Production Assistant

Job Summary

Vanilla Video is a video production company offering video editing services and videography to clients nationwide. Beyond showing up to film events, complex production projects handled by our video professionals often requires careful planning and / or organization. Sometimes that means having an extra pair of hands “on set” ready to help. Production Assistants are vital to the success of multi-faceted video projects; even smaller productions benefit from having a Production Assistant on location. Our team of Senior Videographers and Creative Directors work to direct Production Assistants as needed before, during and after production.

Therefore, the Production Assistant at Vanilla Video serves as an extension of the videographer at a client shoot. Assisting with set up, tear down, carrying gear, tracking down talent, handling miscellaneous sound issues, preparing gear changes and generally ensuring the production is ready to move forward as smoothly as possible. Approaching projects with creativity is a strict requirement within this role, as Vanilla Video thrives when every member of the team thinks critically and using a witty mind to solve on-the-fly production problems. Finding unexpected solutions to production constraints often leads to a better video and can save client relations when things go sour – oftentimes, thanks to the presence of an on-set Production Assistant.

Getting held up in production is not an option at Vanilla Video. Our team is a high-volume video production company with each video-oriented employee touching 90 - 125 projects per year. At Vanilla Video, we rely on Production Assistants to carry a shoot through to completion with the supervision of Senior Videographers, Junior Videographers and Creative Directors. Losing even one day of production could mean the difference of misaligned schedules for several Junior Video Editors, as they shift around post-production workflow. It is crucial for the Production Assistant (PA) to take their job seriously, soberly and with a strong working ethic.

Production Assistants are not only obedient to videographers, they also step in and speak up when they notice something out of place. This requires Production Assistants to be situationally aware – observing the scene and surroundings for quirks that may slow down production. This role requires thinking outside the box when necessary to ensure quality in our videographer’s footage. When things to awry, Production Assistants act fast – being prepared with a dynamic range of experience they should work quickly to rectify the situation and reduce stress on the video production team, especially the videographers. Team work, careful planning and being eager to assist ensures the Production Assistant and Videographer have a successful shoot.

Production Assistant

  • Experience: 3+ Months

  • Education: Not Required

  • Type: Entry-Level Position

  • Class: Video Post Production

  • Pay: $12.25 - 15.75 / hour

    Approx. $25.5k - 32.8k Yearly.

    Standard Benefits

Key Qualifications

  • Interest in videography, filmmaking, set prep, etc.

  • Energetic and motivated to do everything possible to make a shoot successful

  • Outgoing and willing to try new things and build relationships with new people

  • Team player attitude with ability to work alone when necessary

  • Possess work smarter not harder mentality, ability to multitask/save time when necessary

  • Someone who thinks on their feet, evaluates a situation, and thinks about what they are doing before acting

  • Ability to stand for extended periods of time and lift various things up to 50 pounds

  • Follows directions, accuracy and speed extremely important

  • Willing to spend extra time and care to get something “just right”

  • Keen eye for detail, extended attention span, mindful of time and budget constraints

  • Highly organized, always knows when and where to be

  • Not afraid to ask questions regarding scheduling, locations etc. – does everything possible to get to a shoot on time

  • Upholds quality, standards, and team culture of Vanilla Video

  • Ready to learn everything there is to know about having a successful shoot including shooting procedures, sound, lighting, and location set up


The Production Assistant is the trusty sidekick of the Junior Videographers and Senior Videographers at Vanilla Video while on a shoot. When a PA is needed, they show up thirty minutes prior to the shoot, or earlier should the videographer need additional setup assistance. Production Assistants serve as an extra set of hands on-location to ensure everything is in place before and throughout the shoot. Occasionally assisting with lighting and sound elements, this role provides several learning opportunities for any aspiring videographer, creative director, or producer.

Teamwork and dedication of Production Assistants, allow Vanilla Video to churn out projects quickly and on time. Having a PA onset allows the videographer to focus on capturing as much footage as possible following Vanilla Video’s shooting procedure cutting down time spent in the editing room. The work of a PA is a necessary part of Vanilla Video’s process – saving both the videographer and editors time, allowing the entire team to turn around projects quickly and efficiently.

Every project at Vanilla Video involves a Videographer – however many projects need additional components to serve the customers’ needs. This could mean creative directors, additional videographers, actors, and sound operators. Learning opportunities for PA’s abound at Vanilla Video – they learn what it is like to set up for a shoot, work onset, and occasionally man the camera for the videographer should they need to step away and test certain details. Time, dedication, and improvement over time allow Production Assistants to work their way up in Vanilla Video. We always prefer to promote and hire from within, as industry knowledge is incredibly valuable.

Responsibilities & Duties

It is extremely important that Production Assistants understand their duties at Vanilla Video. While an important facet of every successful shoot, PA’s are under complete direction of our videographers. Occasionally, this involves moving quickly in fast-paced, tense situations – without a change in demeanor. A largely customer facing role, the PA is expected to uphold Vanilla Video’s core values constantly, just like every employee at Vanilla Video.

Duties during a shoot include (but are not limited to) taping down wires, carrying equipment, setting up tripods/light stands/mic stands, equipping speakers with microphones, helping videographers test/reset lights and sound equipment, printing scripts, and running off set to purchase supplies. During a shoot, the PA watches carefully and ensures that everything stays in place – notifying the videographer should they notice anything off, and helping to fix something if necessary.

Undying teamwork makes every video a success at Vanilla Video. Our PA’s are never overlooked when it comes to celebrating, congratulating, and getting the team ramped up to keep moving. Vanilla Video is ready to expand, and much of our success comes from following direction of leadership – no matter who is involved. Production Assistants receive the unique experience of being able to learn everything there is about video production while being a part of a shoot. They make the difficult possible, allowing our videographers to get the shots that make our customers happy.

Additional Requirements

  • Calm and helpful demeanor, ready to take direction and assist

  • Previous experience in video production a plus

  • Previous experience in a fast-paced, behind-the-scenes or customer facing/customer service role

  • Passion for video production, moviemaking, film, set design etc.

  • Enthusiastic to be a part of a growing video production startup

  • Hard working, not afraid to get messy, and thrives as a member of a team

  • Willing to work with an irregular schedule, with heavy weekend time (especially during wedding season May-November)

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