Quality Control Specialist

Job Summary

Quality is key at Vanilla Video, we never deliver a project to a customer unless it is just right. The Quality Control Specialist is responsible for reviewing every video prior to sending it over to a customer. They make quick fixes if necessary, and work with videographers to improve their filming and editing skills. Taking direction from the Branch Operations Manager and the Creative Director – the Quality Control Specialist ensures that Vanilla Video produces the best work possible.

The Quality Control Specialist is not a largely customer facing role, however they must always have the consumer in mind. While the review videos and footage, they look for opportunities to mentor the videographer responsible for the project. They are careful when reading through an order and makes sure projects fulfill customer needs. Should a project require heavy revisions, the Quality Control Specialist works with the videographer directly, or advises the Post Production Supervisor.

This job requires a meticulous level of attention to detail. The Quality Control Specialist is the last person to touch a video prior to customer delivery. They ensure that every project delivered is of the highest quality and meets the needs of the customer. Though seeking perfection is ideal, the Quality Control Specialist should also avoid becoming too closely concerned with details. As the Quality Control Specialist, you are required to keep the big picture in mind, and be aware of budgets and resources while reviewing each project.

Quality Control Specialist

  • Experience: 1+ Years

  • Education: Not Required

  • Type: Entry-Level Position

  • Class: Video Post Production

  • Pay: $12.00 - 18.00 / hour

    Approx. $25k - 37.4k Yearly.

    Standard Benefits

Key Qualifications

  • Previous experience as a Vanilla Video Senior Videographer a must

  • Keen observational skills – able to watch videos for extended periods of time and review footage prior to delivering to customers

  • Keeps customer needs in mind, never delivers anything less than high quality

  • Works with videographers and branch management to mentor and enhance standard of work

  • Self-motivated, strong work ethic – able to carry out tasks independently without supervision

  • Team player that leads by example, passionate about upholding Vanilla Video procedure, standards, and culture

  • High-level understanding of videography and video editing including Adobe Creative Suite, as well as sound and lighting fundamentals

  • Knowledge of typical video/audio abnormalities and how to correct them

  • Creative thinker, applies imagination whenever possible, works with editors to motivate them to take a unique approach when applicable

  • Proficient in Vanilla Video programs used to track and deliver footage to customers

  • Knows how to transfer digital footage to tangible media including DVDs, BluRay, and USB Drives and mail material to customers when requested

  • Diligent and hyperaware of project status, helps step in as a project manager/assistant to the Post Production Supervisor whenever possible

  • Able to step in to assist in the editing room should videographers fall behind

  • Unceasing commitment to quality and passion for providing video to customers

  • Ability to read order form and match it to actual footage and confirm that the videographer filmed and edited what the customer ordered

  • Clear communication skills, able to work with everyone on the team to satisfy the needs of customers

  • Goal oriented worker – plans and shifts priorities accordingly to meet deadlines

  • Enthusiastic about getting projects delivered to customers on time, even in a fast-paced environment

  • Attention to accuracy and details – careful in performing reviews and working with videographers until projects meet customer expectations

  • Ability to recognize when a project can be used as a sample and manage these assets prior to website upload

  • Familiar with digital compression formats and techniques a plus


The Quality Control Specialist at Vanilla Video serves as the final authority of a project prior to delivering it to customers. As the QC Specialist, you have a strong grasp of Vanilla Video’s procedures and style – you know what a Vanilla Video needs to look like and how to serve our customers. Every time the QC Specialist reviews footage, they ensure the video meets what the customer ordered.

Beyond going through raw footage and edited clips, the QC Specialist works with the team at a Vanilla Video location to ensure they are consistently improving the quality of work they deliver. Whenever possible, they work with videographers on both their filming and editing skills. Should revisions be necessary, they mentor rather than reprove.

A member of branch management staff, the Quality Control Specialist works with the Operations Manager and Post Production Supervisor to ensure all projects meet the needs and expectations of customers. Awareness of project deadlines as well as branch budgets and resources, the Quality Control Specialist ensures Vanilla Video operates with efficiency.

Responsibilities & Duties

As a Quality Control Specialist at Vanilla Video, you uphold and maintain standards for every project leaving the editing room. Before it gets to a customer, you analyze each video, ensuring it matches what was ordered, the sound and effects are smooth, and the filming is of high quality. You use your leadership skills to mentor videographers both on their filming technique and their editing skills. Your cooperative approach to management enhances the quality of the Vanilla Video team while you inspire high achievement in every videographer.

As a former Senior Videographer at Vanilla Video, you uphold high standards for quality in videography and editing. You apply your prior experience and knowledge to every project you review, looking for opportunities to enhance the quality of the video. As the gatekeeper of all projects, you understand time constraints and manage your work accordingly. Should priorities shift, you work with the Post Production Supervisor to ensure the right resources are applied to the correct projects.

Should a project require revision – great or small, you work with the videographer responsible to make them better. You meet with videographers on a regular basis to encourage them to learn new techniques in filming and editing, and help them along the way. In a leadership role, the videographers look up to you.

The Quality Control Specialist serves on branch management staff alongside the Branch Operations Manager and Post Production Supervisor. The three of you use your prior experience as videographers at Vanilla Video to grow the business and make it a better place for videographers to work. Company culture is maintained from above, and as a team the management staff works together to keep the process and workflow going without any major setbacks.

When it comes to inspecting projects and managing heavy workflow periods, the Quality Control Specialist assists the team in managing priorities and maintaining deadlines. Experience and knowledge with the team allow you to use resources appropriately. On a weekly and monthly basis, you should be able to quantify and report the work completed by the entire team. Analyzing this data allows you to estimate how the month is going, and what the team can do to improve. Working with the management staff on these metrics will help your branch in leading Vanilla Video’s continued growth.

Maintaining quality of Vanilla Video projects is the primary responsibility of this role. Serving in this position requires constantly thinking of the end-user, the customer, their audience, etc. Knowledge of video’s place in social media and online is largely important when reviewing footage and edits for business clients. Additionally, you should be knowledgeable in business terminology and able to diagnose the health of your branch while working with other members of branch management staff. Business sense is highly valuable to this role – you will continue to grow in this area as you spend more time on the branch management team.

Additional Requirements

  • Eager to grow Vanilla Video and continue to uphold company culture

  • Enthusiastic about being a part of a management team and having a leadership role

  • Willing to mentor others, regardless of skillset

  • Up-to-date on knowledge of equipment, software, and videography/editing techniques

  • Previous management/leadership experience a plus

  • Excellent communication and computer skills

  • Ability to quantify, analyze, and report work

  • Business mindset – able to understand performance indicators and keep up in meetings and conversation with branch management staff

  • Familiar with common practices in using video in social media and online

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