Digital Content Manager

Job Summary

The Digital Content Manager at Vanilla Video oversees all digital content efforts and projects. While the Digital Content Coordinator typically collects data and information regarding project status, the Digital Content Manager plans schedules and reviews all content prior to launch online. Experienced in content marketing and management, the Digital Content Manager oversees a large team consisting of many moving parts.

The Digital Content Manager works closely with Marketing Managers to determine a schedule and project plan for any digital content components of a marketing campaign. Once a plan is determined, the Digital Content Manager communicates plan objectives to the digital content team. While much of the work is carried out by creatives, the Digital Content Manager pays close attention to project components as they reach completion. They step in to provide guidance and feedback prior to final delivery, ensuring only the best content ends up in front of the rest of the team.

An expert in all things digital content, the Digital Content Manager is expected to have a solid understanding of HTML/CSS, digital online marketing, graphic design, layout creation, photography, videography, and content writing. Their expertise allows them to guide a team of dedicated creatives in building effective content for the Vanilla Video brand.

Digital Content Manager

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Key Qualifications

  • 2-3 years of experience at the coordinator level in the Marketing Department at Vanilla Video

  • Expertise and understanding of the Vanilla Video approach to video production

  • Proficient in all things digital content, willing to work alongside dedicated creatives to help them complete a project under tight deadlines whenever necessary

  • Experience working on digital marketing campaigns, understands how every component comes together, able to prevent bottlenecks and assist in delivering on time

  • Understanding of AB and user testing, able to work with Web Developer and Digital Production Designer to create multiple renditions of a single piece to determine UX value.

  • Project management skills, highly organized and clear communication skills – knows how to manage a group of creatives working independently on components of the same deliverable

  • Mentorship and leadership skills, inspires others to learn more about their work and consistently improve

  • Clear understanding of the distinction between all social media channels including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter

  • Creative visionary, able to create a vision and lead the team in carrying out a successful campaign

  • Expert level understanding of business operations, able to keep up during meetings with upper management, provide insight to certain numbers

  • Strategic and analytical, understands the facts behind effective marketing, able to defend or deny an idea using statistics rather than sentiment


The Digital Content Manager heads a high powered team of content creatives. General overseer of all things content at Vanilla Video, the Digital Content Manager works with other managers in the Marketing Department to create a coherent marketing plan that integrates across a variety of channels including Social, Search, and Display Marketing.

The Digital Content Manager receives a great deal of support from the Digital Content Coordinator. Together, the two always know what stage various projects are in and work side by side to strategize the best approach to tackling content opportunities. Highly creative, the Digital Content Manager inspires their team to create content that shines for Vanilla Video. The Digital Content Manager cultivates company culture, encouraging their team to work at a pace that suits them in order to deliver their best work. They challenge others and motivate them to work hard until their content pieces fit perfectly within a particular campaign.

Marketing experience, business sense, and creativity must all come together for the Digital Content Manager who works alongside other Marketing Managers in developing concepts for campaigns across several channels. While the creatives put in the labor to carry out a vision, the Digital Content Manager plays a large role in ensuring pieces are completed on time and carry the overall voice of the campaign flawlessly.

Responsibilities & Duties

Responsible for leading all of the content creatives in their duties for implementing the digital content aspect of a marketing campaign, the Digital Content Manager works hard to keep things moving within their department. Served by the Digital Content Coordinator, the Digital Content Manager works as a high-level visionary and project manager. While the Digital Content Coordinator is tasked with working out the details, the Digital Content Manager is concerned with major milestones within any given project.

While primarily responsible for the output of their team, the Digital Content Manager spends a great deal of time working alongside other managers and the Vice Presidents at Vanilla Video. Together this think tank is constantly analyzing performance and scouring for opportunities. Constantly looking at the numbers gives the Digital Content Manager an idea of where Vanilla Video can grow their Digital Content.

Highly developed interpersonal communication skills are a must for a successful Digital Content Manager. Whenever the need for a piece or campaign comes up, the Digital Content Manager should always know exactly which creatives to task with the project. Managing resources effectively is extremely important and ensures Vanilla Video operates efficiently, effectively, and produces value for anyone who interacts with the brand. While leading from afar is necessary to maintain autonomy among the creative force, the Digital Content Manager must take the initiative to directly work with every team member as often as possible. Cultivating an inspiring and creative environment encourages work flow and keeps employees happy even during fast-paced projects with shifting deadlines and priorities.

Additional Requirements

  • Rigorous editing skills, able to look at a draft or a concept and advise necessary changes and provide feedback

  • Team-oriented leadership skills, thrives while working with others and makes decisions that affect the entire team positively

  • High-level understanding of various marketing and business metrics, able to look at data and offer insight or make a decision

  • Ability to teach, mentor, and inspire others – knowledge and experience in all aspects of content marketing

  • Passionate about cultivating company culture and growing Vanilla Video nationwide

  • Adapts to change quickly, able to notify others of changes without causing chaos or panic

  • Willing to learn and keep-up with trends in video production, photography, weddings, event planning, sports video, music video, and digital content marketing

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