Digital Production Designer

Job Summary

The Digital Production Designer at Vanilla Video takes all that content the Marketing Department is constantly working on and makes it look just right for the website, social media, and anywhere else online. A master in graphic design, the Digital Production Design has a keen eye for making content look compelling and engaging while effectively carrying out a message. Knowledge of websites, SEO, as well as HTML/CSS programming ensure designs appear online properly.

A highly organized and effective communicator, the Digital Production Designer brings written verbiage to life online. A keen understanding of Vanilla Video branding, the Digital Production Designer adheres to the Vanilla Video brand personality in all designs. A creative visionary, the Digital Production Designer takes concepts out of a brain storming session and brings them to life. Always prepared with additional prototypes and back-up designs, the Digital Production Designer considers the entire message of a particular piece of content throughout the design process.

While their role involves careful craftmanship, the Digital Production Designer is expected to keep up with industry trends and gain marketing knowledge. While creating meaningful content is an important goal in the Vanilla Video marketing department, every member must be able to analyze and maximize the performance of the campaigns they work so diligently to produce.

Digital Production Designer

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Key Qualifications

  • At least 2-3 years’ of experience as a video or photo editor at Vanilla Video, with motion graphics and animation skills a plus

  • Talented in creating visual digital content using computer graphic design, proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite

  • Ability to transform a concept or block of content into a visually appealing infographic, article, or blog

  • Understanding of HTML/CSS programming for incorporating digital assets into web content for

  • Knowledge of the basics in digital design, able to design appealing web content layouts

  • Clearly understand the distinction between various social media and web channels, create content with differences in mind

  • Organized and diligent, able to work on multiple projects at once with different team members

  • Excellent communication skills, especially in internal e-mail communication

  • Able to visualize a concept and create prototypes for review, willing to make necessary revisions until design conveys a message correctly

  • Understanding of basic advertising and marketing principals, ability to keep up in meetings and understand of analysis, marketing KPIs, statistics, and company performance

  • Familiar with variety of web content formats and following specifications for presenting visual elements online

  • Expertise in mechanical key line creation, vector art manipulation, and creative layouts

  • Ability to understand purpose for visual content and create visual elements that carry out a vision or message

  • Breadth of industry knowledge in marketing and video production

  • Willingness to take direction as well as remain autonomous while completing work

  • Cooperative, works well in a team oriented environment

  • Able to switch between variety of tasks quickly, sometimes tasked with working on projects for customers with motion graphics artists and animators


The Digital Production Designer makes Vanilla Video content look great online. Directly reporting to the Digital Content Manger, the Digital Production Designer accepts projects and works closely with other members of the marketing department to make content visually appealing online. The Digital Production Designer takes pieces created by other content creatives at Vanilla Video and ties them together for use on the website and in a variety of other online media.

In creating a variety of pieces for use all over the internet, the Digital Production Designer must always keep the end user in mind. While a majority of work is spent on creating content for marketing purposes, the Digital Production Designer may be tasked with creating customer facing web pages including online ordering forms and invoices. Vanilla Video is the first company to bring online ordering to the world of video production, the Digital Production Designer works with Web Developers to enhance the look and usability of our web features.

During previous experience at Vanilla Video, the Digital Production Designer learns important concepts about our unique position within the marketplace. When creating digital content designs, the Digital Production Designer considers the Vanilla Video mission and adheres to branding standards and guidelines.

Responsibilities & Duties

The marketing department is always buzzing with activity, as every member works on a variety of projects spanning across disciplines and a variety of team members. The Digital Production Designer carries out concepts envisioned during brain storming sessions alongside the Digital Artist. Together they take photo, video, and written content and transform it into entire web pages, social media posts, or e-mail newsletters. Sometimes these digital creatives work together to design a customer or employee interface for an application or online program within Vanilla Video.

Talented in digital design ranging from graphic design, web layouts, motion graphics, and animation the Digital Production Designer may be tasked with leading customer projects as well. In these cases, the Digital Production Designer participates in brain storms and follows the vision formulated by the Creative Director. In large productions, the Digital Production Designer leads a team of graphic designers, digital artists, motion graphics artists, animators, and video editors in creating a flawless video without the use of videography. Vanilla Video is currently expanding this level of video production work, and the Digital Production Designer is able to lend their expertise in digital production to help grow this aspect of the business.

A master communicator and diligent with shifting deadlines, the Digital Production Designer always keeps their respective teams in the loop regarding various projects. The Digital Production Designer follows project management protocol by checking-in with the Digital Marketing Coordinator, but also takes initiative by communicating with all necessary parties in a project. The Digital Marketing Coordinator is never afraid to go back to a content writer or producer in order to rework some verbiage or help come up with a better design. Though a great deal of time is spent working independently, the Digital Production Designer understands the importance of cooperation and collaboration at Vanilla Video.

Additional Requirements

  • Ability to create variety of unique designs while adhering to Vanilla Video brand guidelines

  • Understanding of how designs affect communication and customer perception online

  • Willing to make revisions, create multiple prototypes, and change direction when necessary

  • Thrives in a team oriented, collaborative environment – enjoys working on a team to bring a vision to life

  • Intrinsically motivated to complete projects, communicates with necessary parties in order to bring projects through next stages in development

  • Creative and artistic in all efforts, without losing site of the Vanilla Video brand and mission

  • Constantly looking to improve, welcomes feedback and conducts research to stay up to date on industry standards

  • Leadership skills and mentorship ability, willing to teach others new skills especially those using graphic design in video and photo editing at Vanilla Video

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