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Job Summary

Around Vanilla Video we like to say, “Content is King.”

We know that words are important and they matter, which is why we need master wordsmiths on our team. Content writers and copywriters at Vanilla Video are responsible for cultivating our brand’s presence with strong verbiage. Currently our website is our largest source of revenue and the content is largely the cause. Moving forward we expect to improve and expand the content on our website, while continuing to increase our efforts within other channels including social media, e-mail marketing, as well as display advertising.

This position is for experienced writers savvy in creating clear and concise messaging strategies for internal and external purposes. In a start-up environment where we are constantly experimenting and trying new things, our writers are quick witted and ready to write. Typically taking direction from the Digital Content Managers as well as managers within the marketing department, our content and copy writers create written content pieces for a variety of channels including our website, blog, social media accounts as well as internal content directed to employees and current customers.

Content Writer / Copywriter

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Key Qualifications

  • 2-3 years’ experience as a Vanilla Video junior videographer including strong competency in everything Video Production

  • Compelling ability to tell a story via several methods of communication both on and off-line

  • Prior experience writing in a creative capacity

  • Keen understanding of online marketing metrics including ROI, reach, web and social traffic, etc.

  • Savvy in Google AdWords and Analytics, expert knowledge of SEO strategy

  • Passion for video production as well as working for a fast-paced and growing startup

  • Adept in publishing content on all social media channels, WordPress blog sites, and creating e-mail newsletters

  • Ability to communicate clearly and concisely, especially internally

  • Highly motivated team player – everything we do at Vanilla Video is a team effort

  • Willing to do everything possible to learn more about content strategy and apply findings through individual research and industry trends to daily responsibilities

  • Understanding of marketing strategies and the role written content plays within a marketing plan or strategy

  • Creative in every capacity, always ready to try something new or take a different approach especially when it comes to brand storytelling

  • Able to adhere to brand guidelines at all times, must be able to maintain a clear brand image for Vanilla Video in every piece written including internal and customer communication

  • Extremely detail-oriented especially in the editing and proofing process, works with other writers and marketing team to publish only the best content

  • Understanding of business analytics,

  • Mindful of internal office surroundings, able to keep track of general goings-on of videographers, team, and project workload.


The writers a Vanilla Video have a big job to do – keep our website, social media profiles, and internal communications up to date with fresh and compelling written content. Writers work in the marketing department while taking direction from the Digital Content Manager as well as Social Marketing Manager, Search Marketing Manager, and Display Marketing Manager. The Marketing Department at Vanilla Video works strategically with guidance from the VP of Marketing, Sales, Finance and CEO. Together they carry out marketing strategy to grow Vanilla Video via online marketing channels as well as through referrals and vendor relationships.

While content and copy writers frequently collaborate with the marketing team and interact with other departments and videographers to gather information necessary for their content contribution, most of the work week involves writing. Content and copywriters are assigned to a variety of projects to enhance the website, social media channels as well as internal communication. Writers are expected to hold their own during meetings, especially when it comes to knowledge of video production, business, and marketing strategy. Every team member is expected to bring fresh ideas to the table and constantly be working to improve Vanilla Video.

A majority of writing work is focused on the website, as this is our primary channel for reaching customers. Our current growth areas include social media and vendor relationships. While taking direction from managers in the Marketing Department and the Digital Content Manager, the writers create content pieces such as status updates, articles, blogs, vlog scripts, Instagram captions, etc. As Vanilla Video expands further into the video production marketplace, we hope to be the leader in all things video. We want to create memorable pieces of content that other videographers as well as video production customers find useful. This is only possible with full-time on-staff writers knowledgeable in a variety of topics as they relate to anything video production.

Responsibilities & Duties

Content writers and copywriters are responsible for creating content as assigned by their respective marketing managers. Every writer is different and Vanilla Video encourages each employee to try new things as well as to find their niche within the team. Just as we have specialized videographers, we welcome writers specialized in creating content for a specific channel, however we do expect every writer to be capable of writing just about anything.

The Vanilla Video website is the greatest opportunity for content expansion. Our video savvy writers cover topics related to trends in gear as well as our breadth of video service offerings in music, wedding, sports, event, and business video production. The website a source of a wealth of information not only for other videographers, but for professionals excited to learn more about video production for their own purposes. Writing related to the website includes blogging, writing descriptions of samples and clips, conducting case studies, as well as maintaining website content for accuracy as our business continues to grow.

With so much information and knowledge of the video production industry, the internet offers a variety of ways to share content to a larger audience. Vanilla Video is expanding efforts in creating content for a variety of social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Writers understand that content must be specifically tailored for each of these channels and divvy up pieces of content assignments according to their strengths and interests. Content and copy writers are also responsible for working alongside Graphic Designers, Videographers, Editors, and Creative Directors to enhance their written copy with photography, gifs, infographics, and of course, videos.

Vendor outreach is another large responsibility of our copy writers. After every single shoot, videographers make sure to introduce themselves to all members of the client team present as well as any vendors they worked with. Videographers provide copy writers with business cards as well as any other pertinent information regarding the project they worked together on. Copy writers then reach out to vendors and partners in a friendly manner via email to strike up a conversation and maintain strong relationships. Sometimes videographers and editors can provide short clips to copy writers to send along to vendor partners, which always enhances the first introductory email. Once strong vendor relationships are established, copy writers should take the opportunity to interact with vendors in a positive and neutral manner via social media, through blog posts, etc. at the discretion of sales and marketing managers. Writers may interact frequently with members of Business Development to create communication and content at their discretion as well.

Other responsibilities include creating internal documents for employees. Taking direction from the CEO and Executive Team, our copy writers are charged with creating any necessary communication for internal reference. Often times they are tasked with a project and required to remain autonomous while gathering the information and creating a piece of content to be delivered back to the Executive Team to distribute to the rest of the company. Everything at Vanilla Video is a team effort and while writers may have knowledge and experience in video production, they should constantly be gathering as much information as possible from those that are in the field every day. While interviewing or sending questionnaires to videographers, writers are expected to be extremely mindful of others’ time and resources. Internal content ranges anything from employee policies, training materials, to birthday cards and thank you notes. Copywriters should be passionate and ready to write just about anything.

Content writers can frequently be called for their input on clients’ video production projects. Creative Directors can use the talents and strategy of on-staff content writers to enhance video or create scrips in pre-production. Vanilla Video content writers’ expertise should be lent in any arena available in order to deliver the highest service as possible to clients. These occasions for collaboration between the videography staff, writers, and clients are typically informal yet result in great customer satisfaction and loyalty in the future.

Our Sales force, including VP of Sales and Account Executives work with copywriters in order to build contracts and proposals for customers with heavy video production needs. Final proposals are always reviewed by the CEO as well as VP of Video Production, however copywriters work directly with VP of Sales and the responsible Account Executive to create the initial draft. While many sales occur quickly via our online ordering system where customers can build their very own video packages, there are instances where detailed proposals and video production packages are required in order to satisfy customers and fulfill their videography needs.

Content writers and copywriters are expected to show diligence, extreme organization, time management, as well as a close attention to detail when it comes to their work. Every piece of content is important and should be treated as such. Professionals who write content for Vanilla Video are people passionate about the written word and for sharing our story with the world.

Additional Requirements

  • Enthusiasm for being part of a growing video production team in the heart of downtown Chicago

  • Excellent time management and organizational skills

  • Adheres and maintains brand guidelines in every content creation project

  • Knowledgeable in content strategy, writing, communication, business, video production, and marketing

  • Naturally Curious and always willing to learn more in order to improve a piece of content

  • Unafraid of constructive criticism, peer editing, and difficult revisions

  • Eager to work with customers in order to assist in telling their story with video

  • Strong leadership skills, an infectious spirit that inspires others in their own work

  • Any fluency in a foreign language is a huge plus

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