Digital Marketing Coordinator

Job Summary

The Digital Marketing Coordinator makes sure every piece of digital marketing content projects come together at the right time. From social media posts, to blogs, to our own videos – the Digital Marketing Coordinator is a master communicator and organizer. When objectives get muddled or a deadline is missed – the Digital Marketing Coordinator gets to the bottom of the issue and helps the team get back on track.

Serving as a liaison between the rest of the Marketing Department and the Digital Content Division, the Digital Marketing Coordinator ensures components are delivered on time and communicates any necessary pieces or revisions to other marketing creatives. Highly organized and diligent, the Digital Marketing Coordinator is able to jump in and help just about anywhere within the marketing department to ensure digital marketing projects get completed on time. While receiving direction from the Digital Marketing Manager, the Digital Marketing Coordinator works with a variety of members of the marketing department to ensure digital content effectively reaches Vanilla Video customers online.

Digital Marketing Coordinator

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Key Qualifications

  • Demonstrated excellence in Vanilla Video brand understanding and policy as a Junior Videographer for at least 2-3 years

  • Expert understanding of Adobe Creative Suite, especially in creating web layouts, infographics, motion graphics, and animations

  • Project management skills, follows procedures and processes in place to ensure the entire team is well informed regarding project status

  • Detail oriented, constantly double checking and verifying work to ensure adherence to brand standards

  • Basic understanding of media buying and media planning processes at Vanilla Video

  • Proficient understanding of online marketing via website, social media, content sites, and official company blog

  • Ability to participate in brain storming, conceptualization processes involving various members of marketing department

  • Knowledgeable in the Vanilla Video approach to video production

  • Familiarity in digital marketing and advertising including display, programmatic, and direct

  • Basic HTML/CSS coding knowledge to implement designs into the Vanilla Video website

  • Comfortable working in a highly collaborative, team environment where all tasks support the benefit of the entire team

  • Time management skills necessary to stay on top of shifting deadlines in a fast paced environment

  • Highly organized at all times, especially prepared when working with others and gathering information to communicate to larger groups of team members

  • Ability to work on a team in landing page development, mobile marketing, usability research, A/B testing, quality control testing

  • Understanding of marketing KPI’s, consistently analyzing web and social traffic throughout campaigns

  • Basic understanding of statistical reporting, ability to create presentations and reports to present findings to the rest of the marketing department


The Digital Marketing Coordinator at Vanilla Video ensures our customers and web visitors have an excellent experience with our brand online. The digital marketing experts at Vanilla Video work closely with content creatives and social media gurus to tie everything together into a clear message. The Digital Marketing Coordinator keeps track of all projects touched by the Digital Production Designer and the Digital Artist. Under direction and supervision of the Digital Content Manager, the team works together to combine various content elements into a single effective marketing piece.

Concerned with the customer experience, the Digital Marketing Staff serves to inform and engage with potential customers online. While typically enlisted to work on digital marketing content for strategic use in paid and organic marketing campaigns, this team can also be expected to implement changes in design to applications and programs meant for use by employees and customers. The Digital Marketing Coordinator serves as a project manager for every task entering the Digital Marketing Staff’s action list.

Together with the Marketing Coordinator and Social Media Coordinator, the Digital Marketing Coordinator ensures marketing projects are completed in a timely manner. This trio of coordinators is constantly communicating and following up on a variety of projects, passing along status updates as well as gathering information for revisions or upcoming stages in a project. Highly organized and effective communicators, these members of the Marketing Department work together to keep everyone informed and on track. Whenever necessary, they are able to jump in and help complete work on a number of projects. The Digital Marketing Coordinator follows the Digital Production Designer and Digital Artists as they complete their work, consistently learning more and more about Digital Content Marketing creation.

Responsibilities & Duties

The Digital Marketing Coordinator is responsible for supporting all digital content creation activities within the Marketing Department. After a campaign is designed, every member of the marketing department gets to work to carry out various pieces to use online. Keeping everything straight can be a task, so Coordinators work together to inform the rest of the department of project status. The Digital Marketing Coordinator is highly organized and detail oriented and communicates clearly with everyone on the team.

The Digital Marketing Coordinator reports directly to the Digital Content Manager and is responsible for meeting with team members and gathering information necessary for the Digital Production Designer and Digital Artist to complete their projects. The Digital Marketing Coordinator shadows the Digital Production Designer and assists the Digital Artist in order to learn as much as possible about digital content production at Vanilla Video. Alongside the content creatives on staff, the digital marketers are responsible for creating digital content that captures the attention of potential Vanilla Video customers.

As a coordinator, the Digital Marketing Coordinator works to assist the department as much as possible. From setting up meetings to planning cross functional collaboration sessions, the Digital Marketing Coordinator handles the project management tasks of digital content creation at Vanilla Video. While learning the basics of digital marketing, the Digital Marketing Coordinator assists the team greatly by helping as much as possible.

Additional Requirements

  • Understanding of business analysis, able to keep up during campaign planning/performance meetings

  • Willingness to work in a fast-paced environment with frequently changing priorities and tight deadlines

  • Team player mentality, willing to do what it takes to accomplish a task, not concerned with receiving individual recognition or credit

  • Passionate about growing Vanilla Video and upholding laid-back company culture

  • Fast learner, ability to grasp challenging concepts quickly while asking the right questions and doing further research whenever necessary

  • Constantly looking to improve professional and computer programming skills

  • Willing to assist in a cross-functional position, always ready to write content, film a video, or design a landing page

  • Understanding of SEO principles and the use of meta information

  • Research and analytical skills, ability to track and evaluate digital content performance and communicate findings to department

  • Interest in gaining industry knowledge and conducting competitive analysis

  • Familiar with Google Analytics and Google AdWords tools

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