Financial Analyst

Job Summary

Looking to expand beyond its single Chicagoland location, Vanilla Video constantly crunches numbers to make better financial decisions. Keeping track of sales, expenses, revenue, and income allows Vanilla Video to make educated forecasts regarding the future, their employees, as well as the services they provide. Minimizing expenses gives Vanilla Video leeway to purchase better gear and pay their videographers more.

Financial analysts at Vanilla Video are responsible for running, creating, building, and analyzing financial reports to help make Vanilla Video better. Here, data is king when it comes to making decisions. Upper management at Vanilla Video rely on various pieces of data gathered every time they make a big, company impacting decision. Financial Analysts keep track of business trends and helping Vanilla Video allocate its resources for optimal growth. The Financial Analyst will also be project Vanilla Video’s finances, and helping reallocate funds to maximize Vanilla Video’s financial efficiency.

While working with members of upper management and the finance department, Financial Analysts at Vanilla Video make it a better place for videographers to work, and the first place customers think of when they need a video.

Financial Analyst

  • Experience: 2+ Years

  • Education: Not Required

  • Type: Entry-Level Position

  • Class: Finance

  • Pay: $30.00 - 45.00 / hour

    Approx. $62.4k - 93.6k Yearly.

    Standard Benefits

Key Qualifications

  • Strong accounting and analytical skills

  • Meticulous attention to detail and accuracy

  • Ability to meet deadlines while multitasking

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills to interact effectively across variety of departments

  • Computer and statistical analysis skills

  • Experience producing financial reports and presentations (monthly and ad-hoc)

  • Demonstrated ability to produce detailed financial analysis including variance analysis, projections, and trend analysis

  • Ability to work with pivot tablets, data management, and identify opportunities for process improvement

  • Enthusiastic to work with various members of Vanilla Video to go beyond the black and white facts of numbers and reports

  • Motivated to work with others and find ways to improve workflow and make things more efficient in every capacity

  • Creative thinking to provide insight and solutions to trends found in financial analysis

  • Prior financial forecasting experience a plus

  • Ability to apply discretion and technical skills to widely varying situations

  • Former experience analyzing financial activity in a multi-location, multi-national, and / or start up-like (fast growing) corporate setting

  • Experience working for a financial institution and preparing financial documents

  • Analytical skills

  • Detail oriented

  • Strong math skills

  • Able to communicate financial finding and information in a way everyone can understand

  • Able to read market trends and keep Vanilla Video ahead of the curve

  • Keep track of business operations

  • Knows Microsoft Office (excel and Access)

  • Able to manage multiple projects

  • Ability to meet deadlines

  • Accounting and GAAP knowledge


In a fast paced, ever changing market – Vanilla Video requires diligence to maintain and expand its position in videography today. The role of Financial Analysts at Vanilla Video is crucial for continued growth. While directly reporting to the VP of Finance, the financial analysts work side by side with a variety of team members to paint a clearer picture of the financial health of Vanilla Video every day.

Every position at Vanilla Video requires a certain of level of expertise and experience, however the collaborative environment leads to cross functional learning opportunities with every task. Gaining understanding of video production and processes in place the Financial Analysts use everything they know about Vanilla Video’s operations when reporting stats and figures to upper management. Publishing and presenting reports to upper management allows Financial Analysts to grow not only in financial knowledge, but in business sense, economics, interpersonal skills and more.

Providing clear, descriptive, and accurate financial analysis to every activity Vanilla Video embarks in allows upper management staff to understand the success of various endeavors of the company. Measuring progress every step of the way is necessary to ensure Vanilla Video makes progress in gaining market share and expanding beyond one location.

A clear understanding of finance and budgeting, the Financial Analysts work together to create forecasts, analyze pricing structures, and put together ad-hoc reports that answer various needs of upper management. Creative out of the box thinking allows Financial Analysts to provide ideas to team members that turn them into actionable solutions.

Responsibilities & Duties

Like every member at Vanilla Video, Financial Analysts have a specific role in making Vanilla Video successful. Here, Financial Analysts provide detailed reports communicating strengths and weaknesses of Vanilla Video’s efforts to grow as a nationwide videography provider.

Financial Analysts should have strong understanding of business KPI’s and how they fit together to paint a clear financial picture of Vanilla Video daily. Every report provided to upper management offers valuable insight for the team to make decisions regarding expenses, spending, as well as pricing of goods and services offered.

The Financial Analysts work together with other members of the Vanilla Video team to understand and explain trends present in their data sets. At times, even then mathiest brains can’t make sense of the numbers. Rather than leaving questions unanswered, Financial Analysts step into the editing room to ask videographers for their insight and reasoning. Being able to explain deviations in facts and findings to upper management allows for a larger problem solving surface area – making everyone’s job easier.

Directly reporting to the VP of Finance, Financial Analysts assist in determining available spending limits, managing the budget, and interpreting profitability of available investments. A role with room to grow, Financial Analysts are required to step up to the plate whenever possible, willing to try new things to grow both professionally and personally. This role involves driving efforts in efficiency, developing open lines of communication across the entire company, as well assisting in planning for the future.

Additional Requirements

  • Reviews data daily and weekly for trends, providing reports to various members of the team

  • Knowledge in accounting, sales, and GAAP; past-experience in a publicly traded company preferred

  • Ready to gain knowledge in financial reporting and analysis in a fast-paced corporate setting

  • Ability to manage shifting priorities while working with a variety of people

  • Keen business sense – use analytical ability to make judgements and present ideas to upper management accurately

  • Possess economic wisdom – understand the importance of taking healthy, calculated risks

  • Enthusiastic about Vanilla Video’s operations, culture, procedures and willing to work with a variety of creative individuals

  • Strong problem solving and analytical skills

  • Ability to work with others to enhance the culture and learning environment

  • Evaluate current and historical data

  • Study economic and business trends

  • Study Vanilla Video’s financial statements to determine its value

  • Meet with company officials to gain better insight into the company’s prospects and management

  • Track expenses and revenues vs. a budget and reforecast and analyze fluctuations

  • Prepare monthly, quarterly, and annual financial reports

  • Assist in creating the company’s budget

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