Digital Artist

Job Summary

The Digital Artist creates compelling digital illustrations and graphics to be used in our online marketing campaigns. Design savvy, the Digital Artist knows how to convey a compelling message with something as simple as an icon or a logo. As a part of the Digital Content Team, the Digital Artist adds color and design to written content and web layouts designed by other creatives on the team.

Receiving direction from the Digital Content Manager, the Digital Artist creates graphic components for a variety of projects pertaining to Vanilla Video digital content marketing efforts. The Digital Artist works alongside the Digital Production Designer who helps come up with concepts and guidelines for every project. Throughout each phase of a project, the two are responsible for communicating with the Digital Marketing Coordinator.

While communication and organization skills are important, the Digital Artist truly takes concepts and runs with them. Outside of brainstorming sessions, the Digital Artist works diligently in creating renderings and prototypes for designs to use in digital marketing campaigns. Savvy in social media and online content marketing, the Digital Artist combines their passion for creativity with reaching Vanilla Video customers online.

Digital Artist

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Key Qualifications

  • Highly experienced in Vanilla Video videography, photography, and video editing styles, experience as a Junior Videographer / Photographer

  • Expert level understanding of design, especially iconography, typography and color theory

  • Proficient in animated or motion graphics video editing

  • Graphic design skills, ability to use Adobe Creative Suite to create branded artwork

  • Comfortable working with Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and inDesign,

  • Creative marketing knowledge, understanding of creating imagery that tells a brand story

  • Familiarity with HTML/CSS coding in designing for websites

  • Works well in a collaborative, able to provide daily updates on tasks throughout a variety of projects

  • Time management and organizational skills, able to manage deadlines and prioritize work appropriately

  • Understanding of Online Content Marketing, Social Media, and SEO able to create visually appealing digital art with a clear message in mind

  • Enjoys working within an in-house marketing department, does not have a “freelancer” mentality – completes projects with long-term company goals in mind

  • Designs UX friendly content and artwork, considers the end user in every design created

  • Eager to learn and grow while working closely with our upper management and marketing team

  • Knowledge and understanding of creating and using vector graphics

  • Ability to generate 3D computer graphics and renderings a plus


The Digital Artist uses Graphic Design to create visual elements for online marketing campaigns. Working directly under the Digital Production Designer, the Digital Artist takes ideas and concepts from marketing department brainstorms and brings them to life. Together the Digital Artist and the Designer combine components of digital content including verbiage, layout, and illustrations to create a compelling piece of marketing that viewers, users, and customers find engaging and informative.

A highly creative individual, the Digital Artist understands marketing concepts and strategy and is able to translate this knowledge in every piece of digital artwork they create for the team. The Digital Artist must be incredibly skilled as an artist, from painting/drawing skills to creating detailed 3D renderings, every piece they create must be visually appealing and compelling.

There is not a single position that involves being chained to a desk – the Digital Artist is expected to participate in team meetings alongside the rest of the marketing department and pre-production crew whenever necessary. They offer industry knowledge and trends in digital artwork that the rest of the staff may be unfamiliar with. Always sharpening their skills, the Digital Artist enjoys learning new things and sharing their knowledge and new techniques with the team. An innovative digital artist means every piece of content created at Vanilla Video will look beautiful and adhere to brand standards and strategies.

Responsibilities & Duties

As every member of the Vanilla Video staff, the Digital Artist is busy maintaining their part in a variety of projects and endeavors. While deadlines may shift, it is important the Digital Artist communicates with their partners on every project.

The Digital Artist is a master of Graphic Design, utilizing Adobe Creative Suite to carry out their work on a variety of content marketing related projects. As a member of the Marketing Department, the Digital Artist must have a clear understanding of the Vanilla Video brand while being able to visually represent our brand personality in all content created. In a collaborative/team environment, the Digital Artist is expected to create multiple prototypes for decision making purposes prior to completing a project. Welcoming of criticism and instruction, the Digital Artist works on their piece of a project until it fits perfectly within the strategy for a piece and never delivers anything short of “just right.”

Though creating art is the Digital Artist’s main responsibility, their artwork must be informed by their knowledge of online content marketing. Constant consideration of the end user is a vital part of the job, and some basic knowledge in HTML/CSS code offers a huge helping hand to the Digital Production Designer. Over time, the Digital Artist is expected to become more knowledgeable in communicating the Vanilla Video brand visually while building compelling graphic content. Since the Digital Artist produces a great deal of visual assets, they are tasked with maintaining the Vanilla Video asset library. As we are expected to grow, the Digital Artist is expected to offer insight and usability knowledge to the Web Developer who will be building our very own Asset Management System, geared toward managing assets for video production purposes.

Additional Requirements

  • Passionate about maintaining company culture and growing Vanilla Video as a business

  • Willing to multitask and manage multiple deadlines

  • Extremely detail oriented, works on something until it is just right

  • Always provide multiple renditions / prototypes prior to beginning project work

  • Leadership skills, enjoys training and teaching others, leads by diligent example

  • Results driven, follow-up on success of campaigns, find out what users/customers are responding to online

  • Clear communication skills, especially when coordinating with team members and providing status updates

  • Works well with every member of the Marketing Department, always ready to begin on a new project

  • Confident in abilities and knowledge, provides insight and expert advice regarding design to project leaders and other team members

  • Outgoing, willing to experiment and take risks

  • Strong traditional painting and drawing skills – we believe the fundamentals are the key to talent

  • Up to date on industry knowledge and trends in video production and digital art / design

  • Interest in personal professional development, working towards a promotion within the Digital Marketing Division

  • Ability to maintain an asset management system, works with in-house Web Developer to create and uphold an AMS

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