Media Buyer

Job Summary

The one that always gets what they want, for half the price.

Hand in hand with the Media Planner, the Media Buyer determines appropriate advertising spend for a campaign across specified channels. While a majority of advertising dollars go towards social media and Google AdWords campaigns, the Media Buyer is constantly looking for new opportunities to obtain customers.

Once a campaign is set, the Media Buyer constantly analyzes advertising performance and works with the team to determine any necessary changes or tweaks. While the mathiest member of the marketing department, the Media Buyer relies heavily on input from the VP of Sales and VP of Finance to define next steps in advertising campaigns.

Well-versed in a variety of media advertising channels, the Media Buyer has a reliable list of contacts and is expected to negotiate and renegotiate advertising contracts. The Media Buyer’s previous experience and knowledge in paid advertising efforts allows for informed decision making when working with media agents. Always finding a creative way to make the most of an advertising budget, the Media Buyer understands how to negotiate and how to find valuable spots to purchase without relying too much on advertising sales people.

Media Buyer

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Key Qualifications

  • Previous experience in a sales, finance, or marketing related role at Vanilla Video

  • Expert understanding of marketing tactics, especially online paid advertising

  • Results driven, ability to analyze performance of a campaign and make changes when necessary

  • Negotiation skills, ability to fairly negotiate a contract with media outlets

  • Creativity when it comes to finding valuable buys, able to make the most out of an advertising budget and avoids going over-budget at all costs

  • Cooperative and collaborative, works with a variety of personnel in order to ensure Vanilla Video purchases only advertising with a high ROI

  • Analytical, able to analyze market trends, Vanilla Video performance, and advertising rates to determine how to make the smartest media buying decisions

  • Extremely knowledgeable of Vanilla Video branding, company history, procedures, and approach to video production. Upholds company standards, culture, and values at all times.

  • Works extremely well with the Media Planner, these two team members are always seen working together

  • Genuine interest in making the best decisions for Vanilla Video and growing the business

  • Organizational skills and diligence, double checks that all of our advertising ran at its scheduled time and follows-up with media outlets to reconcile any billing errors

  • Experienced and business savvy professionalism, able to keep up in data centric meetings with upper management


The Media Buyer at Vanilla Video ensures we get the highest return for advertising spend. This is only possible with an informed approach to media shopping and constantly negotiating for the best rates. While online advertising via search engines and social media platforms is important to Vanilla Video, we are also highly incentivized to obtain clients that do not spend time online. While it may be surprising, this market exists.

Constantly scouring market trends and looking for opportunities in multimedia advertising campaigns, the Media Buyer is always prepared with a plan when the price is right. With a trusted network of media ad agents, the Media Buyer always knows who to call when receiving direction from upper management to conduct research on a new campaign or advertising medium to reach a particular market.

An expert in reaching a variety of target markets, the Media Buyer understands fair advertising pricing and makes proper judgements when negotiating and renegotiating contracts. Working hand in hand with the Media Planner, the duo are always analyzing and strategizing alongside members of the Marketing Department, as well as the VP of Finance and VP of Sales.

Prior experience in a marketing role at Vanilla Video means the Media Buyer commands a clear understanding of video production as well as the brand. Though not directly responsible for creating and managing ad content or marketing plans, the Media Buyer knows which media channels and display ad locations simply will not work for Vanilla Video advertising purposes.

Responsibilities & Duties

After a plan is set in motion, the Media Buyer begins the media selection process. While working with agents and negotiating contracts, the media buyer is constantly aware of advertising budgets. Expertise in the advertising industry ensures the Media Buyer attains ad spots for a fair price that will result in positive ROI.

Once a campaign is set into motion, the Media Buyer constantly works alongside the VP of Sales and Finance, as well as with an Financial Analysts to monitor the successes and failures of a campaign. Should a campaign prove to be a complete flop, the Media Buyer is prepared with an alternative way to use the allocated advertising spending. While the team attempts to be as informed as possible when paying for advertising, some experimentation is necessary and expected. As long as the media buyer can support decisions with sound logic and prior market and advertising performance analysis, Vanilla Video is willing to try a variety of media channels for paid advertising.

As an analytical member of the marketing department, the Media Buyer sits on the approval board of all marketing content for paid advertising. Prior experience in marketing at Vanilla Video allows the Media Buyer to make informed judgements and mentor marketing content creators in making revisions and necessary changes. The main goal of paying for advertising is not only to win more customers, but to spread awareness of the Vanilla Video brand to a larger group of consumers.

Additional Requirements

  • Creative and able to make decisions about written, graphic, and video content for paid advertising purposes

  • Well versed in Adobe Creative Suite in order to make any last-minute changes should they arise prior to submitting content for an ad spot

  • Directs others well, serves as a mentor to all marketing personnel

  • Strategic risk taker, knows when it is appropriate to work with some experimenting and when to play it safe

  • High level understanding of the target markets Vanilla Video plans to reach

  • Expert understanding of marketing metrics

  • Passion for maintaining company culture at Vanilla Video and growing the business

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