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Job Summary

The Event Planner works with members of the Marketing Department to host events presenting Vanilla Video as a leader in the industry. While the Event Planner oversees all of the events occurring within Vanilla Video and directs the initiatives of the Assistant Event Planner, their role is mainly concerned with the marketing aspect of Vanilla Video evets.

An expert planner, organizer, cat herder, and coordinator – the Event Planner is capable of bringing a group of people together in order to execute a successful event. Knowledgeable in popular places and venues around Chicagoland, as well as photo worthy foodie trends on social media the Event Planner considers public relations strategies with every event Vanilla Video hosts. The Event Planner is a key member in our Partner Outreach Program, led by our Business Developers, and maintains relationships with outside vendors through planning frequent events.

The Event Planner is social media savvy while also highly personable and relatable. They serve as a face for Vanilla Video at any hosted event and strive to create events that adhere to the Vanilla Video brand personality. High level business sense is required to ensure events are planned effectively and efficiently, the event planner understands metrics such as acquisition costs and ROI. While not every event is planned solely to win customers, the Event Planner is able to estimate the number of buyers out of a group of attendees and make predictions regarding their spending power. The Event Planner must understand various target markets that search for video and consider them, and their average spend when planning events for them to attend.

Event Planner

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Key Qualifications

  • 2-3 years of experience at Vanilla Video as the Assistant Event Planner or other marketing-related role

  • High level understanding of video production, especially at Vanilla Video

  • Experience and understanding of online content marketing via our website, social media sites, as well as through partner’s websites and social media

  • Highly organized and effective communicator, able to manage from afar and delegate tasks while focusing on marketing strategy

  • Expertise in event marketing and event planning

  • Savvy in local hotspots, social media photo and video trends, as well as popular trends in a variety of events

  • Hospitable and welcoming, knows how to plan an event with the attendees in mind

  • Detail oriented, considers everything as a way to make the Vanilla Video brand stand out at an event

  • Enthusiastic team member, enjoys collaborating and coordinating across departments

  • Works well within the marketing department, is able to assign projects and receive deliverables from any member when necessary

  • Project management skills, keeps tabs on all open projects and ensures they are being organized and completed on time, serves as a mentor to the Assistant Event Planner

  • Understands how to maintain and strengthen a brand’s presence through the use of display marketing at an event

  • Creative in presenting event coverage and content on social media, expert in directing edits of event videos

  • Able and willing to work with customers and provide insight on planning their event, always has a partner in mind to suggest or recommend when possible


The Event Planner at Vanilla Video plans and executes gatherings, networking sessions, industry presentations, and client meetings to strengthen brand presence among employees, clients, vendors, and potential customers. Vanilla Video is a leading provider in event video coverage in Chicagoland, after attending so many events – each one of our videographers knows a thing or two about what makes events, and event videos successful and meaningful to customers. The Event Planner uses this knowledge to design events that leave a lasting impression on attendees.

With so much expertise in video production, small business marketing, web content marketing, and successful event planning Vanilla Video has a heap of information to share. While we do use our website and social media channels to share our knowledge, another way to engage with audiences is to invite them to events. Our videographers attend a variety of events all across the city of Chicago and surrounding suburbs, we have filmed at just about every venue and have seen hundreds of weddings, birthday parties, lectures, networking events, business conferences, and presentations. Our experience as observers and documenters of these events allows us to learn what attendees enjoy, how they interact with various brands, an the trends in a variety of types of events.

Gathering knowledge from a variety of samples as well as first hand comments and experience from the team of videographers, the Event Planner understands how to educate others in hosting events. Hosting large networking or informational sessions is a large endeavor at Vanilla Video, as we continue to grow and host more events across the city we learn what works for us and what does not. The Event Planner must constantly be analyzing the success of an event and making changes to increase customer reach and engagement.

Responsibilities & Duties

While the Event Planner does have a trusty assistant, they are responsible for most of the major decisions when it comes to an creating an event. After working with the Marketing Department and determining the need or opportunity to host an event, the Event Planner and their assistant work together to discover options for every aspect of the event – from the location, to the food and beverages served, to attracting and inviting attendees. The two understand how to present appealing options to the team while sticking to a budget, and also delegate necessary tasks to creatives such as designing signage, informational packets, presentations, and tangible giveaways.

The Event Planner serves as a mentor to the Assistant Event Planner, and teaches them everything they need to know to be a successful event organizer at Vanilla Video. The Assistant Event Planner handles many of the logistical details and is largely responsible for smaller events such as client meetings and internal occasions. Since the Event Planner is lucky to have an assistant, they typically spend a great deal of time doing research, analyzing event successes, and attending competitor/vendor events to strengthen partnerships and gather valuable information.

A distinguished member of the Marketing Department the Event Planner maintains a sharp understanding of all marketing efforts and endeavors occurring at Vanilla Video at any given time. Keeping company motives and messaging in mind is important whenever planning large events, as Vanilla Video attempts to align all messaging within a campaign at any given time. The Event Planner is truly a marketing expert, especially related to advertising and branding efforts for Vanilla Video.

Additional Requirements

  • Up to date on pop culture trends, knows where various target markets gather and understands how to reach these markets via event marketing

  • Savvy in all channels of social media

  • Understanding of SEO, web content marketing

  • Highly organized and diligent, treats every event as a major project and follows a carefully articulated plan to ensure it goes smoothly

  • Capable of creating content for our blog, website, and social media channels regarding expertise in event planning and event video

  • Passionate about weddings, family events, and corporate events – enjoys sharing knowledge with others

  • Enthusiasm for growing professionally within Vanilla Video and expanding the business

  • Devoted to upholding current company culture and serving as a mentor to the Assistant Event Planner

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