Lighting Technician

Job Summary

Lights! Come before Camera! Action! – every time.

The lighting technician at Vanilla Video is a versatile craftsman ready to rig up lights anywhere and everywhere, whether that be in our own studio or on-location at a client’s office or facility. A master electrician, the lighting technician knows how to set up lighting without blowing a fuse or putting anyone in harm’s way. An expert in all things lighting related, the lighting technician helps videographers, production assistants, and photographers to provide ample lighting for any set or scene.

Previous experience at Vanilla Video means the lighting technician understands all policies and processes currently in place. The Lighting Technician is extremely safety conscious and responsible for any documentation and safety procedure writing when it comes to lighting and electrical needs at Vanilla Video. The Light Tech commands master understanding of lighting and set design and helps wherever they are needed, with a majority of their time spent in the studio. The lighting technician works very closely with the Studio Manager and ensures that light set ups will achieve the effect the creative team is looking for. The Lighting Technician mentors and educates videographers, cinematographers, and photographers on properly setting up lights and how various techniques affect the scene of a photo or video.

Lighting Technician

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Key Qualifications

  • Previous experience at Vanilla Video as a Production Assistant, Junior Videographer, or Junior Photographer for at least 2-3 years

  • Expert knowledge of lighting design, tools, and set up especially within Vanilla Video

  • Industry knowledge necessary to advise in procurement of lighting kits and tools

  • Basic construction skills necessary for rigging up lights for large studio productions

  • Comfortable directing and educating others, inspiring a learning environment where employees grow their knowledge and stay safe during light set up

  • Complete understanding of Vanilla Video production policy, procedures

  • Developed communication skills necessary for interfacing with clients, employees, as well as outside vendors

  • Highly organized and diligent, ensures proper set up is ready to go prior to a shoot stands by until everything is in place and makes necessary adjustments

  • Strength and stamina necessary to work with large and heavy equipment, including loading and unloading, rigging, and set up

  • Leadership skills necessary to direct a crew of between 5-10 people for large and involved shoots both in studio or at client locations

  • Creative use of lighting fixtures and tools to create desired effects for a variety of videos

  • Cooperative and friendly, able to take direction and make revisions quickly when necessary

  • Industrious inventory skills, always knows status of all equipment, ensures proper care and maintenance, replaces things when they are broken and always has extra bulbs, screws, tools, on hand

  • Understanding of digital electric programming and ability to program and operate lighting remotely from a computer or control panel


Serving as a lighting technician at Vanilla Video involves strength, understanding of electricity and light set up, as well as expertise in video production. Having the right light set up is an important component in the success of any shoot. All videographers and photographers at Vanilla Video are capable of setting up their own lights for mobile studio shoots or smaller productions at customer locations including office or residential spaces. The Light Technician is constantly educating employees at Vanilla Video on new lighting techniques and helping videographers set up lights for tricky situation.

The real heavy lifting for the lighting tech at Vanilla Video comes in during high-level production shoots within our studio. The lighting technician sets up and controls the lights before and during a shoot. They make any necessary fixtures and program lights to operate remotely with an electric control panel. Though proper lighting is extremely important for the success of any shoot, the lighting technician always puts safety first.

Vanilla Video is a champion of team effort, which means the lighting technician is never expected to work on a project completely alone. Many videographers, photographers, and production assistants learn the basics of lighting just by helping the lighting technician set up for production level shoots right in our office. The lighting technician is expected to be cooperative and friendly while leading builds and always maintains professional communication with employees, customers, and outside vendors whenever necessary.

Responsibilities & Duties

The lighting technician at Vanilla Video sets up lighting for video production using a variety of light kits and tools. Occasionally required to help in set design and building rigs, the lighting technician has a basic understanding of construction / carpentry skills and is a master electrician – especially when it comes to setting up and programming lights for remote operation via computer or control panel. The savvy and creative light technician is always learning and improving their light set up techniques and skills.

When leading a build, the lighting technician delegates easier tasks to videographers, production assistants, cinematographers, and the studio manager while ensuring everyone is operating safely at all times. For more involved, constructive builds the lighting technician is responsible for procuring outside services to assist in creating the lighting portion of studio set-up. While taking direction from the Studio Manager and Creative Director, the lighting technician helps Vanilla Video create scenery that achieves various effects for client videos. The lighting technician is an expert in all things Video Production and is constantly learning more and applying new knowledge and skills to builds.

Vanilla Video is proud and happy to be ready for just about anything, which means we have a lot of equipment. Nearly all of it gets used on a regular basis. As the expert in all things lighting, the lighting technician maintains inventory of lighting tools, kits, and gear. They know how to make necessary repairs and take the initiative to replace things when they are broken. Always up to date on the latest and greatest, the light tech helps procure new equipment to make lighting design at Vanilla Video better and easier. The lighting technician should be prepared to achieve just about any mood with lighting – when a customer comes to us with an idea, the lighting technician should respond with a solution and a plan to achieve the customer’s vision.

Versatility is a must for a successful lighting technician at Vanilla Video, this skilled tech needs to create lighting setups that do not need to be frequently change throughout a shoot. Extreme organizational skills and diligence ensure that the lighting set-up will work throughout the duration of a shoot, the lighting tech coordinates any set ups and tear downs with the team allowing everyone to learn more about the lighting aspect of video production.

Additional Requirements

  • Passionate about growing Vanilla Video as a business and enthusiastic about working with the team and maintaining a positive, laid-back culture both in and out of the office

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills necessary for interfacing with a variety of people including employees, vendors, talent, outside construction and electrician personnel, and customers

  • Extremely knowledgeable about video production lighting, studio lighting, electricity, construction, and set design

  • Voracious approach to learning, always finding ways to make lighting design at Vanilla Video better, easier, and faster

  • Understanding of setting up remote lighting controls, some understanding of code to automate lighting a plus

  • Excited to nurture an educational environment for the team, while everyone is expected to understand basics of lighting design, videographers benefit a great deal from working with the lighting technician on studio builds

  • Outstanding leadership skills, able to command a large team of people without causing chaos, confusion, or stress

  • Prior experience in construction, electricity, or remodeling a huge plus

  • Comfortable discussing ideas with customers and internal personnel, ability to thrive in a collaborative environment while also working individually

  • Extreme dedication to adherence of OSHA safety standards, helps Vanilla Video remain a safe place to work

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