Podcast Production Manager

Job Summary

As experts in the industry, it is our duty at Vanilla Video to share our knowledge with others. We champion the fact that we made video production easy for everyone and we believe the rest of the industry should follow suit. Our website and subsidiary sites serve as giant warehouses of information for anyone looking to learn more about video production and we have expanded our knowledge base platform to include podcasts as well.

The Podcast Production Manager works with several Vanilla Video team members to produce podcast episodes for several shows. Topics can range across a broad spectrum of topics from Planning a Flawless Wedding to Writing a Brand Film Script. How does Vanilla Video have all of this knowledge? We film hundreds of projects every year, we have seen video productions that go extremely smoothly and others that took a little extra work.

We want our customers to feel comfortable while working alongside our team, regardless of the type of shoot. Podcasts are great ways to share information that customers can listen to during their lunch break or morning commute – zero screen time required. The Podcast Production Manager is responsible for transforming Vanilla Video information into consumable radio shows that customers can learn from.

Podcast Production Manager

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Key Qualifications

  • 2-3 years on the content team at Vanilla Video

  • Previous experience creating, hosting, and managing a podcast

  • Expertise in video production, especially at Vanilla Video

  • Keen research ability, can take an unfamiliar topic and learn as much as possible in order to create a relevant podcast

  • Excellent writing and editing skills, ability to work with content writers, script writers, and staff writers to improve their writing for use in a podcast

  • Understanding of vocal talent, able to work with the Talent Scout to find appropriate hosts / guests for every podcast

  • Creative story telling skills, able to take a boring topic and make it interesting for the audience

  • Impermeable understanding of the Vanilla Video brand and marketing campaigns

  • Able to provide insight and clarification during brain storming / marketing campaign planning sessions

  • Understands how to incorporate information/themes from a current marketing campaign into a podcast

  • Project management skills, not solely responsible for working on Podcasts from start to finish, instead manages the production of every episode

  • Time management skills, works well managing others and ensuring everyone is on the same page

  • Ability to manage deadlines and prioritize work accordingly

  • Inspirational leadership qualities, enables a learning environment where the team works together and works hard

  • Understanding of digital content marketing, online marketing, and social media marketing

  • Public relations skills


The Podcast Production Manager at Vanilla Video understands how to create entertaining material that allows the audience to take away valuable information. With a Vanilla Video marketing background, the Podcast Production Manager is an expert in all things Vanilla Video related and knows exactly how our podcasts should sound and what their topics should be.

The Podcast Production Manager is not responsible for creating and managing several podcast channels all on their own, instead they find specialized experts within Vanilla Video to contribute various skills to producing each episode. We are not only experts at video production – as a team we have quite a bit of industry knowledge business marketing, wedding planning, sports videography, and content marketing.

While blogs and social media posts are a great way to share the wealth of information we have, podcasts allow our audience to learn as they listen and multitask during their day to day activities from commuting to working out at the gym. Podcasts are extremely versatile, and great for people who enjoy consuming information on the go. The Podcast Production Manager keeps all these things in mind while managing projects within our content marketing campaigns at Vanilla Video.

Responsibilities & Duties

Previous experience hosting a podcast show or working on episodes allows the Podcast Production Manager to start every project with some insight and expertise. Any sort of time spent on a radio show or television broadcast station is also a plus, though not required. The number one characteristic necessary as a successful Podcast Production Manager is undying passion for spreading the word about Vanilla Video.

The Podcast Production Manager is able to identify and discover team members with a wide range of expertise and work with these individuals to create episodes for the podcasts Vanilla Video manages. Writers on staff handle most of the writing and scripting, but typically the facts come right from our in-house experts. These are the guys that have been with Vanilla Video from the beginning, or the gals that just “get it” when it comes to video content marketing. The Podcast Production Manager finds a way to get gems of information and turn them into compelling episodes anyone can understand or listen to.

A managerial / project management type of role, the Podcast Production Manager ensures the team works hard to hit deadlines as they occur within the marketing campaign production schedule. Working alongside other managers in the marketing department, the Podcast Production Manager only delivers projects that are on point with the messaging already prescribed by the creators of the campaign.

Additional Requirements

  • Relentless dedication to upholding Vanilla Video brand standards in podcasts, as well as company culture among team members

  • Enthusiastic about growing Vanilla Video nationwide

  • Quirky, witty, and even a little nerdy – this is a role for people who celebrate learning and teaching others, we want you to embrace it

  • Up to date on a variety of trends across the industries we touch including video production, weddings, event planning, youth athletics, college sports, youth activities, social media content, web content, blogging, and podcasts

  • Excited about working in a collaborative environment and managing others

  • Driven and motivated to cultivate only the best work from their team

  • Expert understanding of the Vanilla Video business model, ability to analyze traffic and data and incorporate this while planning and brainstorming for upcoming episodes and new channels or series

  • Knowledge in entertainment, able to create concepts surrounding audience interests while adhering to messaging campaign

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