Executive Assistant

Job Summary

As an Executive Assistant, you act a liaison / intermediary between your assigned Executive and any internal or external communications. Generally, this includes fielding requests, inquiries, and other communications from team members, as well as handling day-to-day operations as directed by your Executive. Additionally, you will be responsible for managing the Executive’s calendar, agenda, and meetings or calls — or any other scheduled events.

You will be able to influence other team members on behalf of your Executive, and will be expected to oversee projects through to their completion, as well as have a high degree of common sense and business acumen. On occasions, as directed, you may act as a proxy for the Executive during meetings, phone calls, or other communications.

Generally speaking, you will also act as the Gatekeeper for the Executive. It is your goal to allocate the Executive’s time most effectively. Your role is to complement the Executive and the use of their time by filtering or handling requests on their behalf, assisting with tasks, and prioritizing events or meetings based on goals that have been communicated to you by the Executive.

Executive Assistant

  • Experience: 5+ Years

  • Education: Bachelor's Preferred

  • Type: Executive Liaison

  • Class: Administrative

  • Pay: $16.00 - 36.00 / hour

    Approx. $33.3k - 74.9k Yearly.

    Standard Benefits

Key Qualifications

  • Ability to act as a liaison between executives and internal/external communications.

  • Represent corporate executives and act as a proxy during meetings or phone calls.

  • Proactively accomplish tasks, take notes during meetings, and delegate duties to others.

  • Manage multiple calendars and scheduling management using Outlook / Exchange.

  • Organizing team meetings, offsite reservations, and arranging for catering as needed.

  • Handle incoming emails, phone calls and other correspondence from clients & co-workers.

  • Communicate ideas from executives to other mid-level managers and team members.

  • Coordinate and handle travel arrangements — including detailed itinerary management.


As an Executive Assistant you will primary work one-to-one with an assigned Executive, but occasionally may act on behalf of other Executives as directed. You will act as the intermediary between your assigned Executive and any co-workers, vendors, and customers. It is your duty to most efficiently optimize the Executive’s time and coordinate their agenda and goals with other team members. On the behalf of the Executive(s) you will be directed from time to time to act as Proxy, manage other team members, oversee projects, and act in a managerial role.

At Vanilla Video, we expect Executive Assistants to have a high degree to autonomy; you will need an acute sense for business, business goals, a decent understanding of our line of business and video production in general, strong people skills, excellent communication, and the ability to work proactively and expeditiously. Because you will act on behalf of Executives, we consider all Executive Assistants as managerial positions. Career advancement for this position typically involves higher compensation.

Responsibilities & Duties

You will work directly with, and report to, your assigned executive. You will learn to emulate their behavior and decision-making in meetings, phone calls, and any other correspondence. Ideally, you will act as their intermediary between internal and external communications as needed, and coordinate with others to achieve the executive’s goals as they may change from day-to-day. You will learn to exercise discretion and optimize the executive’s time; e.g., filtering or summarizing communications, organizing meetings around the executives daily agenda, acting as the executive’s proxy when unavailable or directed.

Additional Requirements

  • Work well within a team setting.

  • Superior verbal communication.

  • Strong interpersonal skills.

  • Strong written communication skills.

  • Ability to be discrete.

  • Ability to maintain a calm demeanor.

  • Communicate ideas effectively.

  • Maintain a professional presence.

  • Summarize feedback & conversations.

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