Film Location Scout

Job Summary

Our videographers travel far and wide to get to shoots in the Chicagoland area, as well as Rockford, Northwest Indiana and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We have even sent videographers to Tulsa, OK; San Francisco, CA; and Atlanta, GA. Every day, Vanilla Video continues to grow and our goal continues to be to plant more Vanilla Video studios nationwide.

Our Location Scouts are geographic experts that know their way around a city, even if they’ve never been there before. You know where to look to hunt down a great space, and how to work with property owners and local governments to obtain the space for use. Creativity and your ability to operate on the fly make it easy for you to always have a solution to problems as they arise.

You are a team player and know how to coordinate several pieces to make a project whole. You understand every aspect of your role, which includes never saying, “That’s not my job.” You have an eye for design and you’re always looking for a stunning location, whether we need to use it right away or not.

Film Location Scout

  • Experience: 3+ Years

  • Education: Not Required

  • Type: Mid-Level Position

  • Class: Video Pre Production

  • Pay: $18.00 - 26.00 / hour

    Approx. $37.4k - 54.1k Yearly.

    Standard Benefits

Key Qualifications

  • High level understanding of video production, especially Vanilla Video production procedures

  • Driven, self-motivated, and will stop at nothing to get the job done

  • Adventurous and open minded, enjoys exploring and talking to new people

  • Effective negotiation skills, someone who gets “Yes” answers

  • Able to create a Plan B when the perfect plan needs to get shuffled around, even if it is shortly before a shoot

  • Extremely organized and able to juggle multiple projects simultaneously

  • Cut throat yet polite – knows how to get what they want without leaving a bad taste in anyone’s mouth

  • Works well in a team, your work will be direct evidence of your ability to listen to customer needs and follow creative direction

  • Thrives in a collaborative environment, enjoys working on dynamic projects where multiple people work on various parts

  • Understanding of property management and real estate – upon finding a space you know how to find the right point of contact

  • Quick thinking and problem solving skills, able with solutions rapidly as problems arise

  • At least 2+ years of work at Vanilla Video, intimate understanding of company culture, team, and procedures

  • Interest in interior design / staging, prop procurement – you know good design when you see it, you turn a space from drab to fab with creative use of props

  • Prudent with company resources, especially when negotiating rental fees and purchasing props if necessary

  • Acute business sense – pay close attention to budgetary constraints during planning meetings, understand how going over budget affects company as a whole

  • Enthusiastic and ready to learn, this is a fast-paced role where adaptive skills are a must

  • Understanding of insurance policies, able to handle obtaining and providing Certificates of Insurance whenever necessary

  • Strong leadership skills, able to direct a team of people regarding set up, placement, and set building/decorating


As the Location Scout, you handle all the ins and outs of building and maintaining relationships with locations we appear at for shoots. You are on the constant search for impressive locations Vanilla Video can use for production level shoots. While not on the hunt, your work on projects involves helping procure props, setting up scenes and working with insurance companies to provide Certificates of Insurance wherever necessary.

You are a member of the Production Staff which is led by the Creative Director. When a production level project comes in, the team sits down and gets to work. Taking note of any information provided by the Account Manager, the production team keeps the customer in mind when designing the customer’s video. Should a location be necessary, you provide your input on possible locations available to us or start your search for the perfect space.

During these meetings, the creative side of video production comes in, staff works together to write scripts, develop characters, and come up with set design and costume ideas if necessary. As you manage every aspect of a space – props and set design falls into your realm. While we do not expect you to be equipped with wood shop experience, the team will look to you for guidance in all components of using a location.

Your previous experience at Vanilla Video has prepared you for this role by successfully teaching you everything there is to know about video production, specifically the way we approach the videography market. This experience is imperative to every higher-level position at Vanilla Video, which is why we require everyone to spend some time as a Vanilla Video videographer. Our team is made up of a variety of people and everyone brings their own interests and passions to the table – outside of videography. You love everything there is about interior design, architecture, staging, and apply this passion to your skill as a videographer.

Responsibilities & Duties

Under direction of the Creative Director as well as with input regarding customer preferences from the Account Managers – you work in a team to ensure a space to film is secured. From studio space to grassy fields – you know where to go depending on what a project calls for. The Location Scout always has a list of spaces readily available, and maintains relationships with property owners and managers to make using the space easy for Vanilla Video and efficient for the customer.

Most of your time will be spent looking for potential locations to use for production level shoots. You will need to consider things like the number of people present at a shoot, how much of the space will need to be rearranged, and where the cameras will go. Should a location meet your requirements you reach out to the manger or owner immediately. Cultivating these relationships is imperative to your success in procuring locations.

When clients come to us with a location in mind, you work with them to ensure they are ready for shooting. You find out if we need to bring in additional personnel to move furniture to make way for equipment, and you also help the videographers by finding out what kind of lighting is present. You use your creative eye to decide if the space will affect the aesthetics of the video. You find or bring in additional props when necessary, without going crazy over budget.

On production shoot days, you arrive with the videographers (or earlier if necessary) and help get the location set up for shooting. That means any last-minute prepping, adjusting, dusting, etc. You help spike the space for talent and prop setting, and help the videographer in directing personnel throughout the day. At the end of the shoot, you direct the team during tear down and ensure the space is returned to pristine conditions. If it is a multi-day shoot you help prepare everything for the next day.

As a Location Scout at Vanilla Video you make sure we always have a place to shoot, and that the place is set up and ready to go on time. You negotiate rental fees and write contracts when necessary. Building and maintaining relationships with property owners and managers is a huge part of this role so keen interpersonal skills are a must. Being frugal and crafty also pays off, as we try to keep production costs as low as possible for the customer. A multi-faceted and dynamic role in a heavily collaborative environment, this job is for someone with an adventurous, yet business minded spirit.

Additional Requirements

  • Opportunistic, you grab the chance to land a location even when we don’t need one right away

  • Explorative and creative – you know how to make an alternative a solution

  • Social media savvy, you know the importance of interior design in photo and video marketing online

  • Passion for growing Vanilla Video and cultivating company culture

  • Sharp leadership skills, able to direct a large group of people with multiple roles

  • Natural mentor – you teach others when you lead them, they get something out of working with you

  • Knack for finding décor / prop items in unconventional ways – resourceful, you save and reuse things as much as possible

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