Marketing Coordinator

Job Summary

The Marketing Coordinator is the master communicator and liaison among different divisions of the marketing department. Working directly with the Vice President of Marketing, the Marketing Coordinator attends meetings, brain storming sessions, content production shoots, and events. Expected to provide valuable input and take good notes, the Marketing Coordinator always knows what every member of the department is working on and which steps are next. Ready to lend a helping hand whenever possible, the Marketing Coordinator is extremely organized and ahead of schedule.

This position is an excellent way for a creative video professional to become a master marketer. A role full of learning opportunities, the Marketing Coordinator should approach every day as prepared as possible, and ready to get to work alongside the rest of the team producing content, analyzing company performance, and striving to reach more customers every single day. As someone who has displayed excellence as a Junior Videographer, this role is perfect for someone with a concrete understanding of Vanilla Video branding, policy, culture, and procedures.

Marketing Coordinator

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Key Qualifications

  • Demonstrated excellence as a member of the Vanilla Video team during 2-3 years spent being a Junior Videographer

  • Interest in learning everything there is to know about working in a fast paced, creative, collaborative marketing department

  • Understanding of the importance of branding and brand presence online

  • Knowledge of basic business analysis, able to look at company performance and make some judgement or provide insight

  • Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite software, some knowledge in graphic design and photography on top of videography and video editing techniques

  • Industry knowledge, understands what customers are looking for when they call Vanilla Video

  • Excellent written communication skills, especially in internal email communication

  • Creative content producing ability, excited to brain storm social status updates, ideas for blogs and videos, as well as written content for the website and e-mail marketing campaigns

  • Willingness to learn and assist in executing integrated marketing campaigns across multiple channels

  • Can-do attitude, self-starter personality – learns on their own as well as while being trained by others

  • Time-management skills, ability to shift priorities in a fast-paced environment in order to meet sometimes changing deadlines

  • Fast-learner, ability to pay close attention and retain information while working alongside others

  • Ability to apply knowledge learned as a Junior Videographer at Vanilla Video to a marketing role, informs others of experience in order to enhance industry knowledge present in the Marketing Department

  • Willingness to assist any member of the Marketing Department at any time


The Marketing Department is a busy place at Vanilla Video. Every member of the team spends a great deal of time working together analyzing and strategizing. The Marketing Coordinator’s role involves learning as much as possible from everyone, while also working on their own in helping various department efforts. The Marketing Coordinator is expected to pay close attention of projects within the department and ensure tasks are completed on time. Filling in wherever necessary, the Marketing Coordinator helps out on the creative end of every project, from brainstorming, to writing, to designing. This role requires proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite, as well as diligence and organization.

While taking direction from the Vice President of Marketing, the Marketing Coordinator plans meetings and brain storms among members of the entire department. Occasionally reaching out to other members of the Vanilla Video staff, the Marketing Coordinator is extremely mindful of goals, deliverables, and time. After meetings the Marketing Coordinator communicates action items and follows up appropriately. Acting as a junior project manager, the Marketing Coordinator helps the rest of the team stay on top of their work by sending out status updates until a project reaches completion.

Responsibilities & Duties

The Marketing Coordinator is involved in nearly every project that occurs within the Marketing Department. While working closely with the Digital Content Coordinator and the Social Media Coordinator, the Marketing Coordinator keeps everyone informed of various projects’ status. Serving as the department’s project manager, a successful Marketing Coordinator keeps everyone on the right page and helps formulate a back-up plan whenever necessary. Always willing to lend a hand, the Marketing Coordinator is capable of composing and posting content, organizing a meeting, planning an event, or even preparing a presentation for a planning session.

Extremely organized and diligent, the Marketing Coordinator follows up and follows through on all project assignments. As tasks are completed by different divisions of the Marketing Department, the Marketing Coordinator communicates next steps and additional action items as necessary. The Marketing Coordinator also works with other departments and team mates at Vanilla Video to gather information, schedule a shoot, and even have visual content produced and edited. Outside of keeping the department informed and organized, the Marketing Coordinator is always working on pieces of projects to help the team complete work on time.

As the Marketing Coordinator develops within the department, understanding business analysis as well as marketing KPI’s becomes easier. This is a role which requires working in unfamiliar, yet exciting territory. With the Marketing Coordinator’s assistance, the entire department is able to run smoothly while making a difference in growing Vanilla Video as a company.

Additional Requirements

  • Able to work without close supervision

  • Friendly and easy to work with, team player mentality that helps complete tasks

  • Expert knowledge of video production, especially within Vanilla Video

  • Highly effective e-mail communication skills

  • Project management skills, diligent in following-up, keeping track and staying organized in order to keep the entire department on schedule

  • Understanding of posting to various social media websites including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn

  • Always researching new industry trends and learning more about various marketing tactics

  • Curiosity and willingness to learn more about unfamiliar topics

  • Concentration on being a team player rather than preoccupation with job title

  • Knows when to ask for help, as well as how to find information independently when necessary

  • Able to learn quickly in a fast-paced environment

  • Pays close attention to detail, always double checks work and asks for second opinion in order to ensure the correct message is getting shared in communications

  • Always willing to help with whatever is needed

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