Junior Photographer

Job Summary

Junior Photographers work alongside Junior and Senior Videographers, Production Assistants, and Second Shooters to capture stills at a shoot. Taking direction from the Operations Manager, Creative Director, as well as the Senior Videographer, Junior Photographers work as vital members of the team. They capture images and stills necessary to complete a project that the videographers are unable to capture. A Junior Photographers’ presence also increases the value of the deliverables provided to the customer.

In addition to having excellent photography and photo editing abilities, the Junior Photographer is a team player with incredible communication skills. An artistic eye that notices and celebrates small details, the Junior Photographer is responsible for capturing both candid and directed shots of people, places, and things throughout the course of a shoot.

Vanilla Video films anything – meaning our Junior Photographers are exposed to a wide variety of locations, subject matter, and opportunity to enhance their skills. The sheer number of projects Vanilla Video delivers offers tremendous opportunity for anyone to gain experience in photography, while working alongside a dynamic videography team.

Junior Photographer

  • Experience: 2+ Years

  • Education: Not Required

  • Type: Entry-Level Position

  • Class: Video Production

  • Pay: $12.00 - 17.00 / hour

    Approx. $25k - 35.4k Yearly.

    Standard Benefits

Key Qualifications

  • Excellent photography skills with desire to grow and improve

  • Team player – works with everyone present at a shoot, does not interfere with videography footage, does not inspire competition among key players

  • Basic understanding of Adobe Creative Suite and photo editing software, must be able to perform standard edits to enhance photographs

  • Effective listening skills, ability to take direction from Creative Director and Senior Videographers/Photographers before, during, and after a shoot to ensure client needs are met

  • High level interpersonal skills, able to read people and direct them if necessary to capture an image

  • Prior experience in a customer facing role a plus, must be able to remain professional, courteous, and calm even during fast-paced situations

  • Willing to go above and beyond when working with customers, especially when they approach you and ask for a picture or shot

  • Analytical and decisive, able to enter a situation and immediately begin capturing images, especially in a way that requires minimal editing

  • Passionate about truthful representation, uses editing to enhance a photograph’s composition, brightness, lighting – rather than completely changing a subject’s appearance

  • Understanding of various photographic elements including subject matter placement, lighting, etc.

  • Careful planning and observational skills, anticipates needs and solutions to problems before they arise

  • Hardworking and dedicated, follows through on all tasks until completion

  • Positive and friendly personality, stays calm even in high-pressure, fast-paced environments

  • Diligence and meticulousness – willing to put extra care and time to get their work “just right,” prior to customer delivery

  • Ability to digest and apply constructive criticism in this learning-opportunity role

  • Extremely willing to take and follow direction from management staff and Senior Videographers

  • Lend a helping hand whenever necessary while at a shoot or in the office

  • Basic understanding of sales techniques and business analysis, ability to keep up during team meetings

  • Understands when to dial-down the creative license, comprehends what Vanilla Video is all about


A supporting role during any shoot, the Junior Photographer works with a variety of people. During more involved productions, the Junior Photographer will work alongside a team made up of a Senior Videographers and Photographers, Second Shooter(s), and even a Production Assistant. At smaller shoots, the Junior Photographer will work as a partner to a Senior Videographer, taking stills and stepping in to help whenever possible.

Vanilla Video’s primary focus is videography, we do not offer photography packages to our clients. The purpose of having Junior Photographers on staff is to enhance video projects. Photos taken by Junior Photographers are extremely helpful during the editing process, especially when editors cut together footage and use stills to enhance a montage. Photography also comes in handy to capture candid moments, even during serious shoots such as business conferences. This additional footage can be used on social media pages and websites, it serves as a special touch upon delivering footage to customers. Vanilla Video’s goal is typically to provide as much footage as possible, documentary style. Being able to offer photos as well keeps us ahead of competition.

Junior Photographers accompany Videographers to capture still footage to be used both in editing and as an add-on to any video package. While Vanilla Video doesn’t plan to offer photo-only packages, this is a great opportunity for any photographer to gain experience, and learn the ins and outs of the video production industry.

Responsibilities & Duties

As a Junior Photographer, you will be responsible for capturing images that will enhance the video project delivered to the customer. Whether the photos stand alone or get worked into a montage, it is always great to have additional documentation to provide the customer. Whether the project is a wedding or a corporate training video, there’s always room to take plenty of pictures.

Pictures not only add value to any video package, they also make the editing process easier for videographers. Using images from an event allows editors to understand the order of events, what took place, and the overall mood without having to sift through the raw footage prior to editing.

Taking direction and working as a member of a team are important components of being a Junior Photographer at Vanilla Video. After being assigned to a job by the Operations Manager, you will oftentimes take direction regarding the types of shots needed from the Creative Director. Working closely with the Creative Director allows opportunities for collaboration and growth – your input will affect the final project. In the field during a shoot, the Junior Photographer takes direction from a Senior Videographer in charge of the shoot. Your cooperation with the team during an event ensures that the photography and videography fit together seamlessly, while providing a seamless and enjoyable experience for the customer.

After a shoot, the Junior Photographer follows the same process as videographers do when delivering a project. Upon downloading footage to the system, the Junior Photographer follows the creative direction of the Creative Director when editing the photos. Junior Photographers are supervised by Senior Photographers, especially during the editing process. When it comes to a shoot, direction comes from the Creative Director as well as videographers present at the shoot. In the editing room, Senior Photographers guide and educate Junior Photographers, while analyzing their shots and assisting in editing. During the editing process, Junior Photographers also work with videographers editing footage for the same project to ensure the photos and video fit together seamlessly.

Occasionally, the Junior Photographer will need to assist the Senior Videographer during a shoot, especially if there aren’t any other team members present. The Junior Photographer will learn a great deal about videography and video production, and must be willing to do whatever it takes to ensure the success of a shoot. Not only will you grow as a photographer and photo editor, you will learn about the operations of a dynamic video production company.

Additional Requirements

  • Availability to work with a flexible schedule, oftentimes involving weekend work

  • Passion for being part of a creative team and learning more about videography and project delivery at Vanilla Video

  • Enthusiastic about having more opportunities to take pictures of a variety of people, places, and things

  • Up to date on trends and best practices in photography, editing, and the use of imagery online and beyond

  • Values being a team member and working with others to achieve a common goal

  • Selfless and helpful, always ready to lend a hand either to team members or customers

  • Visionary – ability to apply creativity while following guidelines and directions provided by team leaders

  • Not afraid to try new things, travel to unfamiliar places, and interact with strangers – open and outgoing

  • Excellent computer skills, especially photo editing software

  • Graphic design experience a plus – willing and able to jump in on a variety of projects to make progress in a variety of skills

  • Open to learning about the business side of creative work, such as budgeting, data analysis, accounting, operations, logistics, sales, and marketing

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