any glaring red flags mean the time for an improvement meeting is long overdue – taking initiative is a large part of this role. The Regional Post Production Manager needs to work with their respective Branch Post Production Managers ensuring that sales, quotes, and time spent by editors all correspond and suit their respective projects.

Launching a Vanilla Video location is a dynamic experience for a variety of roles within the company. For the Regional Post Production Manager, this means finding the right Branch Post Production Manager to fit the bill and entrusting them with hiring a full staff. While they work with other Vanilla Video team members and some veterans, these are highly important training periods where the pressure falls on the shoulders of the Regional Post Production Manager. Always up for the challenge, the Regional inspires those below them to love their jobs at Vanilla Video and truly take care of the company, staff, and the work they perform.

Additional Requirements

  • Willingness to travel nationwide over 50% of the time

  • Understanding of marketing terminology and tactics, especially those employed by Vanilla Video

  • Interpersonal skills, openness in working with a variety of people, both internal staff and external vendors and customers

  • Mentorlike qualities, enjoys teaching others and working with them as they grow

  • Highly effective stress management, stays calm in tense situations and encourages others to do the same

  • Cultivates passion for Vanilla Video in everyone they interact with, cares about the culture and growth of the company

  • Passionate about all things related to video production

  • Possess industry knowledge and always willing to learn more and keep up with a variety of trends

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