Content Studio Artist

Job Summary

The Content Studio Artist is a member of the Marketing Department that makes sure all of our online photos and videos look great. With a creative eye for design, the Content Studio Artist helps arrange props, create backgrounds, and set up the studio space so that videographers and photographers can step in, shoot, and get back to work. While taking direction from our Social Marketing Manager, Search Marketing Manager, and Display Marketing manager – the Content Studio Artist works as a liaison between the Marketing Department and the Studio Manager.

Organization skills, time management, and diligence are a must for this position. The Content Studio Artist constantly coordinates with a variety of Vanilla Video and external vendor professionals throughout the course of a content project. Under direct supervision of the Multimedia Producer, the Content Studio Artist ensures all prep and planning is complete allowing a project to run smoothly from start to finish.

Interest and previous experience in web design, photography, editorial / print layout, studio or set design, as well as interior design are a huge plus. While formal education in any of these topics is unnecessary, the Content Studio Artist is constantly learning more and staying up to date on current design trends.

Content Studio Artist

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Key Qualifications

  • Former experience as a Vanilla Video Junior Videographer for at least 2-3 years

  • Interest in marketing, design, and content production

  • Ability to grow from constructive criticism, looking to improve as a professional

  • Some marketing related knowledge or experience, especially online and social media

  • Creative approach to creating visually appealing content

  • Helping attitude, always willing to go the extra mile to make a job go faster, easier for the team as a whole

  • Expertise in all things video production, especially at Vanilla Video

  • Clear understanding of the Vanilla Video brand and our presence online

  • Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite as well as using Vanilla Video photography and videography gear

  • Eager to create visually appealing work, expected to help make content “scroll proof”

  • Understanding of social media and marketing KPIs, ability to keep up during business meetings with upper management, business savvy

  • Expert awareness of content specifications and distinguishable differences between every social media channel

  • Demonstrated knowledge of our target market and how to reach the end user

  • Curious and ready to learn more about marketing Vanilla Video through a variety of visual mediums

  • Cooperative and easy to work with, takes direction well, seeks to create only the best work while being open to guidance and suggestions


The Content Studio Artist holds an interesting role within the Marketing Department at Vanilla Video. A bit of a floater, this creative member works in the studio in order to make photography and videography content pieces more visually appealing. While taking direction from our marketing managers and leaders in content creation at Vanilla Video, the Content Studio Artist ensures studio projects run smoothly by preparing the studio prior to every production.

Constantly learning and growing, the Content Studio Artist is expected to make use of skills learned as Junior Videographer at Vanilla Video. Willing and able to take photos, shoot video, and complete any necessary editing – the Content Studio Artist arms the marketing staff with plenty of visually appealing usable content for social media, advertising, and our website.

The Content Studio Artist is a master coordinator with every member of the studio staff, marketing department, and pre-production at Vanilla Video. Mindful of everyone’s time and resources, the Content Studio Artist works around current production schedules in order to make the most efficient use of time and space.

Responsibilities & Duties

When assigned to working on a content project or production, the Content Studio Artist works with other members of the marketing department to complete smaller components of the projects. This could range anywhere from helping Talent Scouts, Location Scouts, and Wardrobe Designers procure necessary elements to setting up a studio space before a photography or videography shoot. The Content Manager is extremely organized and easy to work with. Always a step ahead, they help all the pieces come together smoothly and easily for everyone involved.

The Content Specialist understands how to create content that is visually appealing and effective for a variety of social media channels. They can be tasked with anything from creating new profile and cover photos to filming b-roll footage to use for a video blog. The Content Studio Artist helps pick up the loose ends or take on the small jobs necessary for making a piece of content “just right,” and nearly “scroll proof.” An entry-level role within the marketing department, the Content Studio Artist needs to be willing and ready to learn at all times. Every day presents a new opportunity to get better at creating visual content for online use.

While receiving a great deal of direction from Managers and other members of the Marketing Department, the Content Studio Artist directly reports to the Multimedia Producer. They serve as the right-hand for all internal productions and help carry some of the burden put on the Studio Manager. In this position, any prior Junior Videographer can learn to become a successful marketer while becoming well-versed in business sense and analytics as well.

Additional Requirements

  • Ability to set up a simple studio space, from backdrops to lights

  • Proficient in videography and photography software, especially within Adobe Creative Suite

  • Expertise in video production and photography, especially while adhering to Vanilla Video procedures, stylistic guidelines, and policy

  • Passionate about growing with Vanilla Video, ready to learn more and help our efforts in growing and expanding to another city

  • Cooperative and excited to be a part of a dynamic team environment, willing to provide a helping hand whenever and wherever possible

  • Enjoys working on visually creative projects, able to create prototypes and samples for review prior to jumping in on a content project

  • Understanding of marketing terminology, not afraid to ask questions when in contact with unfamiliar lingo in a meeting

  • Willing to put in extra effort necessary to improve as a marketing professional

  • Stay up to date on industry trends, news, and techniques

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