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Job Summary

The Media Planner at Vanilla Video puts all of that web content into action by creating marketing campaigns to be used via paid advertising channels including online, tv, radio, print and display advertising. Constantly strategizing with upper management executives including the Vice President of Marketing and Vice President of Finance to determine where the largest revenue opportunities lie. The Media Planner works right alongside the Media Buyer – the difference between these two positions is that the media planner determines the advertising channels, while the media buyer determines advertising spend. They work alongside the marketing department to fill ad buys with content appropriate for the target market.

A highly strategic thinker and marketing expert, the Media Planner knows where to get the biggest bang for Vanilla Video advertising money. Always taking opportunities to try out new advertising channels and experiment with targeting new consumer markets, the media planner knows how to reach specific markets at the right times. Our media planner understands the seasonality of the video production business, and uses prior customer experiences to determine how to reach new customers.

The Media Planner ensures created content is used to its full potential at Vanilla Video. While many efforts are focused in online advertising, the Media Planner regularly analyzes opportunities offline from billboards, to t-shirts, to graffiti, the media planner is always thinking about where the customers are and how to reach them with the Vanilla Video brand.

Media Planner

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Key Qualifications

  • 2-3 years of previous experience in a marketing or sales position at Vanilla Video

  • Excellent command of social media and online marketing practices, especially paid advertising campaigns

  • High level understanding of Vanilla Video target markets and how to attract them

  • Expert knowledge of key performance indicators for advertising campaign success including ROI, Reach, social media metrics, return on ad spend, revenue changes, scalable conversion to sales, and effective frequency

  • Ability to diversify advertising medium to reach maximum number of potential customers effectively

  • Comfortable providing consultations to customers wanting to learn more about media planning and media buying

  • Excellent communication skills, ability to delegate tasks and follow up appropriately until completion

  • Cooperative nature and ability to thrive in a highly collaborative team environment, especially when working alongside the Media Buyer

  • Understanding of a variety of business metrics, able to keep up during high level financial planning meetings

  • Extremely knowledgeable in media planning and its application for video production companies, able to advise in creation of video production media planning / buying software


The Media Planner at Vanilla Video ensures the content appearing in paid advertising efforts makes sense strategically. Previous experience in a marketing or sales-related role at Vanilla Video means expertise in the customers that love and use us over and over again. While many customers find Vanilla Video through our website and its success in search engines, we still need to use paid advertising to increase our reach to continue reaching more and more customers. The need for video is not going away, our strategy is to create as much video as possible for any customer, regardless of their budget or purposes.

The Media Planner uses Vanilla Video sales performance and goals to determine the best markets to target with paid advertising. Once these target markets are solidified, possible media channels are analyzed. While the Media Buyer works out solidifying contracts and making deals with various outlets, the Media Planner works with the hardworking Marketing Department to fill in the Paid Marketing Plan. Once the plan is formulated, the Media Planner follows up and ensures all content makes it to the outlets on time. Prior to submitting any content, the Media Planner proofs and calls for revisions of any content.

Responsibilities & Duties

A highly organized and knowledgeable member of the Marketing Department, the Media Planner understands the numbers as well as the creative necessary for growing a brand’s presence. Experience working at Vanilla Video means the Media Planner is an expert in all things video production, Vanilla Video, and anything online. A successful Media Planner is constantly analyzing performance, especially alongside the financial gurus on staff including the Financial Analysts, Account Executives, VP Finance, and VP Sales.

The Media Planner uses numbers to inform Vanilla Video paid advertising strategy and creates a plan surrounding company goals. This position involves closely following seasonal trends among current and past customers while also keeping an eye on the rest of the market. While plans are made, the Media Planner is constantly tracking performance to decide whether a plan should be paused or completely reconfigured. Though numbers are great to look at and analyze, they do not always predict the future in ways we hope them to, meaning the Media Planner always needs to be ready with alternatives.

Outside of analyzing company and advertising performance, the Media Planner is always on top of upcoming deadlines and working with members of the marketing department to ensure their pieces are ready on time. When things get rough, the Media Planner is ready to roll up their sleeves and help whoever needs it – even if that means getting behind the camera. A majority of employees at Vanilla Video begin their professional careers as Junior Videographers or Production Assistants. A tight knit team that always works together to do their best work, every project relies on team work.

Additional Requirements

  • Creative capacity to write, design, and produce content whenever necessary

  • Qualities of a strong mentor that provides valuable advice to aspiring marketing professionals within Vanilla Video

  • Results driven, always analyzing performance of current media spending as well as current sales and market trends in video production

  • Highly motivated in a team environment, constantly following up with marketing department on action items to ensure timely delivery for advertising spots

  • Enjoys working with a variety of people, constantly working with variety of team members to learn more about Vanilla Video strengths and how to present them to the consumer

  • Social media savvy, especially paid advertising components of each platform

  • Passionate about growing Vanilla Video and maintaining strong company culture

  • Always gathering information about new ways to advertise Vanilla Video

  • Calculated risk taking sense, ability to explain decision making process to upper management, marketing department, and media buyer

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