Regional Operations Manager

Job Summary

The Regional Operations Manager oversees operations for an assigned region or region(s). This job is for Vanilla Video business experts willing to do whatever it takes to bring Vanilla Video to the next level. Whenever we launch a new Vanilla Video branch, the Regional Operations Manager works hard to ensure all aspects of the project are implemented successfully. Results driven, the Regional Operations Manager checks in with several Branch Operations Managers on a daily basis and visits them regularly.

Responsible for a number of districts within a geographic region, the Regional Operations Manager is able to look at the “big picture” performance of particular Vanilla Video branches. Reporting stats and figures to upper management is a large part of the role, as is ensuring those stats and figures are in the black. While given the opportunity to solve problems creatively, the Regional Operations Managers are not expected to take risks with Vanilla Video. Instead, they must make the right decision for the business and are directly responsible for constant improvements and growth.

A skilled businessman and manager, the Regional Operations Manager knows how to work with a large group of high functioning mangers and is able to count on them to carry out various plans and projects. Though these groups of people tend to get together on a regular basis, they are constantly communicating and coordinating in an effort to ensure a project is being carried out properly. Projects can range anywhere from tweaking ad spend to hiring an additional employee. The Regional Operations Manager operates on a need to know basis, and ensures things run smoothly across every branch within their region.

Regional Operations Manager

  • Experience: 2+ Years

  • Education: Not Required

  • Type: Entry-Level Position

  • Class: Operations

  • Pay: $32.00 - 45.00 / hour

    Approx. $66.6k - 93.6k Yearly.

    Standard Benefits

Key Qualifications

  • 5+ years of experience as a Vanilla Video Branch Manager, extreme expertise in all things Vanilla Video and video production

  • High level management skills, ability to lead from afar by delegating and simplifying objectives

  • Expert understanding of business operations, ability to perform P+L for assigned regions

  • Resourceful, able to manage resources effectively especially when it comes to expenses and employee time

  • Ability to use analytics and investigation in order to propose solutions

  • Ability to use statistics and metrics to discover strengths and weaknesses of various regions, works with subordinate managers to solve problems

  • Creative approach to problem solving and leadership style

  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills, understands how to get information and results simply by explaining what needs to be done

  • Coordination skills, ability to work with multiple people to execute a project, program implementation, or plan

  • Analytical, constantly tracking performance and working with various regions to make improvements or implement changes

  • Professional manner of working with others, leads by example and does not tolerate poor business practices or decisions

  • Research and learning driven, willing to learn high level market trends based on assigned regions

  • Mentorlike leadership skills, leads others not by intimidation but by inspiring drive for positive results

  • Proper execution of Vanilla Video Mission Statement, as well as other branding initiatives


The Regional Operations Manager oversees an entire region of Vanilla Video branches and works with subordinate managers to ensure every location is profitable. Though Vanilla Video follows a relatively simple business model, the Regional Operations Manager is a key player in keeping the videographers out in the field.

An integral member in ensuring success for Vanilla Video, the Regional Operations Manager is an expert on the way Vanilla Video runs. This means understanding everything from video production procedures to how a Vanilla Video marketing campaign is produced and implemented. Regional Operations Managers sit in on a variety of meetings with upper management and receive reports and insight on performance, plans, and projects being implemented nationwide. The Regional Operations Managers is tasked with keeping their regions profitable and expanding.

Previous experience at Vanilla Video allows us to maintain industry knowledge while also promoting a hardworking, growth culture. As we grow across the country, we want our employees to grow professionally. Built by passionate entrepreneurs without college degrees, we expect our employees to take charge for Vanilla Video and for themselves. The Regional Operations Manager is a stellar example of someone who puts in the work to achieve results. Their leadership skills inspire others to bring their best to work every single day.

Responsibilities & Duties

Responsibilities of the Regional Operations Manager involve keeping track of performance while constantly optimizing performance within their regions. Managing resources is a huge part of what makes Vanilla Video successful, the Regional Operations Manager makes important decisions that spark positive growth within every Vanilla Video location in their region. While they understand some locations will perform better than others, the Regional Operations Manager is responsible for helping them all run their best.

Possessing expert understanding of Vanilla Video operations, the Regional Operations Manager knows what it is like to be a videographer and a Branch Manager. Understanding the problems associated with these roles allows them to implement solutions that can be adopted nationwide. While crunching the numbers is a huge part of their job, the Regional Operations Manager also makes use of their excellent interpersonal skills to keep employees performing at full capacity. The Regional Operations Manager uses numbers to determine what a branch needs and then implements a plan via the assigned Branch Operations Manager.

Constant analysis of operations functions and performance allows the Regional Branch Operations Manager to explain their decisions to upper management. While there are decisions involving approval by a VP or the CEO, the Regional Branch Operations Manager is expected to work autonomously. When a decision is made to open a new Vanilla Video branch, the Regional Branch Operations Manager plays a large role in implementing everything necessary to launch the location by the scheduled deadline.

Additional Requirements

  • Comfort and willingness to travel 50% of time

  • Interpersonal skills and empathy, knows when to push others and when to sympathize with them

  • Diligence and organizational skills, ability to keep track of several projects at once

  • Up to date on industry and market trends, pays a close attention to activity within their assigned region

  • Follows professional business practices, ensures that every Vanilla Video branch is operating within company guidelines and procedures

  • Passion for upholding company culture and growing Vanilla Video nationwide

  • Participation in strategy brainstorms to improve work flow processes within Vanilla Video, ability to provide insight gathered from their region

  • Goal oriented and results driven

  • Not above working with customers, understands how to help customers

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