Multimedia Producer

Job Summary

The Multimedia Producer is responsible for ensuring content for our own brand is produced successfully and on time for any deadlines. An integral member of the marketing department, the Multimedia Producer sits in the director’s chair for any involved branded video productions, podcasts, blogs, and photo sessions.

Highly organized and diligent, the Multimedia Producer takes concepts from various marketing managers and brings them to life using all of the resources available in-house. This leadership role is reserved for someone who can keep track of multiple projects at once and manage deadlines. While the marketing staff is generally responsible for working on content pieces on their own, the Multimedia Producer oversees all projects and ensures they are completed on time and within an allocated budget.

This position involves working with a variety of people in a fast-paced environment. Generally taking direction and receiving tasks from managers within the marketing department, the Multimedia Producer understands how to use available resources to carry out a mission. Not only an expert in video production, the Multimedia Producer has a strong understanding of the effect content has on a brand’s image. Results-oriented, the Multimedia Producer ensures content created for Vanilla Video is effective in reaching target markets and bringing forth new customers.

Multimedia Producer

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Key Qualifications

  • 2-3 years of previous experience in a marketing role at Vanilla Video

  • High level understanding of content marketing and its effects on a business

  • Expert knowledge of SEO, as well as social media KPIs

  • Business savviness necessary to understand Vanilla Video performance in the video production marketplace

  • Excellent leadership skills, able to work with a variety of people and manage their projects from concept to completion

  • Project management skills, highly organized and efficient in communication, ensures projects are completed correctly and in a timely manner

  • Understanding of Media Buying and Media Planning, works closely with these positions in the marketing department

  • Production experience, uses prior experience as a Junior Videographer to inform the Multimedia Content Production process at Vanilla Video

  • Knowledgeable in online marketing, social media, display advertising, video production, graphic design, and entertainment

  • Creative, able to provide insight on drafts for blogs, vlogs, commercials, articles, podcasts, and advertisements

  • Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite, always ready to help the staff work on projects and create elements for use within multimedia content

  • Cooperative, works well with all members of upper management and within the marketing department

  • Passionate about upholding Vanilla Video company culture, enjoys working and collaborating with others

  • Capable of managing deadlines in a fast-paced environment with shifting priorities

  • Excellent time management and resource management skills necessary to create production schedules and calendars that do not interfere with customer projects


The Multimedia Producer is a member of the internal content production team. Assigned to managing larger projects including brand videos, promotional videos, podcasts, and blog series – the Multimedia Producer works with Vanilla Video content creators to ensure media is ready to go prior to specified posting deadline. An expert in all things social media, video production, and online marketing – the Multimedia Producer makes sure highly produced content is created with attracting more customers in mind. The Multimedia Producer works well with the entire team and is able to rally the troops to bring a mere concept into reality online.

Another large role the Multimedia Producer plays is to manage projects created for paid advertising campaigns. Taking direction from marketing managers as well as the Media Planner and Media Buyer, the Multimedia Producer understands how important it is to complete these projects on time. While inspiring the team, the Multimedia Producer also pushes everyone working on a project to do their best work. During production shoots, the Multimedia Producer coordinates with necessary staff to ensure everything is prepared and ready to go, from the Studio Manager to the Talent Scout – the Multimedia Producer is the leader whenever Vanilla Video works on internal productions.

Responsibilities & Duties

As a major video production company, the content we produce needs to be entertaining and flawless. Our marketing department is dedicated to enhancing our online presence and painting a dynamic picture of the Vanilla Video brand. The Multimedia Producer plays a large role in ensuring our brand is represented with the right content. Able to take a concept mentioned in a brainstorming session and bring it to life using our own talented staff of writers, videographers, marketers, photographers, and editors – the Multimedia Producer makes the content happen at Vanilla Video.

Knowledgeable in all things related to marketing and advertising, the Multimedia Producer is responsible for ensuring quality content for paid advertising and organic marketing purposes is created in a timely manner. While concepts are typically designed in a collaborative environment, the Multimedia Producer is primarily responsible for carrying out a production. The Multimedia Producer rallies the troops together and creates a plan for carrying out various stages of a production for a marketing campaign. Organized and diligent, the Multimedia Producer ensures everything is in order leading up to a production day, and each phase of the project is completed correctly and on time. A respected leader at Vanilla Video, the Multimedia Producer enjoys working on a team and leading their success.

Prior marketing creative and video production experience at Vanilla Video ensures the Multimedia Producer is prepared with an expertise in how things work inside the office. While we constantly continue growing, the Multimedia Producer has a solid presence on the team and welcomes new members with welcome arms and plenty of knowledge to prepare them for an exciting career.

Additional Requirements

  • Team player, leads from within rather than from afar

  • Always looking for ways to improve our branding and content strategy, shares findings and ideas with marketing department and upper management

  • Love and passion for Vanilla Video, and video production

  • Expert understanding of Vanilla Video marketing strategy and our approach to content marketing online

  • Budget conscious, understands why projects must be completed within a time frame without exceeding resources, especially during busy times in the year where videographers and editors are in the field for most of the workweek

  • Curious, always learning more and is excited to share newly attained knowledge with the team, willing to attend conferences and lectures

  • Nurtures our laid-back yet hardworking culture at Vanilla Video

  • Though not in a largely customer facing role, considers the end user whenever working on content, and is able to provide insight and consultation for clients when requested

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